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Golden Poison Dart Frog


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Published in: Education
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Golden Poison Dart Frog

  1. 1. Golden Poison Dart Frog Facts By Braxton
  2. 2. Color Black and yellow.
  3. 3. Travel Jumping
  4. 4. Migrate or Hibernate Neither they just stay
  5. 5. How many babies / tadpoles 2 to 12 eggs
  6. 6. Protection It has a poison that can kill a full grown man in under 3 minutes .
  7. 7. They are carnivores.
  8. 8. Kingdom It's in the Animal Kingdom.
  9. 9. How it breathes Through its thin skin and small lungs.
  10. 10. Skin covering Thin moist skin
  11. 11. Vid
  12. 12. Warm or cold blooded They are cold blooded
  13. 13. Endangered if so why They are endangered because of habitat loss
  14. 14. 3 facts They are about the size of 1 paper clip They can live up to 10 years in the wild The poison they can spit on you can kill you in 3 minutes
  15. 15. Baby name They are called tadpoles. duh
  16. 16. Where they live Pacific coast of Colombia
  17. 17. How does it breathe? and yes my background is pink Lungs and moist skin
  18. 18. They are cold blooded
  19. 19. And memz