Using LinkedIn Brennan


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Getting started…Using LinkedIn to promote your brand and find opportunities.

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Using LinkedIn Brennan

  1. 1. LinkedIn Networking Made Easy Presented by: Andy Brennan, Jacksonville Business Journal e: t: 904-265-2207 li:
  2. 2. The Purpose of LinkedIn Over 60 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities • Stay informed about your contacts and industry • Find the people & knowledge you need to achieve your goals • Control your professional online identity • Create and promote new business opportunities
  3. 3. The Purpose of LinkedIn • Connect and network with like minded business people on a local and national level • Build your network of influence through this virtual handshake • Create unique groups to generate targeted thought sharing • Promote business services to your connections and group members • Ask and answer questions to gain and offer industry knowledge
  4. 4. Who to connect with? • Colleagues • Clients • Local business owners • Get introduced through current connections and groups • Anyone you’ve met, done or hope to do business with • Trade shows / Networking events / Vendors / Board Members
  5. 5. How do I build my profile? Follow the easy steps to complete your profile… There is no cost associated with a basic account Adjust account settings to manage who has access to various levels of detail Remember: Be safe with your personal information
  6. 6. How do I build my profile? Use your avatar as a representation of yourself Update your status box - your contacts receive these updates This is NOT Face Book or My Space - It’s what you’ve accomplished, what you represent and what you have to offer others TinyURL’s Use them to redirect with minimal text characters
  7. 7. How do I build my profile? Promote intelligently Use meta tags Populate all fields and websites Provide full contact info to your connections Recommend contacts and be recommended Request recommendations judiciously or let them come naturally Customize your public profile URL
  8. 8. How do I build my network? Many ways to find people
  9. 9. How do I build my network? Many ways to find people
  10. 10. How do I build my network? Your Network Their Connections Your Connections
  11. 11. Receiving network updates Update your status See what your connections are up to
  12. 12. Q&A Answer questions of your entire network. Get answers from those in the know. Search answers. Browse questions by category. Become an industry expert. Promote yourself as an industry thought leader.
  13. 13. Find Groups Stay in touch with schools, organizations and companies with whom you are associated Network with professionals who share similar interests and goals Collaborate in a professional online community
  14. 14. Join a group LinkedIn Groups can help you stay informed and keep in touch with people that share your interests. Great way to promote your brand and build a following within your community.
  15. 15. Join a group LinkedIn Group discussions are great places to promote upcoming events. Group members are great sales prospects! Keep discussions informative and relevant. Think about smaller groups
  16. 16. My Groups Page Once you have joined a group, it will appear on your left side navigation bar under My Groups This page gives you a quick overview of all of your groups
  17. 17. Receiving group updates Start discussions Add to discussions Ask or Answer questions Reconnect with networks Stay up to date See what your connections and other group members are talking about
  18. 18. Company Profile
  19. 19. Company Profile
  20. 20. Self Promote Shamelessly SEO - Be out there Get found - Sell more
  21. 21. LinkedIn Next Steps: Using Groups & Events Presented by:
  22. 22. Create a Group Gain insider information on a specific industry or business segment LinkedIn Groups can help you stay informed and keep in touch with people that share your interests. Great way to promote your brand and build a following within your community.
  23. 23. Create a Group Connect, Communicate & Collaborate A group allows your brand to extend it’s reach and strengthen the TOMA with existing users Use your group avatar as a representation of your brand
  24. 24. Create Brand Awareness Make sure your logo is legible in a very small size – It’s your mini digital billboard This is your opportunity to place your publication’s logo on hundreds of executive’s profiles Make it a “badge of honor” with whom others want to be associated
  25. 25. Edit Group Info Offer a description of your publication, your group and it’s purpose Utilize welcome messages to auto- communicate to requestors and newly approved members Make new members feel welcomed and encourage their participation
  26. 26. Manage Your Group Pre-approve members via contact invites or email domain Send invitations to join Send announcements Add managers and moderators Block poachers Manage RSS feeds
  27. 27. Discussions Groups are a great place to communicate with group members or organizations Discuss issues that are of interest and relevant to the entire group You can also use the navigation links to sort discussions by most recent, popular topics or in those which you’ve participated
  28. 28. Discussions Encourage intelligent opinion and thought sharing Share information with other group members or contacts
  29. 29. Discussions Promote your events on other group sites, redirect to bizjournals registration page or LI event listing Add value to OTHER local groups by waiving admission fees
  30. 30. Members Your group’s member page allows you to view all the members in your group You can search by name, company, and other keywords such as specific areas of expertise This is a great way to find experts to utilize talent from within your network Members are great prospects - They already like you!
  31. 31. Discussions: Event Promo Promote your publication’s events and charitable events with whom you may be associated Remember to add value to your group by offering complimentary or discounted tickets
  32. 32. Discourage Poachers Once you develop an active group, users will attempt to hard sell to your members Keep an eye out for these posts and delete them quickly If valid as such, refer them to advertising dept as prospect leads
  33. 33. Encourage Charity Charitable events and nonprofits get a bit more latitude when it comes to poaching Think of it as a public service message that manages itself A simple way to soft sell your company as a good corporate citizen
  34. 34. Promote & Find Events You can and should promote your publication’s events on LinkedIn Search via specific criteria
  35. 35. Promote & Find Events Track attendees and potential attendees for follow-up opportunities Redirect with your bizjournal registration URL Utilize event URL in discussions to keep things “LinkedIn centric”
  36. 36. LinkedIn Conclusion • Promote your brand personal / product • Meet new contacts and potential clients • Stay informed and keep in touch • Connect with groups and grow your network • Share knowledge / Promote yourself as an expert in your industry • Enhance brand awareness and create a following of prospects • Create a group - Connect, Communicate and Collaborate • Keep your members informed and engaged
  37. 37. LinkedIn Q&A Presented by: