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A guide to running Hackathons.

Published in: Business
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  1. 1. So you wanna run a Hack-a-thon Bobby Singh @jabizz_ #GSD Don’t ask for permission Last Conference 2015 #LASTconf @jabizz_
  2. 2. What is a Hackathon? • People coming together to solve common problems through software, beer (sometimes food) and a desire to innovate!!
  3. 3. Why run Hackathons? • Culture, collaboration and learn • People are natural problem solvers – so let them solve! • Breaking organizational constraints, retain staff, motivate
  4. 4. • A customer problem or theme that resonates with people – SME & empathy – A product enhancement – An experiment • Shiney toys – loose their gloss Find a problem worth solving
  5. 5. • Understand your audience through personas (made popular by Alan Cooper) • Define the customer journey or user experience • Provide the audience with enough information to allow them to the problem statement Who are you solving it for?
  6. 6. • Encourage idea owners to pitch their ideas with a view to recruiting a team • People will naturally migrate to the idea that resonates to them the most – ‘self selection’ • Have a couple of pitching rounds • Go Social, T-shirts, stickers Pitching your ideas
  7. 7. Plan your tech toolkit • What environments will the teams use? • Experiment with new tools • Run technical briefing sessions • Leverage of collaboration tools – Trello, HipChat etc..
  8. 8. Judging • The Peoples Vote – Voting – Bragging Rights – Other prizes • Theme – Marketplace – Presentation style • The Judges Vote – Collaboration & cross- functional team – Creative Market-place – Working Software & Theme alignment • Prizes - Trophy (or something similar)
  9. 9. The day(s) • Have a laugh!! • Clear Agenda for the day or days • Be realistic about what you can achieve on the day(s) - MVP • Give people time to prepare their showcases • Be clear on the problem you are solving
  10. 10. The day after • Take the idea(s) to market! • Start planning your next one • Keep the trophy perpetual • Create a culture around driving change in the enterprise • Keep pushing the envelope & practice what you learn in your day-to-day!! (Don’t ask for permission - JDI)
  11. 11. Thank You Bobby Singh Active rule breaker, getting shit done, not asking for permission @jabizz_ #GSD