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Cats, They're Adorable


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By: Raymond

Published in: Education
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Cats, They're Adorable

  1. 1. Cats,THEY’RE ADORABLE By Raymond
  2. 2. Weight and length of cats 7.9-9.9 ibs. 18 in.
  3. 3. Colors Black,White,Brown,Orange ,and Grey
  4. 4. Cats are covered in Fur they’re covered in fur
  5. 5. The young are called kittens (you should know this already)
  6. 6. Egg or Alive Alive cats are born alive
  7. 7. Kittens are playful Cats not so much
  8. 8. What cats eat They eat small things like rats if they’re out in the wild but they eat cat food inside or even house mice
  9. 9. Hibernate or migrate? Neither: Cats stay in one place and don’t sleep through the winter
  10. 10. How cats defend themselves They claw but if they don’t have claws they are more prone to bite you
  11. 11. Are cats endangered? No,cats are not endangered
  12. 12. Are cats warm or cold blooded? Warm Blooded
  13. 13. Cat videos they’re needed OBVIOUSLY :)
  14. 14. Have a PAWSOME day