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Gila Monster


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By: Ty

Published in: Education
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Gila Monster

  1. 1. Gila Monster By: Ty I’m tired
  2. 2. It’s Body Covering The Gila Monster’s skin can be either orange and black, or pink and black. Unlike most reptiles they are covered with beads.
  3. 3. Weight and Length The Gila Monster can be two feet long and weigh up to five pounds.
  4. 4. Herbivore or Carnivore The gila monster is a carnivore.
  5. 5. Babies Gila Monsters are born in eggs. They can lay up to 13 eggs!
  6. 6. Some facts Gila Monsters travel by feet and live in dry regions such as Mojave and Chihuah deserts of southern U.S and Northern Mexico.
  7. 7. Population and Self Defence Gila Monsters have a really tight and strong bite, and have poisen venom. The Gila Monster’s population is decreasing, but they are not endangered.
  8. 8. Fun Facts! *Gila Monsters can live twenty to thirty years. *Once they bite they won´t let go. *The bite is extremely painful but won´t kill you. *They store fat in their tails. *Eggs rank among their favorite food. *Males wrestle during mating season.
  9. 9. More Facts *They spend most of their time underground. *Gila Monsters inspired a diabetes fighting drug. *They can go months between meals because of their slow metabolism. *Like snakes they flick their tounges out of their mouth to smell.
  10. 10. Quiz! Around How many babies can a Gila monster have? A.13 B.5 C.20
  11. 11. Question 2 A.20 years B.30 years C.10 years How old can Gila Monsters live?
  12. 12. Sorry thats Wrong
  13. 13. All Done you won!
  14. 14. Thank-you for Watching!