2023 communication.


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2023 communication.

  1. 1. Technology 2023 By: Justin Brown
  2. 2. Cell Phones • 1983-the public is introduced to cell phones. • 1989- first flip phone • 1993- text messaging is developed. • 2002- first smart phone and camera phone is developed.(No microphone or speakerphone, could only send and receive emails.)
  3. 3. Cell phones • Cell phones now have endless capabilities, whether its accessing the web, video chatting someone, or taking suggestion from your phone (siri). • Its amazing to see how far the cellphone has come, from a 3lb brick to something that can fit in the palm of your hand. Its hard to imagine where the technology can go from here. • By the time 2023 I think cell phones will replace the home computer. Every phone will have the video talk feature and it will be the main means of communications. I can also see cell phones braking away from their traditional shape, maybe there will be a special eye piece the accompanies an ear piece and the entire system will be voice controlled. Seeing the leaps and bounds companies have made over the last 10 years, its endless to think of the things we will have access to in the next 10 years.
  4. 4. The Future!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 5. Critical Mass Theory • Requires innovators and early adopters willing to take the risk of trying new technology. • These users are the “critical mass,” small segment of population that choose to make big contributions to the public good. • Any social process involving actions by individuals that benefit others is know as “collective action”. • Technologies become more useful if everyone in the system is using this technology, this is known as universal access. (Grant, 29)
  6. 6. Cell phones and The Critical Mass Theory • Cell phone usage had its “critical mass” testing out this new technology. • As more people were using cell phones others began to see the ease and convenience of communication the popularity began to grow. With more people using them companies had more money to invest in improving their products, which allowed cell phones to improve. There’s a direct correlation in cell phone popularity and the improvements. • With these two growing together, cell phone usage shifted from select few to the most common form of communication. Today there are billions of cell phone users. • Since cell phone usage has grown to the proportion it has, cell phone technology is forever growing and improving. Cell phones have grown from large objects that are simply used for calling into handheld computers. You can run your life and business from your cell phone. Seeing the improvements in technology we have in the last 10 years its hard to picture what else they could incorporate into these devices.
  7. 7. • By 2023 television will evolve to service our every communication needs. • Every television will be equipped with internet access. • Having that access will allow users to talk, video chat and access social media, all from their television. • I believe there will be technology that allows a TV. to project a 3D image so when you talk with someone it will almost be like that person is with you. • Just like cell phones televisions will soon Be the only object needed to access the internet And make calls. The home computer and phone. Television
  8. 8. Television Cont…… • The amount of control one has of the T.V. will be limitless in 2023. • I feel companies will stray away from the use of remote controls. There will be voice activation and motion sensors that allow you to interact with the television. • You would be able to touch what things you want to click on.
  9. 9. Automobiles 2023 • I think in the next 10 years cars will be used more for communication. Every car will be equipped with internet access and a more interactive computer system. • Cars computer system will not only take commands but will also be able to relay information to you, for example reading text messages and emails, allowing the driver to focus on driving. • With internet access people can stay in touch with one another sending messages via email, social media, and text. • Cars now have started incorporating voice command features into its design, but • There are flaws. Those systems are not always user friendly and sometimes has trouble recognizing the action your wanting it to take. • All of that will be eliminated by 2023.
  10. 10. 2023
  11. 11. Uses and Gratifications • “Uses and Gratifications is a descriptive approach that give insight into what people do with technology” (Grant 31) • I feel this theory gives the best insights into how companies produce communication products. By studying the uses individuals have for technology you can decide what features to include into your products. For example cars being equipped with a superior computer system and internet access. People want to be able to access the web and stay connected with friends so cars can give them those features. • This theory will allow products to grow with its users. People want to be able to access the internet, social media, emails, and talk with others so majority of products in 2023 will have those features.
  12. 12. The Principal of Relative Constancy • “Do people just keep adding new entertainment media, or do they adjust by dropping one form for another” (Grant, 33) • This theory focuses on technology and how people decide what form to use and when to jump from one technology to another. • “Is that new technology compelling enough to make the user want to switch” (Grant, 33)
  13. 13. The Principle of Relative Constancy • This theory is extremely important when deciding what technology you want to spend your money on. • As time progresses technology will change and people will be struck with the decision to switch. When automobiles add the new improvements, like computer system and internet access, people will have to decide if its worth spending money to purchase that technology. • This theory will cause competition in the technology industry and help advance technology into what it will be in 2023.
  14. 14. Continued….. • I feel that as companies add new technology to their products all products will soon start adding those features. Pretty soon the only thing people will have to decide on is what brand they want to purchase. • People being what they are, everyone will purchase all of the communication mediums just to have them. Regardless if the television can access the web and serve that purpose, they will still purchase that new car and fancy cell phone, just to have the toys they want.
  15. 15. Citation • Soft Schools (n.d.). Cell phone timeline. Retrieved from http://www.softschools.com/timelines/cell_phone_timelin e/28/ • Meadows, J. H. (2012). Understanding communication technology. In A. Grant & J. Meadows (Eds.), Communication Technology Update and FundamentalsWaltham, Ma: Focal Press.