Business Plan Automotive Detailing


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Detail Dukes' business plan

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Business Plan Automotive Detailing

  1. 1. Detail DukesPremium Automotive Detailing for Luxury Vehicles“Like new, but better.” This business will be a partnership. All business decisions beingmade by the owners will allow for quicker business changes andalterations. Two individuals running this company is enough tosatisfy needs and split costs so capital is not an issue whenstarting. Supplies and materials will be bought individually sincecar detailing materials are high-end and usually not sold orbought in large quantities.
  2. 2. Services Interior detailing All seats will be steam cleaned Any leather will be deep cleaned and treated with a protective coating. Dashboards and door panels will be hand cleaned with special polish. All glass will be handled with glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth for spotlessness. Exterior detailing Service starts with a thorough power wash. Appearance is enhanced with scratch remover. Vehicle gets a coat of carnauba wax and is removed after the wax dries. This isrepeated one more time to ensure an even coat. A buffer will be used on exterior paint to bring out a shine. Foggy lights will be sanded, buffed, and polished to look like new. All tires will be treated with tire shine and wax Engine detailing All grease will be removed with lubricants and polish will be applied for a lastingshine.
  3. 3. Real Estate Business will require around 5000 square feet of indoor space and about 8000 square feet ofparking space. Prices around the Johns Creek area around shopping malls and retail stores is around $15per square foot. 5000 + 8000 = 13000 sq. ft.13000 x 15 = $195000 to buy With down payment of $50000, it would take $29000 over 5 years to pay off.RED =Futurelocation
  4. 4. Inventory and Employees Materials Exterior cleaning○ Pressure washer $150○ Hard and soft brushes $100○ Towels and drying pads (multiple sets) $100○ Carnauba wax (multiple cans) $100○ Tire shine (multiple bottles) $50○ Degreaser for engine cleaning (multiple cans) $100○ Power tools $250 Buffer, sander, and polisher Interior cleaning○ Cloth pads, brushes and wipes (multiple) $100○ Steam cleaner $300○ Polishes for windows, leather, wood, and plastics (multiple) $200Total Approx. - $1450 Employees Employees must be able to demonstrate a responsible work habit andorganization. They must have prior experience of at least 1 year cleaning ordetailing automobiles. All costs to start will be funded by the owners personally.
  5. 5. Regualtions Taxes To the Georgia Department of Revenue, sales and property tax forautomotive service Income, self-employment, employment, and excise taxes by the IRS Obtain state tax identification number Insurances General Liability Insurance Property Insurance for building and customer’s vehicles Commercial Auto Insurance for employee’s and company cars Worker’s compensation for any injuries sustained while working Business Owner’s Policy Trade name registration Business license approved by Georgia Secretary of State Zoning Department approval of business location
  6. 6. Demographic Detail Dukes only services high-end luxuryand exotic vehicles. Because of this demand,the business is located within a population offairly wealthy people. Many families aroundthis area are in the upper middle-class range,which is a reliable factor when assuming whattypes of vehicles they own.
  7. 7. Market Structure Detail Dukes will be a monopolistic competition sincethousands of other detailing shops exists and providesimilar services. Competition will mainly consist of nearbyor already popular car detailing shops. Customers willprefer this business over others because there are few cardetailers who use the highest quality and expensivematerials and products to bring a car back to perfection.Not many other shops will have as much experience withluxury and exotic cars as much as Detail Dukes. Also, cardetailing is an extremely precise and detailed process thatrequires the utmost patience and respect for a car,characteristics that all of Duke’s employees possess.
  8. 8. DETAIL DUKESBusiness CardPremium Automotive Detailing for Luxury Vehicles“Like New, But Better”1-770-807-3444ddukes@gmail.com484 Omega Ave., Johns Creek,GA, 30022
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