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Top tasks


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Top tasks

  1. 1. Top tasks If you know who we are and what we do we would appreciate your comments on the following top tasks for the new website we are working on – anything missing or redundant? Please email
  2. 2. Top tasks • • • • • • • • How do I find the right group for me? I want to join a group I want to contact/find you I want to sign up to a conference I want to read about consulting I want to find your references/cases I want to read about your team I want to know more about J.Boye and Janus
  3. 3. Top tasks Groups Before joining • I want to find the right group • • • • I want to know the conditions of membership Who are in the network Why should I join Who are the moderators After joining • When is the next meeting in my group • Who are in my group – and how do I contact them • Who is my moderator - and how do I contact him/her • How do I find the materials from a previous meeting?
  4. 4. Top tasks Conference • • • • • • I want to sign up and pay How do I get there How do I find accommodation Who will be there I want to see the program, speakers etc. How do I prepare for the best experience – before, during and after the conference • Why should I go and how do I convince my boss that I should
  5. 5. Top task Consulting • • • • • Who have you worked with What sort of consultancy tasks do you deliver What kind of consultants are you Where do I find expert knowledge Who are you