Competitive Networks Social Media Presence Presentation, 13 Aug10


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Powerpoint Deck tracking digital media strategies and platforms from various TV Networks throughout the Summer 2010 Programming Season

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  • Definition of Social Media: media used for social interaction, where users create and exchange user-generated content.
  • Community Pages are created and generated off of public interests, while brand pages are controlled by the networks Digital Media/Marketing Departments
  • Discovery has a community page, it’s the first page of Discovery content to show up after clicking on Facebook search results. It’s their only network page.
  • “Glee” Facebook page has a “Full Episodes” Tab
  • First image in linking to The History Channel’s regular Facebook page
  • Social Tweet allows users to sign into Twitter via the facebook application and post tweets that can be seen on their profile. The tweets on the History Channel’s Facebook page and Twitter Feeds are simultaneously refreshed with updated statuses. This could help truTV keep their twitter feed current by switching to this application
  • TNT showed the Memphis Beat series trailer on it’s landing tab to promote the series premiere that evening.
  • Website content embedded in separate tab on Facebook page sponsored my UStream: free online video website
  • Twitter launched an official “Tweet” button that counts how many times a link has been shared for online publishers.
  • CBS no longer uses an active twitter feed, but integrates Twitter and Facebook into their Network website by having users create memberships with their screen/account names and passwords.
  • Network name plus slogan to create one twitter username hinders search. It is a good branding tactic because it creatively
  • Embedded Link info:
  • FX had banner ads of Rescue Me and Louie on YouTube Tuesday night
  • Don’t transition traffic to regular CNN feed; may loose chance in potentially gaining more followers.

    CNN had over 11 thousand followers during the World Cup
  • Foursquare does not have a calculated number of tweets like twitter does.
  • YouTube is a Social Media site because it is one type of platform where users are allowed to create and spread user-generated content.
  • Networks usually use YouTube to tease content and upload previously aired videos for their users
  • A Wiki page is a website that allows easy creation and editing of any number of pages in a web browser. (Source: Wikipedia)

    Wikis allow users to engage with the brand by adding their own knowledge about the brand itself, therefore in a way making the brand more accurate.

    This would be a good idea for Conspiracy Theory and the truTV Crime Library; The wiki page can be modeled after the Crime Library format and the Conspiracy Theory Series webpage, and users can contribute to the truTV online brand by adding their own conspiracies that are unheard of, or adding additional facts to a criminal case featured in truTV’s crime library
  • Bravo TV toolbar

    Has video clips and photos from latest episodes of TV series.

    Latest news from

    Bravo-branded Google search engine

    Link to

    Tab counts down number of stories read

    Link to add applications to toolbar (powered by toolbar software developer)

    Customize it to feature e-mail alerts, weather, online radio, and pop-up blocker
  • Enter to win a Top Chef:DC party gear
  • Talk bubble was used for Top Chef, D.C and the season finale of Bethenny Getting Married?
  • Tweets auto refreshed for the latest updates
  • An online community where users can interact and engage with NBC’s content through message boards, fan groups, blogs, and social networking sites.
  • Selected FAQ questions explain what Fan It is, and mention that the membership is free.
  • Why Comic-Con?

    Comic-Con is an example of how media creates massive buzz around common interest. Different TV networks gather in San Diego to tap into their mass audience and showcase their content.
  • MTV provides live access to Comic-Con as a current event to its fans
  • USA featured panel discussions with the stars of Burn Notice , White Collar, and Psych since the seasons of these series aired during the summer.

    Users could log in with twitter and Facebook to see USA’s network tweets and status updates.
  • SyFy used Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and YouTube to generate their following as well as an i-phone application, which gave a daily schedule of SyFy’s events and panel discussions during Comic-Con
  • CNN gave away limited edition flip cameras for the Comic-Con convention to lucky winners selected to be i-reporters during the event. Participants would submit their content to CNN and the best features ended up on and HLN’s Showbiz Tonight
  • Competitive Networks Social Media Presence Presentation, 13 Aug10

    1. 1. + Competitive Networks Social Media Presence, Summer 2010 By Jordan Banks
    2. 2. + Facebook
    3. 3. + CBS Community Page Wikipedia
    4. 4. + Discovery Channel Facebook Community Page Users contribute in making official Facebook Page
    5. 5. + FOX’ s Glee Facebook Page Full Episodes Video Player Superfan video player launch
    6. 6. + FOX’s Glee Super Fan Video Player Social Media Integration
    7. 7. + The History Channel’s America: The Story of Us Facebook Landing Tab Link to Foursquare
    8. 8. + History Channel Social Media Integration Social Tweet Facebook App E-mail Newsletter Sign-Up Tab
    9. 9. + TNT’s Memphis Beat Facebook Page Video Landing Tab “Welcome” Tab
    10. 10. + Bravo Real Housewives of New Jersey Live Premium Party Allows users to update status
    11. 11. + Twitter
    12. 12. + CBS’s Facebook and Twitter Integration Use Facebook and Twitter Accounts to Sign into CBS Community
    13. 13. + TNT’s Twitter Feed Slogan incorporated in username
    14. 14. + Bravo TV Twitter Feed Talk Bubble Link “Bravolebrities” Publicity Foursquare Integration
    15. 15. + FX Twitter Feed New series promotional banner Drive Network Tune-In
    16. 16. + CNN World Cup Twitter Feed Timeline Chronicles Events of the World Cup
    17. 17. + Foursquare
    18. 18. + History Channel Foursquare Page Historical Facts on Local Landmarks TV Banner Ad Show Synopsis Links to Series Website, Facebook, & Twitter Brand Advertising
    19. 19. + CNN Foursquare Page for the World Cup Customized Event Logo Transition traffic to other social media outlets
    20. 20. + YouTube
    21. 21. + FOX YouTube Channel Episode promotion Drive online trafficShowcase web exclusives
    22. 22. + truTV YouTube Channel Why don’t we use YouTube to air a video- blogging series featuring one of the network’s series stars??
    23. 23. + Digital Media Platforms
    24. 24. + TNT’s The Closer Fan Wiki Page
    25. 25. + Bravo Toolbar Download Full Episodes Games Photos
    26. 26. + Bravo’s B-Hive Party Planner Connect & Interact with Friends directly through the website
    27. 27. + Bravo’s Top Chef Recipe Widget Embedded Video Player
    28. 28. + Bravo TV’s Talk Bubble Website Measuring Twitter Activity Posts divided into Bravolebrites , Facebook, and Twitter
    29. 29. + TBS’S Team Coco Website Countdown to Series Premiere Individual twitter updates
    30. 30. + My NBC: NBC.Com Community Page
    31. 31. + MyNBC Fan It Games and Message board Social Media Integration
    32. 32. + Integrated Social Networking in Media Platforms
    33. 33. + Discovery channel’s Shark Week
    34. 34. + Shark Week Page Facebook Integration
    35. 35. + Discovery Channel’s Shark Week Drive brand engagement on the Network site
    36. 36. + Discovery Channel Shark Week Twitter Feed Driving Network Tune-In
    37. 37. + Discovery Youtube Channel Exclusive videos for promoting Shark Week
    38. 38. + Comic-Con 2010 Coverage
    39. 39. + MTV Live Comic-Con Coverage on Myspace Page Streaming Live Footage Links to MySpace, Facebook & Twitter
    40. 40. + USA Comic-Con Live Panel Discussion Users log in with Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter Tweets from USA twitter feed
    41. 41. + SyFy Comic-Con Coverage
    42. 42. + CNN’s I-Report and Flip Cam Coverage for Comic-Con
    43. 43. + Recommendations  We should embed links into Twitter feed wallpaper  Video player into a Facebook Tab  We should start using the Social Tweet Facebook Application for better efficiency in integrating Facebook with Twitter  We should create wiki pages for truTV’s original series and Crime Library  Feature a Video Blogging Series featuring one of the starring characters from truTV’s original series on YouTube