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Jen m listing packett

  1. 1. Jennifer Murdoch, Realtor R Your Realtor For A Lifetime As your Realtor, it is my desire to serve you with the highest level of integrity &service possible. My business is 99% based on referrals. I hope that in the end, I will have your referral as well.Jennifer Murdoch, Realtor | Landmark Group | 2702 Douglas Street | Omaha, Ne 68131 R (Cell) 402.541.8011 | (Email)
  2. 2. Education and Experience * Graduate of Asbury University in Wilmore, KY with a B.A. in Elementary Education in 1977. * Experienced administrative assistant to Broker/Owner of Ultimate Properties, Inc. * Seven years experience in the state of Arizona as a Realtor with Ultimate Properties, Inc. * Multi-million producer * Produced over 5 million in 2005 * Licensed in Nebraska * Experience working with both investors and primary residence clients * Experienced in home interior design * Experience in home stagingProfessional Associations *Omaha Area Board of Realtors *National Associaton of Realtors(402) 541.8011 |
  3. 3. Check List Before Listing Your Home OK - So youre ready to put your house on the market.....or so you think. Here is a checklist of things to remember when getting ready to put your house up for sale. Remember, you want your house to stand out from all the a good way! 1. Paint- Paint is the cheapest way to redecorate your home. 2. Clean, clean, clean. If you need to hire professional cleaners, it will be money well spent. 3. Organize, Organize, Organize. 4. Look for any deferred maintenance on your home and take care of it before listing. 5. Invest in your carpets- Hire a professional and have them cleaned. 6. Do a general walk through of your home making a list of everything you can find that needs to be repaired or replaced. 7. Prepare a folder of all maintenance records, appliance manuals, warranties and anything else that would be helpful to a buyer. 8. Disclose, disclose, disclose- Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. 9. Made improvements on your home? Be sure and let your Buyers know about that. Now is the time to brag! 10. Be sure and empty ALL trashcans. Hide ANY evidence of pets... including pets! Always get good advice from your Realtor on any of these items. R They can best direct you in how to move forward based on their years of experience!(402) 541.8011 |
  4. 4. Procedures Before the CMA is prepared… Make File Prepare CMA Assessor Information Current Tax Amount Listing Information Sheet Once the CMA is prepared… Complete listing paperwork Submit Listing paperwork Place a sign on property Register Lockbox Place lockbox on property Take photographs of property Inside Outside Upload pictures to Website, MLS Create Flyers Deliver Flyers to Property Implement Marketing Procedures (See Marketing Page)(402) 541.8011 |
  5. 5. Responsibilites 1. Customer Service and Communication 2. Suggest Improvements for maximum profits 3. Offer professional staging to all of my clients 4. Place listing on MLS 5. Place a sign and lock box on the property 6. Communicate with other agents to get property sold 7. Promote property within Landmark Group 8. Have my support staff and myself available to clients at all times 9. Follow up and inquire about showings, share feedback with seller 10. Pre-qualify all prospective buyers 11. Review all contracts and documentation in order to protect client from loopholes 12. Negotiate in order to seek price and terms which are acceptale 13. Handle closing procedures, such as Mortgage, Title and Escrow items(402) 541.8011 |
  6. 6. Marketing(402) 541.8011 |
  7. 7. Making a Good Impression Have you ever heard the old saying, "You only get one chance to make a first impression"? Well, its true. And the same applies to your home. If potential buyers pull up to your home and see an unkept yard, paint pealing, weeds abounding, dirty windows, do you think theyre going to want to see your house? I have driven up to houses and had that very thought myself. "I dont even want to see it". Staging starts in your front yard. Here are a few tips.1. Make sure your grass is mowed and neatly groomed.2. In the winter, make sure all walkways and your driveway have been cleared of snow.3. If its seasonally appropriate, plant flowers. Always add a pop of color if you can.4. Trim all bushes and trees.5. Have a fountain in your front yard? Before... Make sure its clean & functional and turn it on. If not, remove it.6. Have a pet who likes to use yard to do its "job"? Make sure it is ALL removed.7. If your paint is pealing or chipping, PAINT!8. Make sure your windows are clean..... especially the front door.9. Spend time staging the front entrance. You want people to feel drawn into your After! home.10. Change out tired and outdated coach and porch lights.11. House numbers looking shabby? Replace them. Staging the front of your home may not guarantee the sale, but I can just about guarantee you it will draw in the Buyers. If the outside is messy and uncared for, Buyers will assume the same about the inside of the house. So.....start with the front of your home; the driveway and walkways. In the fall, make sure the leaves are cleared away.(402) 541.8011 |
  8. 8. Staging to SellI offer to all of my clients, experienced, complimentary and comprehensivestaging of your home from the front door to the last room in your house whilepracticing the three Ds of selling your home: Depersonalize, Declutter, and Decorate!Home Staging Benefits1. Staging forces you to think like a buyer. It will help you to look at your home as if YOU were the buyer.2. Staging forces you to organize and de-clutter. Clearing away cabinets, closets, knick-knacks, etc., will not only make your home look larger, but it also gives you a jump start on packing for your move. Don’t be afraid to rent a Before... storage space and get everything out of your house that is not necessary, and dont forget the garage. It needs to be de-cluttered as well.3. Staging will increase your chances of a sale. In this kind of market, you must do everything in your power to set your home apart from all the others. It needs to be a home that buyers will remember. After!4. Staging shows the buyer that you have taken care of your home. If a buyer walks in and sees your home neat, orderly and organized, they will know that you have taken good care of your home. The overall feeling of the house will be that this is a home that has been cared for ~ the seen and unseen.(402) 541.8011 |
  9. 9. Nebraska Laws Agency Representation Legal Duties of Seller’s Agent to Seller... •Shall not disclose confidential information •Exercise reasonable skill and care •Seek a price and terms which are acceptable •Promotes the interest of the seller with utmost good, faith, loyalty and fidelity •Presents all written offers in a timely manner •Accounts for all monies •Disclose, in writing, all adverse material facts •Advise to obtain expert advice on matters beyond Realtors expertise •Comply with all applicable federal, state and local statues, rules and ordinances •Compensate other brokers with only written agreement •May show or list alternative or competing properties without breaching any duty or obligation Legal Duties of Buyer’s Agent to Buyer... •Act Fairly and Honestly •Shall not disclose confidential information •Seek a price and terms which are acceptable •Promotes the interest of the buyer with utmost good, faith, loyalty and fidelity •Presents all written offers in a timely manner •Accounts for all monies •Disclose, in writing all adverse material facts •Advise to obtain expert advice on matters beyond Realtors expertise •Comply will all applicable federal, state and local statues, rules and ordinances •Compensate other brokers with only written consent •May show competing buyers the same properties without breaching any duty or obligation(402) 541.8011 |
  10. 10. Meet My Team Jenna Sabarini, Marketing/Sales Administrator As Landmark Group’s Sales Administrator, Jenna helps me with office tasks so that I can be fully dedicated to helping my clients buy or sell real estate. Her duties include handling all paperwork, communication with Title and Escrow companies, marketing flyers, and much more! Lauren Case, Search Engine Optimizer/Web Development Lauren is responsible for the development and regular upkeep of my website, She also makes sure that my site appears high in search engine results. Much like Jenna, she helps me behind the scenes ensuring that my web presence gives my clients an easier way to communicate with me and see my ongoings.(402) 541.8011 |
  11. 11. Showing Your Property Whats involved in Showing your property? 1. Appointments are scheduled for all showings 2. If you cannot be reached: Please instruct agent on how to proceed. 3. Special Instructions: Security Systems, Pets, or other circumstances Turn on all lights & ceiling fans Turn on soft music Open all blinds & curtains the same throughout the house 4. The Appointment: Electronic lockboxes ID agents entering. It is suggested that homeowners not be present to permit a more comfortable experience for the viewers. 5. Unexpected Requests: Do not allow someone to knock on your door and ask to see the property. Request that they call an agent to set up a showing. Never allow them to enter the house without an agent.(402) 541.8011 |
  12. 12. Referrals "You will only have to meet with her once to know she is the Realtor for you.... She is the blessing you have been looking for with the outcome you had hoped for."DAVID AND KELLY AMCHERJennifer Murdoch is more than just a Realtor. She is a woman with an unprecedentedamount of passion for her work that goes above and beyond what a typical Realtordoes for a client. She exceeded our expectations within minutes of meeting her andwe would recommend her in a second to anyone looking to purchase or list their home.She is dedicated, honest and caring and has a passion for working with her clients. Herknowledge of the industry is always current. She does not settle for less, and gives200% in all she does.In the days following the listing our home she had already helped us work on our curbappeal and staging the inside of our home. She took the time to come over to our homeand work with us on how we could present our home in the best way possible to appealto the most buyers. She purchased flowers and plants for our walkway to help us makeour home more inviting and also helped decorate the inside of the home by rearrangingfurniture and hanging up artwork. She was always one step ahead of us, followingcomparables and the market so we could have our home marketed exactly where itshould be to sell as quickly as possible. She always checked in with us to make sure wewere comfortable with the process. She is genuine and humble and always wanted to bethere for us to educate us so we could better understand the process.After our home sold, we sought her out again to purchase a home because her standardsare so high we would never choose another Realtor. She found us a home quickly,specifically to our needs and was at every appointment and signing to make sureeverything happened correctly. She was there for us every single step of the way, and ifwe were to move again wed hire her without a moment’s hesitation and recommend herto anyone looking to sell or purchase a home. You will only have to meet with her once toknow she is the Realtor for you. Anyone looking for a Realtor cannot go wrong withJennifer. She is the blessing you have been looking for with the outcome you hadhoped for."(402) 541.8011 |
  13. 13. Referrals "Every home she presented us was a winner. With her exhaustive attention to detail, she set us up for a wonderful experience looking for our new home." RICK AND SHARON BRENING “In a word? Tireless. Jennifer Murdoch found my wife and I a beautiful home in Phoenix, Arizona and sold a beautiful home for us as well. Her behind the scenes work was accurate and relevant. For example, while setting up a list of “showings” she did not waste our time with homes she knew we would not want only to save the best for last. Every home she presented was a winner. With her exhaustive attention to detail she set us up for a wonderful experience looking for our new home.She spent enormous time finding out who we were not just what we wanted in a home. After all who we are defines what we need. On another occasion while showing our home to a potential buyer, she went so far as to keep our yellow lab puppy entertained while the buyers made their walk through. And of course she knew our dog by name. Many thanks, Jennifer!(402) 541.8011 |
  14. 14. Referrals "[Her] professionalism and caring attitude are the reason that I would work with [her] again the future and would gladly recommend [her] to ANYONE."- Frank V FRANK VANDERZEE "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done for me and my family through the years. During the time that we both sold and bought our homes with you, your professional- ism and caring attitude are the reason that I would work with you again in the future and would gladly recommend you to ANYONE. In sales, care is a character trait that sets you apart from other agents that I have known or have heard about. Your attention to detail and ways in which you walked us through the home selling and home buying process was very comforting during those stressful times. You have gone above and beyond our expectations both times and I know that if we worked together again, you would do the very same, because that is you. Thanks!"(402) 541.8011 |
  15. 15. Referrals "I dont think our experience with a real estate agent could have possibly been more delightful. If you have the pleasure of working with Jennifer while buying or selling your home, count your blessings!"JASON AND JAMIE KELLYBelieve me when I tell you Jennifer knows how to sell your home and find you your nextperfect home for the right price. In a time when houses werent moving, she had ourhome sold in style, and fast! She guided us through the process of decluttering,reorganizing and staging. Our home was magnificent by the time she was done with it.And not long after that, it was sold. The new owners loved the look so much, they kept it!Our house never looked better than when Jennifer worked her magic; I still love to lookat pictures! She was so easy to work with it made the selling/buying process fun.Weve been in our the new home she found for us for almost 4 years now, and we havebeen so happy with our choice. I dont think our experience with a real estate agentcould have possibly been more delightful. If you have the pleasure of working withJennifer while buying or selling your home, count your blessings!She is that good!(402) 541.8011 |