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Biking to brussels 2012 english


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Jaap van Erk in unwanted lead role during 3M Bike Ride to Brussels 2012.

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Biking to brussels 2012 english

  1. 1. Prepara&ons  @  star&ng  loca&on   Breda,  Netherlands  
  2. 2. Start  Group  Breda-­‐2.     (Jaap  with  blue  bandana)  Led  by  Adri  van  Houwelingen  (teamleader  RABObank  Pro  Cycling)  
  3. 3. Lunch  in  Zwijndrecht  (Belgium)  
  4. 4. From  Breda  to  Zwijndrecht…requires  crossing  the  river  De  Schelder.  By  going  underneath  via  an  escalator!!    
  5. 5. Pie  break?  
  6. 6. Well  under  way  to  Brussels…just  40  more  kilometers  
  7. 7. Serious  accident  for  Jaap  in  Bornem  (Be).  Doesn’t  look  good.  
  8. 8. Wrapped  up  in  the  ambulance  for  the  ride  Bornem  (Be)  naar  Sint  Franciscus  Gasthuis,  RoXerdam,  Netherlands.  
  9. 9. Arrival  in  Brussels  of  group  Jaap,  minus  Jaap  
  10. 10. This  is  what  it  is  was  all  about…€  32.000  for  four  good  causes.  
  11. 11. Diagnosis:    1.  Complicated  pelvis  fracture  2.  Major  hemorrage  3.  Bruised  ribs  
  12. 12. June  8…ready  for  the  procedure.  Bit  of  mechanical  engineering  by  the  surgeon.  Recuperate  and  home  tomorrow  to  watch  Euro  Championship  football  on  a  real  tv  screen.  
  13. 13. Home  tomorrow?  wish!  Lots  of  blood  loss,  weak,  pain,  sick  to  my  stomach…general  misery  all  around.    
  14. 14. Two  incisions:  Middle:  “necklace”  of  plates  and  screws  from  pubis  to  top  of  hip.  Lec:  reposi&on  broken  pelvic  wing.  
  15. 15. Fortunately  the  helmet  was  made  obligatory  by  the  organisa&on.  This  one  has  gone  to  the  dumpster.  
  16. 16. Plenty  of  aXen&on….cards,  flowers,  calls,  visits.  Oh  yes…and  my  girl  Agatha.  Prepared  to  serve  at  all  &mes,  eventhough  recovering  herself  from  an  abla&on  procedure  that  same  week.  What  a  gem!    
  17. 17. So  there  we  are…  •  No  pressure  on  lec  leg  for   six  weeks  •  Then  four  weeks  to  learn   to  walk  again  and  regain   muscle  strength.    •  Hope  to  have  a  decent   summer.