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Coordinate grids


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Student created interactive presentation used to teacher other students

Published in: Education
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Coordinate grids

  1. 1. Coordinate Grids By Kiara, Alexa, and Sophia
  2. 2. The Axis’s There are 2 kinds of axis’s. One is the Y axis. The Y axis goes up. The other axis is the X axis. The X axis goes right. When there is a point right 2 and up 3 that’s a coordinate.
  3. 3. This is the way to write the coordinate for anything that involves grids. The way to know which number goes first you go to the right. That one is the X axis.The one that is pointing to the right is the Y axis. There are a few ways to remember this. Do you have any? How you write a coordinate. This is the X axis. This is the Y axis
  4. 4. How to find a Coordinate. To find a coordinate you have to always look right then up. If you don’t you will get the wrong coordinates because _________________. To test your skills we put a coordinate on this grid. What is the coordinate of the Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium? .Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium
  5. 5. Do you have anything else that you can make a coordinate grid out of ?
  6. 6. Now it’s your turn to teach us. Tell us or write a coordinate up here. Then ask the class what the