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The Indian Cobra


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By: Jeriah

Published in: Education
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The Indian Cobra

  1. 1. The Indian Cobra. By Jeriah
  2. 2. Weight and Length The regular weight of an Indian Cobra is 20 pounds or so and the length is 7 feet ! Biggest Indian Cobra in the world What sounds good for dinner?
  3. 3. Colors of an Indian Snake Did you know that an Indian Snake color is brown, blue, white, and black. They will show their colors to attract mates.
  4. 4. Scales Did you know snakes have scales? They are for keeping moisture in their body and protection. Also did you know their scales are the same material as your fingernails.
  5. 5. How Snakes Breathe An Indian Snake breathes out of a glottis which is The part of the larynx consisting of the vocal cords slitlike opening between them. It affects the voice modulation expanding or contracting.
  6. 6. Does an Indian Snake Have Live Birth or not ? An Indian snake does not have live birth. It lays eggs. It has to have its eggs in warm temperatures. It also fertilizes its eggs and it can have 20 through 40 eggs. Their young are called hatchlings. This is a video of snake having eggs.
  7. 7. How do snakes travel ? Snakes travel by slithering and when they do they move their body in a worm type of way they can move for 89 miles without stopping. Crazy! Right?
  8. 8. Where does an Indian Snake live? An Indian snake lives in hot and tropical places like the rain forest and India.
  9. 9. Does an Indian Snake migrate? Yes, they do! Believe it or not, they will not go to the same place every winter like many birds do. They will go wherever there is moisture and it is easy to keep it close to the same temperature.
  10. 10. Is a snake cold blooded.
  11. 11. Is an Indian snake an herbivore, omnivore, or carnivore. They are carnivores. They eat birds, fish, frogs, lizards, rabbits, and rats
  12. 12. #1 It can squirt venom out of its mouth when it feels threatened. #2 It will attack from underneath water. #3 It will crush your windpipe and strangle you to death How does an Indian Cobra protect itself?
  13. 13. They are not endangered, although many people have been using their skin for boots and shoes Is an Indian Snake endangered?
  14. 14. The nickname of an Indian Cobra is The King Cobra! The scientific name for it is the Naja. Try saying that three times fast. Also did you know that the Indian Cobra is the largest poisonous snake in the world!