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Rainbow Density Cylinder


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By: Caden, Leela, and Katelyn

Published in: Education
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Rainbow Density Cylinder

  1. 1. Rainbow Density Cylinder By: Caden, Leela, and Katelyn
  2. 2. The Question How do you make a rainbow like object with household materials to test their density?
  3. 3. Research
  4. 4. Hypothesis Our group thinks our project will be a success and will look amazing while all testing the density of different types of liquids.
  5. 5. Materials For this project we need *Honey *Vegetable Oil *Corn Syrup And to hold all of these liquids we need *Maple Syrup *A big bottle * And Plastic Cups *Milk *Dish Soap *Water * rubbing alcohol and lamp oil are optional if so put food dye in rubbing alcohol
  6. 6. Procedures 1. Get all your materials to do this experiment 2. Put every different type of liquid into a little plastic cup a little more half way full 3. Put your choice of color of food dye in the water and the corn syrup 4. Pour the liquids in the bottle in this order honey,corn syrup with food coloring,maple syrup,milk,dish soap,water with food coloring, and finally vegetable oil. 5. And you are done!
  7. 7. Results The project didn't work as well as we thought. It didn't work because we used a container too big.
  8. 8. Conclusion If we had to do this project again we would use a smaller container.