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Blue Dart Frog


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By: Caden

Published in: Education
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Blue Dart Frog

  1. 1. The Blue Dart Frog By:Caden
  2. 2. The Dart Frogs Starter Videos
  3. 3. The animal I picked is the Blue Dart Frog.
  4. 4. Weight and Length The Blue Dart Frog is about 2 inches long (2 paper clips) and weighs about 0.3 ounces.
  5. 5. How long do they live? They live to about 4-6 years.
  6. 6. What Color is the Blue Dart Frog? The Blue Dart Frog is blue and black.
  7. 7. What covers the Blue Dart frog? Skin covers the Blue Dart Frog which also helps it to breathe.
  8. 8. How does it breathe? The Blue Dart Frog uses its skin and lungs to breathe.
  9. 9. How many babies does it have? It lays about 2 to several dozens eggs at a time.
  10. 10. What is it young called? Its young is called tadpoles that common name for frog babies.
  11. 11. How does it travel? It travels by jumping around.
  12. 12. Where do they live? The Blue Dart Frog lives in rainforests in Central and South America.
  13. 13. Does it migrate or hibernate? Neither because it lives somewhere where it stays warm.
  14. 14. Warm or cold blooded? The Blue Dart Frog is cold blooded.Which means it stays the temperature in the wilderness.
  15. 15. Herbivore,carnivore,or a omnivore? The Blue Dart frog is a carnivore.Meaning it only eats meat.
  16. 16. How do they protect themselves? They protect themselves with poison which can kill a human in 3 minutes.
  17. 17. Is it endangered? Yes the Blue Dart frog is endangered.
  18. 18. Why is it endangered? Its endangered because people cutting down trees which has the effect of habitat loss.
  19. 19. Fun Fact Time! 1.It can kill 20,000 mice! 2.Its native name is Okopipi. 3.The Blue Dart frog eats stuff like ants ,spiders,and flies. 4.This frog is one of earth’s most toxic animal. 5.Its pattern tells animals to not eat them because they are toxic. 6.They capture prey with their long sticky tongue.
  20. 20. What protects the Blue Dart frog? Poison Camouflage Nothing
  21. 21. Correct they use poison to protect themselves!
  22. 22. What is it native name? Koko Okopipi Kipi Kipi Okpipi
  23. 23. Wrong!
  24. 24. Correct its native name is Okopipi!
  25. 25. What is my animal? Blue dart Frog Yellow Dart Frog Glass Frog
  26. 26. Sorry!
  27. 27. Correct my animal is the Blue Dart frog!
  28. 28. How does it breathe? Lungs Both Skin
  29. 29. Chose the wrong one!
  30. 30. Correct they use their lungs AND skin.
  31. 31. How many eggs does it have a time? 2 to Several dozens 4 to 10
  32. 32. Sorry!
  33. 33. Correct they have 2 to Several dozens eggs at a time!
  34. 34. Is the Blue Dart frog endangered?
  35. 35. Incorrect!
  36. 36. Correct they are endangered!
  37. 37. What are their young called? Tads Poles Tadpoles Daps
  38. 38. Oops wrong!
  39. 39. Correct their babies are called tadpoles!
  40. 40. What color is the frog? Blue and Black Yellow And Black
  41. 41. Sorry!
  42. 42. Correct they are blue and black!
  43. 43. Why is the Blue Dart frog endangered? Habitat Loss Climate Change Predators
  44. 44. Oh no!
  45. 45. Yay you are correct they are endangered because of habitat loss!
  46. 46. How many mice can they kill with their poison?
  47. 47. Uh oh!
  48. 48. Correct they can kill 20,000 mice with their poison!
  49. 49. Where do they live? Central America Both South America
  50. 50. You are kinda right…………..So close!
  51. 51. Correct they live in Central America and South America.
  52. 52. Warm or cold blooded?
  53. 53. Wrong one!
  54. 54. Correct they are cold blooded!
  55. 55. How long is the Blue Dart frog? 2 inches 6 inches
  56. 56. Hmmmmm Can you divide that by by 3?
  57. 57. Correct they are 2 inches the size of 2 paper clips!