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Jabber guest integration


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Jabber Guest offers realtime communication options to anyone outside the enterprise via a web browser or a mobile device. It is integrated with Cisco Expressway product line for firewall traversal, as well as Cisco Unified Communication Manager (UCM). By extending Jabborate with Jabber Guest, you get a comprehensive real-time communication solution that includes both internal and external users.

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Jabber guest integration

  2. 2. Jabber Guest
  3. 3. Business Benefits • Promote intimate customer interactions • Enable cross-sell, up-sell, and share of wallet • Increase Cisco® Remote Expert touches and transactions to increase revenue • Improve competitive advantage Jabber Guest Benefits
  4. 4. Jabber Guest Benefits Benefit Promoters • Enable up-sell, cross-sell, and increase share of wallet • Increased high-touch personal interaction • Improve ROI of Telepresence investments • Creates a competitive advantage Portfolio Advisor Remote Expert FSI website and/or invitation
  5. 5. Jabber Guest User Experience • Video Point-to-point video Point to video conference • Midcall control Keypad Mute audio or video Full-screen video Camera or audio device selection Self-view • Call control - WebRTC Compatible • Media Browser plug-in (desktop web), Native apps (mobile) Future – WebRTC for media User Experience Sales Department
  6. 6. Dr. Adolf Kohl CTO, BULPROS T: +359 2 489 5715 M: + 359 887 607 166 E-mail: Mladost 4, Business Park Sofia, Build. 4, fl. 5 Sofia 1766, BULGARIA Jabber Guest Contact