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Sustainableconveyorsnercon 100419114102 Phpapp02

  1. 1. 10 Tips for Establishing Energy Efficient and Sustainable ConveyorsThe following is a list of energy and environmental recommendations from Nercon’s design and controls en-gineers, as well as motor and belting experts from Nercon’s long-time supplier partners. These tips start withthe easiest to implement and finish with solutions that will provide the greatest return on investment. Benefit from Webex conferencing and stream- A continuation of the modular conversation,ing video transmissions to speed-up communications consider Armor Starts which offer a simple, cost-and reduce business travel. Nercon provides Webex effective method for integrating combination start-conferencing for our customers to collaborate and ers, variable frequency control, I/O and network ca-review projects. We also provide internet video for pabilities on your “on-machine” architecture. Armorproduct testing or equipment approvals. Another Starts are well suited for reconfigurable conveyors.electronic service we offer is a Secure File Trans- The control panel doesn’t need to be restructured forfer Protocol (SFTP). This secure shared file space additional power source controls. Armor Starts alsois available for customers to upload and download reduce and/or eliminate the need for terminal boxes.their project files. Ask your customer service person Sensors are wired directly into drives, thereby reduc-or sales representative to create a SFTP site on your ing wire usage and installation project. Select motors that are right for the conveyor Use Nercon’s eco-friendly Superlife paint line, and designed to be run in your particular plantwhich can be used as a primer and/or top coat. It environment. The motors should run at or near top ca-is non-flammable, with low VOC (Volatile organic pacity at all times to maximize their efficiency andcompounds), and offers high corrosion resistance and output. If load weights vary, use two-speed motors orlong-term durability. Nercon’s use of water-based adjustable speed drives to enable motors to run nearpaints decreased our annual VOC’s 54% since 1998. top capacity. They need to be sized for the properAs an added benefit, we also are able to provide value “gear-in speeds” to insure they run the coolest andpricing because of the large quantity we use. provide the maximum horsepower and torque output, while extending the motor life. Make use of Modular Conveyors when lay-outs need to be adaptable to meet changing market de- Examine the life cycle energy cost of the mo-mands. Nercon’s Modular Conveyors are engineered tors. According to the U.S. Department of Energy,to be completely interchangeable which means that electric motor driven machinery uses 2/3 of all elec-conveyor components can be reused and reconfigured tricity in industry nationwide. An efficiency analysisresulting in fewer conveyors in the “conveyor bone provided by Baldor Electric Company, states that ayard.” Another benefit of the Modular Conveyor Ex- typical 5 HP electrical motor with average efficiencypress line is that the conveyors are pre-engineered uses $3,923 in electricity per year, while the high-and quickly assembled for fast delivery. est efficiency rated motor uses $3,622 in electricityNercon Eng. & Mfg., Inc. Copyright. All rights reserved. p. 1
  2. 2. Sustainable Conveyors ...per year. That amounts to a direct savings of 8% in other components as well as causing crisis maintenanceenergy consumed, on every motor on the system. A disruptions in production. A well maintained convey-premium-efficiency 5 HP motor operating continuous- or system operates at the highest efficiency and helpsly saves $300 per year on the electric bill; 100 premium- to assure that all components last as long as possible.efficiency motors save $30,000 in one year. Upgrading topremium-efficiency motors on new equipment will providereturn on investment in under a year. Kurz Electric Solu- Design the conveyor line with energy savings intions, Inc., did an installed base evaluation and conducted a mind. As previously mentioned, utilize high-efficiencymotor efficiency assessment and replacement program for motors. Turn your conveyor off when not in use, or utilizea local food manufacturing plant, and with their decision to on-demand controls in your system. Some conveyor linechange over to all premium efficient motors, they had a re- layouts may only need a few more sensors to read up-placement payback through both utility rebates and energy stream equipment, so that downstream conveyors can besavings within a two year period. Check with your utility automatically shut off or paused when not needed. Cer-companies to learn if they are offering rebates for energy tainly gravity chutes and straight running conveyors willefficient changeovers, or for new installations. reduce the energy usage on the line. Also, reduce friction where possible to increase efficiency of the entire line. Research the properties of the conveyor belt.The chain selection should accommodate the belt Authorize a line audit to assess maximum efficien-speeds, characteristics of the products and operating cy and waste reduction. The first nine items on this listenvironment (temperature, abrasiveness, etc.) to ensure cover general energy and sustainable guidelines for newdurability of the belt. Modular plastic belting allows the and existing conveyors, but when it comes to a specificworn or damaged area to be quickly replaced with mini- application, sometimes it is necessary to take the next stepmal belting sections. The most common plastic belts are in conducting a line audit. With the push for consumermade from polypropylene, polyethylene, or acetal ther- packaging companies to use less materials in their pack-moplastics. Each of these belt types provide unique ben- aging, Nercon has years of experience in conveyor engi-efits for different applications. When all considerations neering design for these package handling trends. Nerconare equal however, acetal thermoplastics, are consider- has several levels of audits available which will identifyably stronger than the other two, have a good balance of the production and energy limitations and opportunitiesmechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, and have for maximizing the efficiency of your packaging lines. Wea much lower coefficient of friction. can provide line layout analysis, production and mainte- nance studies, individual machine audits, data evaluation of conveyor speeds and accumulation, evaluation of ma- Follow a preventative maintenance plan. Reg- terial flow to the line, and proposals and budget estimatesular maintenance for conveyors includes the re-lubri- for improvements. A well thought – out and perfectly ex-cation of reducers and bearings, removing build-up of ecuted conveyor system design with appropriate controlsmaterial around components and attention to belt wear. will deliver significant return-on-investment on not onlyPreventive maintenance also includes the replacement of energy savings, but with maximum production efficiencyworn or damaged belting, tests of electrical components, and system pay back.and replacement of wear items. Improperly maintainedsystems may reduce the life cycle of belting, motors and Nercon specializes in packaging line engineering and design, controls integration and conveyor manufac- turing. Having a great depth of experience in food and consumer goods packaging industries, Nercon’s engineers are proficient at designing highly automated and energy efficient conveyor packaging lines. For more information, visit Nercon’s web site at Eng. & Mfg., Inc. Copyright. All rights reserved. p. 2