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The BRT Story The idea BRT System in Delhi


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The BRT Story
The idea of BRT was first mooted in 1995-96.
2004 2006
2005 2006 - 07 2008
• A pilot project for • Initiated the work for • Agreement executed • Work delayed, revised
construction of 6 km complete stretch (approx between M/s RITES Ltd completion date for first
BRT Corridor 14.5 km) and tenders and Contractors in phase up to Moolchand
conceptualized. invited. September. by March.
• Transport Department • Supreme Court ordered • Construction was • Work up to Moolchand
appointed RITES as implementation of BRT started in September. (5.8 Kms) completed in
PMC (Project project in Delhi. March/April.
• Construction was
Management • The complete stretch of
• EPCA (Environment estimated to be
Consultant). 14.5 Kms by December.
Pollution Control completed by December
Authority) was directed 2007. • Corridor operationalised
to monitor the progress • DIMTS (Delhi and trial runs started in
by the court. Integrated Multi-Modal 3rd week of April 2008.
Transit System) Limited • RFP (Request for
is entrusted with the Proposal) for Detailed
responsibility to manage Project Report of two
the operation. more corridor* was
released in August.

* Moolchand to Jahangir Puri (28 Kms) and Shastri Park to Karwal Nagar (8.0 Kms)