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Social Media Across Cultures

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Social Soup

  1. 1. Jessica Alessandra • Yoli Worth • Ricky Mar #SocialSoup
  2. 2. Did You Know?Over 80% of marketers are planning to spend more on social media this year, but only a quarter will focus their campaigns in more than one country. - Econsultancy (2010)
  3. 3. Top Languages on Twitter
  4. 4. "English only accounts for 31% of language useonline, so it‟s easy to see how ignoring foreignmarkets in your social media campaigns couldmean dismissing a large number of potentialcustomers." -Christian Arno
  6. 6. ARGENTINA (Population 40,412,376) • More than 6 million users on Facebook • 4.5 millions registered on Fotolog (similar to instagram) • 2.3 on Sónico
  7. 7. How much of their time do they spend on SM?On which Social Networks?
  8. 8. MEXICO (Population 113,423,050) Internet Penetration in Mexico is Growing Rapidly Social Media Adoption is STRONG and Driven by Young Influencers –48% of social media users are in the ages of 18-24.• “Personal” Use Dominates in Social Twitter in Mexico is a vehicle of communication and security.
  9. 9. Raul Gonzalez
  10. 10. Asia
  11. 11. Social Media in Asia
  12. 12. Social Media Use in Asia
  13. 13. Social Media Revenue
  14. 14. Grace Kim Interview & Cyworld
  15. 15.  “Blogs are HUGE in Korea, the most popular site would have to be Cyworld. It‟s basically a combination of Tumblr and Facebook” “Most of it‟s revenue comes from selling virtual stuff on it‟s website. You can buy like virtual TVs or other items to decorate your account” “Cyworld has it‟s own virtual money called 도토리, or Dotori, which happens to translate to „acorns‟ in English”
  16. 16. English Version of Cyworld
  17. 17.  Kim Hyoung Gon – became famous through Cyworld by posting photos and recipes of food and received a cookbook deal Kang Hee Jae - quit her job and opened her own online shopping site after the collection of dolls and clothes she showed on her page drew 2.7 million visitors.
  18. 18. The Netherlands
  19. 19.  Dutch population: 16,847,007 (2011) 14,872,200 internet users (2011) LinkedIn 26.1%(New Media Trend Watch)(Pingdom)
  20. 20.  Twitter
  21. 21. SAP third-largest independent software provider Sr. Marketing Communications Manager & PR SAP‟s Social Media Strategy
  22. 22. >>
  23. 23. Tweeting For Business Internationally  (soon to be  schedule Tweets  translate Tweets
  24. 24. Scheduling Tweets  Allows you to schedule your Tweets according to time zones.
  25. 25. Translating Tweets  Prevents language barriers by automatically translating Tweets.
  26. 26. Now You Try We tweeted out some during our presentations some messages in Spanish, French, and Italian. Find them, and translate them using Google Translate or iTranslate App for the iPhone.
  27. 27. Whats Next?The world is a huge place, and we are close and availableto get to know each other, and learn from other culturesthanks to social media. This is how now and in the futurebusiness will be made (conferences and businessmeetings) and networking with people with different culturalbackgrounds. Like for example today, we discussed abouthow we got insights for our project, tomorrow and in thefuture, companies will have consumer insights and focusgroups via social media throughout the world.