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Antique Spiral Thermometer Destiny

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Antique Spiral Thermometer Destiny

  1. 1. Antique Spiral Thermometer! Antique Spiral Thermometers work kinda like a regular thermometer. I guess. They have metal swirls around it and they have a ball at the bottom of the swirl to I think hold the liquid to tell you how hot it is outside. In fact, the antique spiral thermometer is so old, that you cannot even find anything about them online! So I guess I’m pretty lucky I know at least 1 think about them! By: Destiny W.
  2. 2. Did You Know That...... The Antique Spiral Thermometer has a type of liquid in it that you cannot see unless it comes out of the ball at the bottom of the thermometer?
  3. 3. Thanks for watching! Bye-Bye!