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JA Bulgaria Annual Report 2010


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JA Bulgaria Annual Report 2010

  1. 1. 2010 Employab Skills for ilit y preneurship Learining by d ntre oinE g FIna ncial LiteracyJUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT BULGARIAANNUAL REPORT
  2. 2. Letter from Milena Stoycheva, CEO of Junior Achievement Bulgaria 2010 saw JA Bulgaria position itself one step further toward achieving its mission to help make entrepreneurial education universally available for Bulgarian youth. It is especially rewarding to see that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science is realiz- ing the importance of this type of education and is introducing it from an early age in the elementary grades as a leading strategy. Concrete steps in this direction were done with the trainings for more than 200 teachers in four of JA Bulgaria’s programs for kids aged 6-12 which were o cially supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. This has enabled a growth of 100% in the number of schools with primary education that our organization works with in introducing entrepreneurial skills and attitudes – one of the highlights for 2010. Another important achievement was the European Enterprise Challenge’2010 (the competition for the best European university-level student company) which JA Bulgaria hosted in So a in July. This was the rst event of pan-European character which was hosted in Bulgaria and went smoothly and awlessly. Apart from the strong corporate and donor support (big thanks to Intel, Nestle Bulgaria, Devnya Cement, Citi, HP, Microsoft, Publicis/MARC, America for Bulgaria, Enira, Right Rental), the event was endorsed by the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, the Minister of Education, Youth and Science, and the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works. The Bulgarian student company “RS Consult” from So a University won the rst award from such a prestigious entrepreneurship forum for Bulgaria – the innovation award Skil for its online chess for three people. In fact, 2010 was one of the most successful years ls for Employabili ty for Bulgarian students who study JA Bulgaria programs – you can see a full list of the awards they won at the “Highlights” page of this report. repreneurship Learining by doi I would like to extend a most heartfelt thank you to all of our private and public partners that contributed not only nancialEnt ng resources, but also the time and devotion of their employees FIna ncial Literacy who became voluntary mentors of students and enthusiastic transmitters of our philosophy that success and personal development is a combination of diligence, mastery of skills, strong will, belief in one’s potential, and a desire to develop and achieve one’s goals by action and initiative. This is the type of relationship we are looking to encourage as a form of corpo- rate responsibility in Bulgaria. We will work to sustain and grow that momentum in 2011. Milena Stoycheva is CEO of Junior Achievement Bulgaria and an executive with extensive national and international experience in the area of education and training, JAfacts entrepreneurship development, business skills and economic and nancial literacy. She is also the Chair of JA Worldwide Member Council and in this capacity advises on strategic and leadership matters the management of the organization. In her previous professional experience she has been also the Dean of Students at the American University in Bulgaria and Educational Adviser at the Fulbright Commission, So a.
  3. 3. Letter from Sasha Bezuhanova, Chair of the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement Bulgaria Ensuring a working link between education and business, JA Bulgaria grants a unique opportunity to thousands of students to walk side by side with Bulgaria’s already rightfully seen as a major partner in the promotion of best business prac- tices and responsible leadership behavior, also acting as an agent of change and modernization in the Bulgarian educational system. In 2010, JA Bulgaria received for the third year in a row the prestigious Model Orga- nization Award given by JA-YE Europe to JA organizations in recognition of the quality of their board, management, and operations, their impact and programs at all age levels from primary school through to university and their contribution to the overall success of the JA-YE Europe network. The organization also received the prestigious Thomas J. Bata Quality Award, and the CEO Milena Stoycheva was bestowed the JA-YE Special Leadership Award. And last but not least, with its - tion for the European Enterprise Awards organized by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, and will go on to represent Bulgaria on European level in 2011. initiatives and ways of interaction between the corporate sector, the state and the y ls for Employabili Skil ty educational system. This was illustrated by the active strategy for promotion repreneurship Learining by doi and introduction of entrepreneurship education from an earliest age at the primary schools which resulted in a 100 % increase in the number of schools and kindergar-Ent ng FIna tens that work with JA Bulgaria’s programs for the ncial Literacy y elementary grades. A further step in providing a stronger al L connection between youth and business was the initia- tive “Smart Start” which was introduced in 2010 as an add-on to the established “Manager for a Day” initiative, attracted more than 150 college students and 15 compa- nies and resulted in very successful internships for the start in their professional path. Sasha B zuhan a is the Public S t Di t f C t al E t Europe in Hewlett-Packard. She manages the corpora- Bezuhanova Sector Director for Central Eastern tion’ government business in 27 countries including Russia, new Europe, Western Balkans and Central Asia. Sasha JAfacts Bezuhanova is working proactively for the economic and social development of modern, democratic Bulgaria. She drives creation of the National ICT Competitiveness Strategy. As Chairperson of the Board of Junior Achievement Bulgaria she works for development of the Entrepreneurial and leadership skills of the Youngsters. She is a Founding Chairperson of the Confederation of Industrialists and Employers in Bulgaria, Member of the Board of Bulgarian School of Politics, Member of the Advisory Board to the Minister of Education.
  4. 4. High Lights 2010Bulgarian students won a number of awards in 2010: signature award for innovation at the European Enterprise Challenge2010 for the Bulgarian graduate company "RS Consult" from So a University 2nd place in the European Banks in Action Challenge for the team of Radoslav Lazarov and Tsvetelina Tsoneva from Vocational School of Trading (Varna) 1st and 3rd place in the European Social Innovation Camp2010 for Stoyan Iliev from 134th School "D.Debelyanov" (So a) and for Ivaylo Kirilov from Vocational Technical School "N.Vaptsarov" (Samokov) 1st prize in the worldwide Business Ethics Essay Competition2010 for Emine Huseyin from Vocational School of Economy "R.Schuman" (Razgrad) 3rd place in the European JA Titan Competition for the team of Nikolay Kalenikov, Vladimir Margaritov, Mihail Gabrovski and Emil Filipov from Municipal Childrens Complex (Plovdiv)JA Bulgaria received a number of awards acknowledging the outstandingquality of the organization and its human capital: JA-YE Europe Model Organization Award 2010 JA-YE Europe Thomas J. Bata Quality Award 2010 JA-YE Europe Special Leadership Award 2010 awarded to the CEO Milena Stoycheva 1st place in the national competition for European Enterprise Awards2011 organized by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism 350 JA Bulgaria hosted successfully for the rst time a 300 large-scale European event - the European Enterprise 250 Challenge for graduate student companies from all 200 over Europe. The event was attended by the Prime 150 Minister of Bulgaria, Mr. Boyko Borisov, the Minister of 100 Education, Youth and Science, Mr. Sergey Ignatov, and 50 the Minister of Regional Development and Public 0 Works, Mr. Rosen Plevneliev. 2006 2007 2008 2010 participants in the annual competition Juniors in Action JA Bulgaria achieved an increase of 100% in the number of schools involved in the programs for the elementary grades. The number of newly trained teachers is 200.
  5. 5. Calendar of events 2010 March 4 March 19-20 International JA-YE Trade Fair, Lisbon March 22 9th National "Manager for a Day" Initiative March 23 "Smart Start" Student Conference April 15 JA-YE Europe Banks in Action Challenge, Brussel April 15 JA-YE Europe Virtual Business Challenge, Brussels April 17 April 22-24 International Skills@Work Challenge, Belgrade May 8-10 13th National Competition "Virtual Enterprise" May 18-19 ls for Employab Skil ility May 25-26 Social Innovation Camp2010, Brussels repreneurship Learining by doi June 3 July 1-4Ent ng July 20-23 JA-YE Europe Company of the Year Competition, Cagliari FIna ncial Literacy September 28-30 October 21-22 October 28-29 November 18 November 16-27 15 innovation camps and 11 open classes in schools all over Bulgaria (part of Global Entrepreneurship Week Bulgaria) December 10
  6. 6. Elementary and middle grades programs and eventsThrough the elementary and middle grades programs, Junior AchievementBulgaria is delivering the youngest members of society a truly innovative edu- -grams provide building blocks for skills development and understanding of theworld of work‘ – how and why individuals, families, communities and nationswork together. We truly believe that the implementation of these programs inthe elementary and middle grades greatly enhances the quality of business andeconomic education in some of the most needy areas of Bulgaria. The programsalso supplement core elements of the National Curriculum, particularly with itslinks to literacy, citizenship and personal and social health education. As weyouth and on us as we strive to promote their education, diligence and careeraspirations. JAB’s programs encourage the young generations economicliteracy, initiative and independence and teach them how they can realize theirideas in practice. PROGRAMS: Ourselves (5-7 year olds) Our Families (7-8 year olds) Our Community (8-9 year olds) Our City (8-10 year olds) Europe and Me (11-12 year olds) It’s My Business (12-13 year olds) EVENTS: Juniors in Action “Juniors in Action” competition was launched rstlyJA in 2006 in Varshets with the assistance of the local municipality and General High School “Ivan Vazov”.facts The overall number of participants back then was more than 70, including kids from So a, Burgas and Varshets.
  7. 7. 16 + programs and eventsAs high school students begin to position themselves for their future, there aremany unanswered questions about what lies ahead. Junior Achievements highschool programs help students make informed, intelligent decisions about theirfuture, and foster skills that will be highly useful in the business world.With a range of di erent programs, Junior Achievement teaches about conceptsfrom microeconomics and macroeconomics to free enterprise. The volunteersbring real-life business experience and guidance into the classroom at a time thatrepresents an essential crossroads for young people.PROGRAMS:Student Company, Enterprise without Borders,Economics, Leadership and success skills, Business Ethics,Banks in Action, JA Titan, Youth Business,Graduate Company Program EVENTS: Youth Business Forum “Rising Stars” Best Student Company of Bulgaria Competition Best Graduate Student Company Competition Manager For a Day National Competition “Virtual Enterprise” National Competition “Banks in Action” Smart Start Student Conference Innovation camps What IF events Records show that for the last academic year JAJAfacts Bulgaria youngsters won many prizes and awards in competitions on European and global level. Bulgarian students are among the top 3 in Europe in nancial literacy and banking competitions.
  8. 8. More than 1000 Bulgarian students stepped into the shoes of managers and politicians for a dayINSTITUTIONS THAT The event which is organized for the ninth year in a row and is under theSUPPORTED "MFD" 2010 patronage of the Ministry of Finance gave the future leaders of Bulgaria the* Ministry of Finance* Ministry of Education, opportunity to get closely familiar with real practice in their desired profession.Youth and Science* Ministry of Economy,Energy and Tourism The managers from the private and the public sector shared experience with* Ministry of RegionalDevelopment and Public their young counterparts and helped them get a feeling of the real workingWorks environment by showing them how their work day goes. The students partici-* Ministry of Labor and SocialPolicy pating in the initiative made a new step toward their professional development* Ministry of Agriculture andFood by working on practical tasks and making management decisions in their* Ministry of Transport, dream job.Information Technologiesand Communications* Parliament of Bulgaria Mr. Simeon Dyankov, Minister of Finance and patron of the initiative, also wel-* Parliamentary Commission comed his "Minister for a day" and greeted all participants. Ministers for a dayon Education, Science andChildren, Youth and Sports also managed the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Agriculture and theIssues* U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria Fandakova also ceded her position and duties to a student.* Brisith Embassy in Bulgaria* UN and UNDP* American Chamber of The current U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria - H.E. James Warlick - attended theCommerce* Bulgarian Business LeadersForum support for JA Bulgaria and Manager for a Day. The well-known American Skil ls for Employabili ty entrepreneur in China Mr. Tomer Rothschild gave useful advice to the teenag- ers for their professional development and how to pursue their dreams in repreneurship Learining by doi Among them were Iravan Hira, General Director of Hewlett Packard Bulgaria and representatives of Porsche Inter Auto BG. At the end of the day the stu-Ent ng FIna during the day. ncial Literacy For third year in a row, Porshe Inter Auto BG was Gold sponsor ON 5 years ago, Porshe is now exclusive trader of Volkswagen and Audi for Bulgaria. Porsche BG is a subsidiary of the Austrian FOCUS holding company Porsche Salzburg, one of Europes largest trading companies with new cars, with headquarters in Central and Southeastern Europe and China.
  9. 9. Successful entrepreneurs teach students at the conference "Smart Start"Boyan Benev, Young Successful young entrepreneurs and managers of leading Bulgarian and inter-Entrepreneur for2009 in the U.K. national companies taught 200 students in entrepreneurship, business“I joined the "Smart behavior, planning and career management at the rst student conferenceStart" conference "Smart Start". For the rst time in Bulgaria, 200 students participated in practi-because I believe thatsuch initiatives cal seminars lead by experienced managers and entrepreneurs and discussedstimulate youngpeople. They help real-life case studies in di erent business sectors. Students also attended train-them not only to ings and presentations on CV and cover letter writing, presentation skills, net-realize the value oftheir ideas, but also working, creativity, business ethics, care for the environment and businessgive them motivationto act but also give creation in Bulgaria.them motivation toact on them” In the rst part of the conference students met young entrepreneurs Boyan Benev, Tomer Rothschild, Georgi Dichev and Ivaylo Hristov who talked about the opportunities of starting a business in Bulgaria. Later on, the students were divided into small groups where they were looking for solutions to real business problems together with established managers. The 20 best perform- ing students will have the opportunity to do an internship at the companies which took part in the initiative. The "Smart Start" conference was organized for the rst time by JA Bulgaria and the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria and is part of the "Manager for a Day" initia- ty tive. It aims at broadening the scope of "Manager for a Day" which targets ls for Employabili Skil mainly high school students by introducing initiatives that give better oppor- tunities for career orientation and development to university students in Bul- repreneurship Learining by doi garia. Through the seminars and exercises it features, the initiative wants to provoke the creative business approach of students, to stimulate their leader-Ent ng FIna ship skills and initiative and to help them kick o their professional career with an internship in a leading company. ncial Literacy The men and women of the United States Mission to Bulgaria ON are committed to strengthening the partnership between the United States and Bulgaria. Using the highest standards of FOCUS professional excellence and personal integrity, they focus their e orts in three priority areas: security, prosperity, democracy.
  10. 10. 120 students from 27 schools took part in the 3rd national competition "Banks in Action" Ivan Iskrov, 120 students from all over Bulgaria took part in the third National high-school Governer of competition "Banks in Action” , part of the nancial management program Bulgarian "Banks in Action" of Junior Achievement Bulgaria. Students from the Economic National Bank : "Work with Vocational School in Varna took the rst and third place, and their mates from perseverance National High school in Finance and Business "Intelekt" in Pleven took the every single day and never give up second place. your dreams. You have an uncom- The educational program is realized jointly by Junior Achievement Bulgaria and parably better starting position Citibank Bulgaria for the fth year in a row. In 2010 Citibank celebrates its tenth than we had and year of operation on the Bulgarian market and the fth year of its cooperation so I encourage you to reach with Junior Achievement. much further in your personal Banks in Action Competition is an interactive educational competition which is accomplishments and in realizing a culmination of the year-long course of study of all students in the Banks in your potential Action program. The purpose of the program is to give knowledge in the than we ever could." sphere of banking and nance. The computer simulation puts students in the roles of nancial and executive directors and requires that they nd their way and react adequately and timely in a dynamically developing banking environ- ment. Students also learn key concepts and acquire important skills in money management which, having in mind the current economic crisis, will help them ty overcome future nancial challenges. The teenagers also have the opportunity ls for Employabili Skil to see how diverse the careers in the nancial industry can be. repreneurship Learining by doi This year the teams were supported and encouraged by Ivan Iskrov, Bulgarian National Bank Governor, Milena Stoycheva, Junior Achievement Bulgaria CEO,Ent ng FIna and Stefan Ivanov, Citibank Bulgaria Country O cer. They congratulated the participants for their initiative and mastery of skills. ncial Literacy Since establishing presence in Bulgaria in 1998, Citi is committed to o ering a wide range of ON Corporate and Investment Banking services to top tier local and multinational corporate customers, nancial institutions, institutional investors and the government of the Republic of FOCUS Bulgaria. Citi is a world leader in global transaction capabilities, handling more than one billion transactions annually and processing more than $3 trillion in funds each day.
  11. 11. JA Innovation camps - provoking creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skillsThe aim of the April 2010European Creativity Close to 120 students from 20 schools across Bulgaria worked on a challenge connectedand InnovationChallenge is to to responsible business, within the competition "Responsible Business and Innovations".encourage young The contest was held at the Anglo-American School of So a and gave the best team thepeople to developskills that will help opportunity to represent Bulgaria at the Innovation camp in Brussels in May 2010.them becomesuccessful entrepre-neurs and employees The challenge was given to the students by a team of Hewlett Packard Bulgaria employ-in the future. ees. The contestants had to propose an original idea for a charitable cause which HPCaroline Jenner, Bulgaria would realize in social bene t. The participants had only 6 hours to develop theirJA-YE Europe CEO ideas for di erent activities without exceeding the budget that was given at their "We believe that disposal. To create their idea for a charitable cause, the students, divided into 22 teams,innovations and had access to Internet and advice of business volunteers. The lucky winners from Team 14creativity areencouraged when we represented our country at the Innovation camp in Brussels for their idea for a large-scaleenable young people campaign for improving the nutritional habits, the physical health and communicationto get to knowdi erent cultures, role among young people.models and the worldoutside the classroom,when we stimulate November 2010students to work on Close to 100 students aged 15-18 from 30 schools in Bulgaria worked a whole day onreal-life problems andteach them using the November 27 to solve a business challenge posed by Microsoft Bulgaria. This innovation"learning-by-doing" camp was with the nancial support of Microsoft Bulgaria and in partnership with Statemethod." High School of Trade in Svishtov and was the last large-scale event in the Global Entrepre- neurship Week. ls for Employabili Skil The jury awarded the rst place to Team 6. The team developed an idea for a compact ty watch which measures the current and necessary level of vitamins in the organism, the level of stress, the pulse, and the blood pressure. repreneurship Learining by doi The ve teams will take part in the nal round of the National Competition "InnovationEnt ng Camp 2010-2011" which will be held in So a at the end of February 2011. The winning FIna ncial Literacy teams of the local innovation camps in 14 schools held within the Global Entrepreneur- ship Week, as well as up to 10 participants from an individual online competition will also participate in the nal competition. An international team of students won the European competition "Social Innovation Camp 2010" which was held in Brussels on May 25-26. The Bulgarian student Stoyan Iliev from 134 High School "Dimcho Debelyanov" in So a was part of JA FOCUS the winning team. The students developed a project for an innovative system for growing agricultural crops in urban conditions. Another team with a Bulgarian student got a prize as well - the team of Ivaylo Kirilov from Technical Vocational High School, Samokov, won the third place with a concept for a waste recycling enterprise. The winning team consisted of students from Spain, Norway, Belgium, Romania and Bulgaria and presented a project for an automated system for agricultural crops production - ATARO. The system is a box containing soil, seeds, nutrients and an intricate system of electronic sensors which control the growth of the crops and reduce the need for human interference. The device gives the individual consumer the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and other crops in their home.
  12. 12. Innovation EXPO (Skills@Work Innovation Camp & Trade Fair) Junior Achievement Serbia (JAS) hosted more than 130 JA youth entrepreneurs from 11 European countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Slovakia, Lithuania, Israel, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hungary, Turkey and Macedonia) and Serbia for the 2010 Junior Achievement Innovation EXPO. The event was supported by the British Council’s Skills@Work program, Microsoft and Delta City. At During the rst two days of the EXPO, (April 22nd & 23rd), participants competed at the Skills@ Work Innovation Camp Finals, where student entre- preneurs formed multi-national teams and were challenged to devise a business plan for a futuristic school: an educational institution relying on technology to modernize teach- ing and improve student performance. Four girls – two Serbians, one Lithuanian and one Macedonian – formed the winning team. Their solution skillfully applied technology to create a paperless school. All partici- pants in the competition won local Skills@Work Challenges in their home countries to qualify for the all-European nals. Innovation EXPO continued, and on Saturday 24th of April, 20 Student Companies from 7 countries (Macedonia, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary and Serbia) displayed and sold their products at the International Student Trade Fair held in Belgrade’s Delta City Mall. Like the two-day Innovation Camp, this International Fair was the last major “sales” event for the student companies for school year 2009/2010, where student companies got to show o their innovative ideas, and in a public setting shared their entrepreneurial spirit. The event boosted their business results and reinforced ls for Employabili Skil relationships between member nations, which gave a particular importance within the ty regional context. repreneurship Learining by doiEnt ng FIna ncial Literacy The Skills@Work Challenge is a national and international competition aimed at encouraging young people to use their skills in enterprising and innovative ways, ultimately increasing their employability and entrepreneurial air. JA FOCUS The Skills&Work is a joint project of JA-YE Europe and British Council. JA Bulgaria was the host of the rst European competition in 2009. Sponsor of the event was Microsoft. More than 500 students have taken part in the national competitions that were held in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Israel, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and the UK.
  13. 13. Youth Business Forum "Rising Stars" gathered more than 500 peopleMilena Stoycheva,CEO of JA Bulgaria and aims to meet young people with leaders from the private and the public“In order to startsuccessfully their sector to share experience and views on important issues for education and busi-professional career ness. The one-day initiative featured a discussion panel during which the need foryoung people need tohave well developed placing educational programs and young peoples preparation for professionalcommunication skills,teamwork skills and realization on more practical lines was ardently debated. During the forum thecreative thinking as best student and graduate student companies working in JA Bulgarias programearly on in their schoolyears as possible. We "Student Company" were awarded.believe that initiativeslike "Rising Stars" givestudents the opportu- The students who participated in the forum had the opportunity to meet and talknity to make a furtherstep along their with representatives of leading companies, state administration and local govern-professional develop-ment road through ment. Among them were: Milka Kodzhabashieva, Deputy Minister of Education,meeting and sharing Eli Anavi, chief of "Entrepreneurship" sector in the Ministry of Economy, Yordankaexperience withleaders from theprivate and the public Embassy, Frank Bauer, President of America for Bulgaria Foundation, as well assector." members of JA Bulgaria Board of Directors. Two juries assessed the young entrepreneurs in both age groups. The winners in the category "Best Student Company of Bulgaria 2010" - Junior Recyclers from "Vasil Levski" High School in Velingrad - impressed the jury with their Skil environmentally-friendly recycled products. They represented Bulgaria at the ls for Employabili ty European contest for student companies in Cagliari, Italy. repreneurship Learining by doi The award for "Best Graduate Student Company" went to RS Consult from theEnt ng FIna students will test their product in competition with companies from other Euro- pean countries at the "European Enterprise Challenge 2010" which was held in ncial Literacy Nestle Bulgaria is a traditional friend and supporter of JA Bulgaria. The story of Nestle Bulgaria begins in 1994 when NESTLE buys the biggest Bulgarian ON priorities are the development of new products in accord with tradition and FOCUS the improvement of the quality of existing products. For the period 1994-2002 Nestle made investments equaling USD 16 million. In the last couple of years, the company expanded considerably its core business with a diverse range of high-quality products which lead to a doubling of its market share. The total number of employed workers in the company is more than 1100.
  14. 14. from 34 strong contendersBeat Bannwart, JA YE 231,000 young people created JA-YE student companies across Europe this year. The top 175Company Competiton young entrepreneurs were showcased in the 21st JA-YE Europe Company Competition 2010.Winner: 400 people witnessed the event hosted by JA Italy in Cagliari which included enterprises from a“An important lesson wide range of industry sectors.that we’ve learnt thisyear is that nothing isimpossible! A year ago The enterprising secondary school students have all been running a JA-YE business through theI would never have ‘Company Programme’ and they have each received the support of their teachers as well asbelieved that I couldtake on a challengelike this. Ultimately and/or services and they have all successfully dealt with the challenges of setting up andthough I acquired a lot running a business.of knowledge aboutorganisation, teamwork and self belief The winners of the JA-YE Europe Company of the Year Competition 2010 were announced aswhich are all reallyimportant skills for an follows:entrepreneur and I’msure will help me in thefuture.” Winner - ‘Pnööö’ from Switzerland with their innovative products made from recycled bicycle inner tubes. 2nd place – ‘Thirteen’ from the United Kingdom who created a place mat and reward wall chart to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables. wipe board. team and explained; “they are a model of European entrepreneurship, a paradigm for the ls for Employabili Skil ty management of complexity and the approach to the current challenges of business: environ- mental sustainability, social responsibility and the inclusion of those who are less fortunate in repreneurship Learining by doi In the last 5 years over 1 million students in Europe have participated in the CompanyEnt ng FIna ncial Literacy An estimated 15% of those students will go on to set up and run an enterprise after their edu- cation which will positively impact Europe with 150,000 new businesses providing vital employment opportunities and a real boost to the economy. JA FOCUS JA Bulgaria ‘s winner Junior Recyclers from "Vasil Levski" High School in Velingrad - impressed the jury with their environmentally-friendly recycled products. Even though they did not win any particular prize, the JR’s girls presented our organization on professional level, convincing all the participants that Bulgaria has not only beautiful, but smart girls.
  15. 15. Young start-ups capture the spotlight in unique competitionSasha Bezuhanova, Student company ‘Greeny Games’ from The Netherlands won the JA-YE EuropeCEE Public Sector Enterprise Challenge 2010 in So a, Bulgaria (hosted by JA Bulgaria) with theirDirector, HP Bulgaria educational game which focuses on teaching children aged 8 to 12 about clean“It was an exciting andchallenging experi- energy and the importance of being environmentally friendly.ence, excellentbusiness ideas,innovative products The team competed with 51 European students from 10 European countries andand marketingconcepts. Our choice met the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Metodiev Borisov, and the Minister ofwas for “Greeny Education, Youth and Science, Prof. Sergey Simeonov Ignatov, who o ciallyGames” because theyhad an excellent opened the two day competition. Speaking at the event the Prime Minister said;product, clear nancial concept, "I am pleased to be here today to see all these young people and their creativesustainable business, projects. I want to highlight that most of the leading people in Bulgaria are belowgood branding,convincing presenta- the age of 30. Keep up the good job. You are part of our future."tion and teambalance" The enterprising students have all been running a JA-YE company through the ‘Graduate Programme’ as part of their higher education courses. The teams repre- sented a wide range of industry areas ranging from Belgian water saving bath design to a Romanian web application which enables easy online selling. Their challenge was to sell their idea to a panel of potential “investors”, each of whom had a ctional 50,000€ to spend. To be eligible to participate in the European nals, each team had to be a winner at their national level. ls for Employabili Skil ty JA-YE Europe "Company of the Year" Award Local Signature Awards Winner - Greeny Games (The Netherlands) HP Responsible Business Award - ‘SESO’ (Norway) repreneurship Learining by doi 1st Runner-up - Top Safe (Norway) Devnya Cement/Italcementi International Potential Award - ‘Top Safe’ (Norway) 2nd Runner-up - TDT (Portugal) Nestle Best Sales and Marketing Strategy Award - ‘SensAqua’ - Belgium(French)Ent ng FIna European Signature Awards Citi Sustainability Award - ‘Greeny Games’ (The Netherlands) ncial Literacy Intel Innovation Award - ‘RS Consult BG’ (Bulgaria) JA HP Bulgaria is another believer in JA Bulgaria mission. Twelve years ago, HP opened its fully functional o ce in the country. For the last 6 years HP has been the ultimate market leader providing products, services, FOCUS and solutions for its customers. Today, working with both public and private sectors, HP is helping Bulgaria to meet the EU conditions of membership and move towards the information society.
  16. 16. WHAT IF EVENT SOFIA initiated by the recently born organization What IF as a result of the collaboration between a group Achievement joins this new initiative as a partner because we believe it not only makes sense but has the potential to contribute to real change and improvement. The discussion was held on the Together with “What IF” we tried an experiment: to read enterprises as intergenerational vehicles, as places that contribute to a sustainable development able to start, grow and pass wellbeing from generation to generation. And when we speak about entrepreneurship, we do not refer only to those that start-up a new endeavour. We have in mind those that, within an existing enterprise, struggle to reform existing mindsets to design and concretize new policies. We want to promote a better understanding on how entrepreneurship can become a ship where generations can pass their - The event was focused on three particular issues: Reaching the bridge, or how to help young people to reach a fair working environment or to start up their own busines. Crossing the Bridge, , or how to allow a fair dialogue between seniors and juniors within and across enterprises and how to help entrepreneurs make their business evolve and pass it on to the new generations. Reaching the island and approaching the next bridge, , or how to support those whose skills are obsolescent to regain work and dignity and how elderly people can transform their experience in a patrimony to be for Emplpassed on to the new comers. oyab Skills ili ty These issues were discussed by three working groups made up of young and senior representatives repreneurship Learining by doi of the public institutions, the academic world and the business community and a moderator. Each group came up with ideas for policies and projects to address the issues. There were interesting proposals such as introducing age balance rule when applying for jobs, similar to the genderEnt ng balance rule, or organizing a national award for best company "Bridge between generations". The FIna ncial Literacy will also be passed on as legacy for future What IF events across Europe. JA Publicis MARC is a long-standing partner of JA Bulgaria contributing with PR advice and services for all large-scale events organized by the foundation. Publicis MARC Group is part of Publicis Groupe, the fourth biggest communicational network in FOCUS and employs more than 44000 people.
  17. 17. "Its my business" competition - ity took part in the "Its my business" competition in Universiada hall on Decem- ber 10, 2010. The competition was held based on the model of the annual national initiative of Junior Achievement Bulgaria "Juniors in Action". Its aim is to provoke the creativity, entrepreneurial thinking and attitude to business of the youngest students. This year the competition was part of the project "Children in education and society" funded by the Operational Programme "Human Resources Develop- ment". The project was realized with the partnership of 119th School and 137th potential of every child, to ensure opportunities for physical, intellectual and personal development and full social integration, as well as to contribute to improving the quality of education by diversifying and expanding the extracur- ricular and out-of-school activities. More than 1700 student from more than 80 - December 2010. my business". They were divided up into teams and categories depending on their Skil age group and the JA program they had studied. Working to solve various busi- ls for Employabili ty ness challenges the young entrepreneurs generated many ideas for attractive repreneurship Learining by doi ideas.The big prize went to the team "Smile for all" from 105th School "AtanasEnt ng FIna - tion which would also shelter a childrens museum. ncial Literacy JA General Electric has been supporting JA Bulgarias entrepreneurship programs for the youngest kids as a true friend for many years now. More people around the world turn to GE for advanced power systems and around-the-clock energy services than FOCUS has grown to over 10,000 units, representing over a million megawatts of installed capacity in more than 120 countries. With over 13,500 wind and 3,600 hydro turbines, the installed capacity of renewable energy exceeds 160,000 MW.
  18. 18. THOMAS J BATA AWARD FOR QUALITY GOES TO JA BULGARIA The award recognizes a JA-YE member organization for demonstrating the highest stan- dard of excellence in the JA-YE network. The winner is a role model within JA-YE and for other NGOs as it has cultivated a reputation for quality at home and abroad among business and government leaders. The award was judged by a jury of JA-YE Europe board members who assessed 8 member organizations against criteria which included performance in 4 strategic areas: human and organizational capital; programmes/activities; sustainability and resources; position- ing. In order to receive the award, JA Bulgaria had to qualify as a “Model Organization” in the 2 previous years. The winner, JA Bulgaria ( was announced at the JA-YE Europe Annual Awards dinner in front of an audience made up of 150 business leaders, politicians, students and teachers. Speaking about the award recipient, Caroline Jenner, JA-YE Europe CEO said; “JA Bulgaria have always been leaders within the pan-European network and indeed global JA organization. They have grown student numbers to 26,661 in the last academic year and have a top-quality reputation at the national level. This year they will host our Enterprise Challenge event for graduate entrepreneurs. Their spirit of initiative is an example to us all.” ls for Employabili Skil ty repreneurship Learining by doiEnt ng FIna ncial Literacy JA A awards wards
  19. 19. JA Bulgaria wins entrepreneuship award The competition "European Enterprise Awards" was organized for the second year in a row in Bulgaria by the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. The youth educational organization Junior Achievement Bulgaria won the rst place in the category "Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit" and was chosen by the Ministry to represent our country in the European edition of the competition in 2011. The winners were awarded at a special ceremony on December 17 at the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. The Minister of Economy, Traycho Traykov, personally handed the award to a representative of Junior Achievement Bulgaria. The organization took part in the competition for the rst time and impressed the jury with its program "Graduate Student Company" which is sponsored by Nestle Bulgaria. The competition "European Enterprise Awards" is initiated by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. It distinguishes top achievements in encouraging entrepre- neurship. The rst stage of the competition features participation of institutions and organizations from member states of the European Union, as well as Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Turkey and Serbia. They compete on national level and are evaluated by a local jury. Junior Achievement will represent Bulgaria in the second stage of the competition where the national winners will be assessed by a jury from the European Commission. ls for Employabili Skil ty repreneurship Learining by doiEnt ng FIna ncial Literacy JA awards
  20. 20. CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTSBalance sheetIncome statement nancial report of Junior Achievement Bulgaria, including a balance sheet at December 31, 2009, and proft and loss report, own capital changes, statement of cash fows about the reporting period, that appears to be the end of the year 2009, and a summary of signi cant accounting policies and other explanatory notes” Maria Vaklinova Registered Auditor
  21. 21. CONTRIBUTORS AND PARTNERS America for Bulgaria Foundation Citi Foundation U.S. Embassy Microsoft Bulgaria THANK YOU GE Foundation Manpower Porsche Inter Auto BG Nestle Bulgaria Publicis / MARC for believeing Devnya Cement Hewlett Packard Bulgaria Intel Siemens Right Rental Congress Engineering Enira Kempinski Hotel Zografski Balkan News Corporation Sheraton Hotel Balkan ls for Employabili M3 Communications Group Economedia Skil ty Quickstart Global Ministry of Education, Youth and Science Boni Bonev / Vaptzarov AD Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism repreneurship Learining by doi Enel Ministry of FinanceEnt ng FIna ncial Literacy So a Municipality European Lifelong Learning Programme Andon Ichev in the entrepreneurial Emmis Bulgaria Manager Magazine SPIRIT Darik Radio PC World
  22. 22. Junior Achievement Bulgaria 2010