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Poison Dart Frog


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By: Karis

Published in: Education
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Poison Dart Frog

  1. 1. Poison Dart Frog By: Karis
  2. 2. Weight and length (1 oz) on average (0.59) in adult length.
  3. 3. Color They can be any color but they always have black dots. Also they can be green,blue,yellow,orange,and red.
  4. 4. Eggs They are born by eggs they have 2 to 12 egg.
  5. 5. Baby Frogs Baby frogs are called polliwog.
  6. 6. How Do They Protect Themselves They protect themselves by their poison.
  7. 7. Endangered or Not Far more detrimental to the species is the destruction of their habitat. Many poison dart frogs species are facing a decline in numbers,and some have been classified as endangered due to the loss of their rainforest habitat.
  8. 8. Migrate or Hibernate NEITHER!!!!!!
  9. 9. Body Covering Their body covering is skin and it breathes through their skin.
  10. 10. Cold Blooded or Warm Blooded Poison dart frogs are cold blooded.
  11. 11. Herbivore,Carnivore,or Omnivore CARNIVORE
  12. 12. Where Do They Live They live in south America.
  13. 13. How Do They Travel They travel by water and land.
  14. 14. Have a Laugh What's a frog's favorite hot drink...
  15. 15. ...HOT CROAK- O!!!!!
  16. 16. FUN FACTS 1. They have a long sticky tongue they eat tiny insects 2. Scientists think that poison dart frogs get their toxicity from some of the insects they eat. 3. Their family names are called dendrobatidae. 4. Their life span is 3 to 15. 5. Their diet is a carnivore.
  18. 18. THE END!!!