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Riverina Learning Strategy


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Slides used at Narrandera, New South Wales on 29th June 2012

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Riverina Learning Strategy

  1. 1. Assessment capable students, Riverina James Nottingham @JamesNottinghm
  2. 2. How do we improve achievement for all?Achievement is more likely to be increased whenstudents … Invoke learning rather than performance strategies Accept rather than discount feedback Benchmark to difficult rather than to easy goals Compare themselves to subject criteria rather than to other students Possess high rather than low efficacy to learning Effect self-regulation and personal control John Hattie, 2009
  3. 3. Number of words heard by childrenA child in a welfare-dependent family hears on average616 words an hour 500A child in a working-class home hears on average 1,251words an hour 700A child in a professional home hears on average 2,153words an hour 1100Number of words spoken by the time children are 3Hart &Risley, 1995
  4. 4. By the time they start school in the UK … Some children start school knowing 6,000 words. Others, just 500 words. Rowntree Foundation gazine/8013859.stm
  5. 5. Self-fulfilling prophecies
  6. 6. Rank order should not matter … Progress is the key to learning 92 90 90 85 86 85 73 78 84 64 70 78 43 41 40 32 35 34
  7. 7. Learning how to learn „What (students) should learn first is not thesubjects ordinarily taught, however important they may be; they should be given lessons of will, of attention, of discipline; before exercises in grammar, they need to be exercised in mental orthopaedics; in a word they must learn how to learn.‟ Alfred Binet 1857 - 1911
  8. 8. Alfred Binet, creator of the first IQ test „Some recent philosophers have given their moral approval to the deplorable verdict that an individual‟s intelligence is a fixed quantity, one which cannot be augmented. We must protest and act against this brutal pessimism … it has no foundation whatsoever.‟ Alfred Binet 1857 - 1911
  9. 9. Independent and Intuitive and Sharp and quick- intellectual Aquarius sympathetic Pisces witted AriesLike to be different Vague & careless Procrastinator Strongly Very versatile and Shrewd and determined Taurus adaptable Gemini cautious Cancer Self indulgent Inconsistent Indecisive & moodyBroad-minded and Practical and Easygoing and expansive Leo diligent Virgo sociable LibraBossy & intolerant Overcritical & harsh Prone to daydream Powerful and Intellectual and Very disciplined and passionate Scorpio philosophical Sagittarius focused Capricorn Obsessive Tactless & restless Fatalistic
  10. 10. Every student should bemaking progress of 0.4effect size every yearHow do you know whatprogress your studentsare making?
  11. 11. Where am I going? How am I doing? What are my next steps?The 3 most powerful questions for learning (& feedback)
  12. 12. Learning intentions and success criteria help identify where & howLearning Intentionso To find out what links the Vikings withNorth East EnglandSuccess Criteria Co-constructedo Know when and where the Vikings came fromo Identify names and places associated with the Vikingso Ask relevant questions
  13. 13. Why did they Gate AD 700 - 1100 attack Lindisfarne? Bairns Lad Tarn Vikings Thriding Norse Rape &language pillage Did they believe in Longships God? Dragon Horned ships helmets
  14. 14. Marzano – groups of 3 work best Informal Formal Long-term
  15. 15. Why did they Gate AD 700 - 1100 attack Lindisfarne? Bairns Captured Lad Yorvik in 866 Tarn Vikings Thriding Norse Rape & language pillage King Cnut Did they believe inruled England Longships God? from 1016 Dragon Horned helmets Gods included ships Odin, Thor, Eric Bloodaxe Frigg & Loki Dead warriors went died in 954 to Valhalla
  16. 16. Sharp pencil ✔Title ✔Date ✔Capital Letters ✔Full stops ✗Describe the character ✔Describe the place ✗First, next, then, finally ✔And, but, so, while, because ✗Fun action words (bounded, sprang) ✔Rhyming words (loud, proud, crowd) ✔
  17. 17. Marking sheet for history essays (Frank Egan)Introduction Conclusion 4+ sentences  3+ sentences Proposition stated  Summation Outline of narrative  Proof of proposition Context of topic  Specific reference to assess/evaluate as last sentenceBody of essay Literacy 3+ paragraphs  Spelling accuracy 6+ facts per paragraph  Grammar structures Inter-relationships “I can actually see how to Argument is relevant improve, it’s obvious.” Quote with source given
  18. 18. Learning Detectives
  19. 19.
  20. 20. “The art of effective teaching is to provide the right form of feedback at, or just above, the level at which the student is working – with one exception …” “… do not mix praise into the feedback prompt, because this dilutes the effect!”Visible Learning for Teachers (Hattie, 2011), pp 121
  21. 21. Praise that dilutes the positive effect of feedback Clever girl! Gifted musician Brilliant mathematician Bright boy Top of the class! By far the best
  22. 22. The effects of different types of praiseMueller andDweck, 1998In six studies, 7thgrade studentswere given aseries ofnonverbal IQtests.
  23. 23. Mueller and Dweck, 1998Intelligence praise“Wow, that‟s a really good score. You must be smart at this.”Process praise“Wow, that‟s a really good score. You must have tried reallyhard.”Control-group praise“Wow, that‟s a really good score.”
  24. 24. Number of problems solved on a 3rd test6.5 6 Effort Praise5.5 Control Praise 5 Intelligence Praise4.5 Trial 1 Trial 3
  25. 25. Boys get 8 times more criticism than girls
  26. 26. The effects of praise Swimming “You do your best swimming when you concentrate and try your best to do what Chris is asking you to do” Ballet “You‟re the best ballerina in the world!”
  27. 27. 1.Good girl; 2.How extraordinary; 3.Great effort; 4.Outstanding performance; 5.What a scientist you are; 6.Unbelievable work; 7.You‟re a genius; 8.Youre getting better; 9.Clever boy 10.You should be proud; 11.Youve got it; 12.Youre special; 13. Verytalented; 14. Youve outdone yourself; 15. What a great listener; 16. You came through; 17.You‟re very artistic; 18.Keep up thegood work; 19.Its everything I hoped for; 20.Perfect; 21.A+ Work;22.Youre a shining star; 23.Inspired; 24.Youre #1; 25.Youre very responsible; 26.Youre very talented; 27.Spectacular work; 28.Great discovery; 29.Youre amazing; 30.What a great idea;31.Well worked through; 32.Very thoughtful; 33.You figured it out; 34.Top of the class; 35. You make me smile
  28. 28. Not everything countsNot everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted countsSign hanging inEinsteins office at Princeton