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Jabber integration with SAP


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Real-time communications can be added to SAP Portal via Jabber SDK for Web. The SDK provides a comprehensive feature set by providing an interface to Cisco communication infrastructure: Unified Communication Manager and Unified Presence.

By leveraging the capabilities offered within the Cisco Jabber SDK, Jabborate offers you an out-of-the-box solution to add voice, video, IM, presence, and conferencing capabilities into your SAP Portal.

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Jabber integration with SAP

  3. 3. BULPROS Key Facts Core team of 350+ developers BULPROS is one of the fastest growing IT companies in Europe. It is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, with offices in Germany and the USA. Partnerships with leading companies Cisco Development and Advanced Services partner Microsoft Silver partner in software, Azure Circle partner IBM, Red Hat, and VMWare partner Certified process and quality ISO 9001:2008 Certified for IT Services and Support; a proprietary business processes framework; and certified agile software development methodologies.
  5. 5. Jabborate Solution Why the gap? There is a divide between productivity systems and the enterprise communication platform. Access to real-time communications within the productivity system is limited, and this requires users to switch frequently between applications to accomplish a single task. Furthermore, even simple tools like chat have different interfaces depending on the actual application. Last, existing tools are limited to internal users of the corresponding system, and opening them to external users requires expensive custom solutions.
  6. 6. Jabborate Vision Why Jabborate? Jabborate integrates real-time communications where users need them most: the productivity and collaboration systems. It adds instant messaging, presence, audio, video, and conference calls, for direct communication to your collaboration endpoints. Across all your applications, users will be able to communicate via a unified interface. This reduces friction, while increasing user adoption and engagement.
  7. 7. Jabborate Solution End-user features Jabborate adds core communication options: Audio calls Video calls Conference calls Instant messaging Presence Contextual meetings Collaboration endpoints include IP phones, collaboration rooms, and various software clients including iOS or Android apps.
  8. 8. Jabborate Solution How Jabborate does it? Jabborate adds communication capabilities to your productivity systems by integrating them with Cisco Jabber (UCM) and WebEx. It works seamlessly with heterogeneous infrastructures: any combination of on-site servers, virtual machines, or cloud-based applications.
  10. 10. SAP Technical Overview User: The end-user downloads Cisco’s Web Communicator plugin once and gets access to Instant Messaging, Audio and Video calls, as well as Presence. Admin: Jabborate resides within the NetWeaver portal, communicating to SAP for the user data and to Cisco’s UCM/UP to establish real-time communications.
  11. 11. Technical Requirements Server-side requirements SAP: SAP Enterprise Portal 7.4 (CRM, ERP) UC: Unified Communications Manager 9.2 IM/P: On-prem WebEx 2.5 (REST API); or WebEx Collaboration Cloud (XML API) Note: Windows RT 8 and 8.1 are not supported. Client-side requirements: Jabborate is based on Jabber SDK for Web. Browser/OS: All modern browsers are supported via a browser plugin.
  12. 12. Licensing and support Licensing models Three licensing models based on the size of the deployment  Flat fee subscription for deployments below 2500 seats  Per seat subscription for deployments over 2500 seats  Enterprise license for deployments with enterprise agreements Maintenance updates Support for new versions of host platforms are included free of charge. Minor and major releases would depend on the specific license. Third-level support BULPROS will provide prompt support for all issues that concern the code base, with the option to assist partners with the initial deployment as well as the ongoing maintenance of Jabborate. Advanced Services Partner
  14. 14. Dr. Adolf Kohl CTO T: +359 2 489 5715 M: + 359 887 607 166 E-mail: Mladost 4, Business Park Sofia, Build. 4, fl. 5 Sofia 1766, BULGARIA
  15. 15. Copyrights and disclaimer ©2014 Bulpros. Jabborate is a registered trademark owned by Bulpros . Registration process underway in both the USA and European Union. All other registered trademarks or trademarks are property of their respective owners: Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, etc. Logos , screenshots, product photos, and all other promotional materials are used for illustration purposes only and do not represent a statement of endorsement or affiliation. Note: the presentation contains conceptual and work-in-progress screenshots to illustrate how Jabborate works. The final product might deviate from them to a significant extent as we are continually improving the user experience.