Comparison adjectives 001


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Using comparative adjectives. The presentation follows a small story sketch to help learner visualize the use of comparison adjective.

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Comparison adjectives 001

  1. 1. Welcome ! Today’s lesson is: Comparison of Adjectives
  2. 2. Our Main Objective: To show the differences in Degree of Adjectives: Comparison Vocabulary Source: Objects, fruits
  3. 3. Today’s Motivation:
  4. 4. Do you remember: What is an ADJECTIIVE ? It is a word that describes or tells something about the noun.
  5. 5. There are two positions for adjectives: In a phrase: marker adjective noun A small house The blue car My American fiend In a sentence: subject verb adjective That dog is big Your father feels unhappy.
  6. 6. Now: Comparison of Adjectives Comparing TWO things. Positive Comparative Good Better Small Smaller Large Larger Fast Faster Old Older Tall Taller
  7. 7. More to the list Positive Comparative Wide Wider Thin Thinner Fat Fatter Young Younger Sweet Sweeter Cold Colder
  8. 8. Application 1: My car is fast but Tony’s car is faster. Erika is tall but Susan is taller.
  9. 9. Application 2: Peter is older than Mike. The first test was easier than the second one. I like vanilla better than chocolate.
  10. 10. Hi fellow ! I need your help now. I have two two cousins: Blueny and Greeny And there is a particular situation. I think one is smarter than the other. Can you guess which one ?
  11. 11. First let us see the situation: Worms love apples, you know ! As you may see, there are two apples. Which apple is bigger ? The ______ apple is ___________ than the ______ apple. Which apple is smaller ? The ______ apple is ___________ than the ______ apple.
  12. 12. The sun is so bright.... My glasses are But my glasses are dark dark. darker than your dark glasses. darker darker
  13. 13. My twig is Alas! My twig long long is longer than long your twig. longer longer
  14. 14. This rock is Ops! This rock is heavy. heavy heavy heavier than your rock. heavier heavier
  15. 15. Well, I feel my cousins will not make it ! So, WHAT’S THE SOLUTION ?
  16. 16. Good work ! Two heads are better than one !
  17. 17. Did you enjoy the lesson ? Thanks !! Here are two more proverbs. Can you see the application ? Actions speak louder than words. It is easier to pull down than to build up.
  18. 18. Project: Comparison of Adjectives (This presentation was prepared on May 2006, as part of Miss Vilma Coba’s grammar project)