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Taking the Complexity Out of Enterprise Social Business Transformation By: Gary Liu (USA), Unisys


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Transforming to an enterprise social business platform is a complex undertaking and requires a clear strategic vision, objectives and goals, leadership and stakeholder alignment, and a compelling case for change in order to secure adequate funding and resourcing. It also requires the ability to identify and prioritize business issues and requirements in order to build a holistic, end-to-end implementation road map, leveraging the right mix of social technologies, employee engagement and integration with business processes in order to derive the maximum ROI from social technologies.

Gary Liu will share the company’s award-winning framework and approach to enterprise social business transformation that enabled its 23,000 globally dispersed employees to connect, share and learn via a common enterprise-wide collaborative social platform. In this session you’ll discover:

-How to make social collaboration an intrinsic part of your corporate culture
-How to drive operational efficiency, streamline innovation processes and increase its market agility
-How to position “Communities” as hub of knowledge sharing environment
-How to leverage social data analytics to measure success and business value

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Taking the Complexity Out of Enterprise Social Business Transformation By: Gary Liu (USA), Unisys

  1. 1. May 7, 2015 Philadelphia, PA J. Boye Philadelphia 15 Conference Gary Liu, Knowledge Manager, Unisys Taking the Complexity Out Of Enterprise Social Business Transformation Unisys Case Study
  2. 2. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 2 About Gary Liu Gary is an enterprise social business subject matter expert within Unisys’ Unified Social Business practice. He brings 16 years of IT industry experience with the last eight focused on Knowledge Management Practices and Enterprise Social Business Transformation. In his current role, Gary is responsible for the strategy, design, implementation, training, adoption, and governance for several internal Unisys Enterprise Social Business initiatives, including social networking capabilities, driving the effectiveness and value of the company’s strategic communities of practice, leveraging socially-enabled incentive and recognition tools to drive employee adoption and use, as well as other knowledge management solutions. Gary is a frequent blogger and conference presenter on enterprise social business and knowledge management topics. Gary Liu Social Subject Matter Expert Unified Social Business @garyliu_
  3. 3. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 3 About Unisys • Unisys is a worldwide information technology company with a rich history that spans 140 years. • We provide a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology that solves critical problems for our clients, focused on: • securing their operations • increasing the efficiency and utilization of their data centers • enhancing support to their end users and constituents • modernizing their enterprise infrastructures and applications • deriving maximum value from social technologies • With approximately 23,500 employees, Unisys serves commercial organizations and government agencies throughout the world.
  4. 4. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 4 The external and internal use of social technologies has converged creating the need for Business Transformation © 2014 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved
  5. 5. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 5 Enterprise Social Business Transformation is a complex undertaking Complexities: • Geographically distributed facilities and employees • Complex and demanding industry regulations • Information overload and a lack of a common enterprise-wide collaboration platform and tools. • Highly competitive employee recruitment, development and retention of top talent and exiting workforce issues. • Increasingly high expectations of connected and informed employees and customers Today, more than 59% of organizations are planning or currently implementing enterprise social business platforms. However, analyst firm Gartner predicts that only 30% of all Digital Transformations will succeed
  6. 6. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 6 Companies and organizations face common challenges and barriers to transformation Policy and Governance • Lack of social media policy, socialization, and compulsory training puts the company at risk • Unclear rules of engagement inhibits beneficial information exchange • Inability to proactively monitor and manage incidents inhibits corrective actions • Poor community management and governance impacts effectiveness and value of communities Technology and Tools • Use of off-the-grid tools, without IT’s knowledge or approval impacts operational reliability • Proliferation of unapproved devices exposes infrastructure to system security risks • Lack of high quality, reliable unified communications inhibits real-time connection and collaboration Leadership and Strategy • Lack of strategic vision or roadmap results in unmet business needs and conflicting priorities • Limited senior sponsorship and stakeholder engagement dramatically impacts adoption • Inability to determine a business use case or ROI results in lack of resourcing and support • Underestimating use of social technologies results in value left on the table People and Culture • Lack of awareness, education and clearly articulated value propositions limit employee adoption • Noticeable adoption gap between top-down and bottom-up employee inhibits collaboration between different levels of the organization • Disparate levels of social and technical savvy require different socialization and training approaches Knowledge Management • Lack of enterprise content management, archiving, and governance • Poor search architecture and effectiveness • Lack of consistent knowledge capture, repurpose and reuse practices and processes Only 17% of Companies that have implemented a social business platform have achieved an adoption rate of more than 75%
  7. 7. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. Lessons Learned and Best Practices Unisys Enterprise Social Business Transformation Case Study Within 18 months of the initial deployment of its Enterprise Social Business Platform, Unisys achieved an employee adoption and use rate of 91%
  8. 8. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 8 Our Case Situation Disconnect Between Ideas & Innovation Inconsistent Knowledge Capture & Reuse Cultural Mindset to “Hoard” Knowledge Poor Social Media Awareness & Use Curve Silo’d Knowledge Inability to Find and Connect with SME’s Lack of a Common Social Collaboration Platform Inefficient New Hire Onboarding
  9. 9. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 9 We developed a holistic transformation approach to streamline implementation and avoid potential gaps Supporting Intranet/Extranet Technology Platform Assessment Vision & Strategy Planning & Implementation Process Integration Optimization Hybrid On-Prem / Cloud Mobility Data Monitoring & Analytics Security Awareness & Socialization Adoption & Engagement Sustained Use Derived Value & Effectiveness Transformation Execution Supporting Culture Transformation Social Collaboration Governance & Risk Mitigation Social Collaboration Knowledge Management Practices Policy Enterprise Social Business Ecosystem Employee Presence Networks Communities/Team Rooms Discussions Metrics & ROI Investment Enterprise Knowledge & Information Base
  10. 10. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 10 We created an ecosystem that enabled us to speed employee access to knowledge and expertise
  11. 11. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 11 We created a socially-enabled Intranet with integrated mobility access My Site Elements and Enterprise Search are part of an action bar that is persistent across the company’s intranet. Global Company News is featured in main display screen and allows for social commenting. Audienced “Regional” and “Organization” news improves end user relevancy. Leadership use of social tools is evident in rotating featured blogs at across bottom of the site. Video pod casts showcase the latest news and activities My Newsfeed roll-up will be added in next release providing tabs to toggle from “My Country/Office”, “My Organization” and “My Network” views of Newsfeed activities. 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 6
  12. 12. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 12 We enabled a “real-time” Social Networking capability to facilitate sharing & learning The integration of “Lync”, “My Newsfeed” and “My Blog” posts provides a more transparent way for employees to share and learn • Post Questions & Answers Employees can pose and answer questions within the newsfeed with greater transparency and reach. The use of hash tags directs questions to experts who can then respond with the right answer in a real time environment. • Filtered Newsfeed Viewing This allows employees to view global posts, or post made by colleagues whom they are following or by communities to which they are subscribed. • Add/Follow Colleagues Enables employees to quickly build a valuable network by following colleagues and the information they share in the newsfeed. • Search & Join Communities Employees can search by topic to find communities of interest or view a list of recommended communities to join. 1 2 3 4 My Newsfeed My Blog 2 1 3 4
  13. 13. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 13 We positioned Communities as the hub of knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration Solution Offering Communities Industry Role-Based Business Unit & Organization Geography Topic-based Learning Communities Topic-based Learning Communities Authoritative Portfolio-based Communities of Excellence Knowledge-based Communities of Excellence Unisys Communities Model & Key Attributes © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved Solution Offering Help employees to better understand and leverage Unisys Portfolio Solutions and Innovations Industry Help employees to better understand market trends and opportunities Role-Based Help employees develop expertise and new skill sets in order to realize their full potential. Business Unit / Organization Enable employees to better connect with Leadership stay informed of latest organization news and events Geography (Region / Country / Office) Build company culture and employee connectedness, especially among remote-based workers. Topic-based / Learning Enable employees to learn more about topics of interest through interaction with like-minded colleagues
  14. 14. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 14 We integrated Social Technologies into key business processes to make it use intrinsic to workflow Human Resources • Employee Profiles and Real-time Presence Indication • Valuable Network of Colleagues • Expertise Discovery and Connection • Learning Communities to expand skill sets and expertise Self-Enabled Services and Support • Human Resources – Employee Self-Service • Technical Service Desk Self-resolution and Support • Travel Desk • Office and Facilities Services Innovation • Enterprise Ideation Crowdsourcing / Idea Jams • Innovation Channeling and Incubation • Faster development cycle times and speed to market Sales and Client Relationship Management • Lead Generation • Proposal Development • Customer Responsiveness Examples include:
  15. 15. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 15 We embedded social technologies into our Employee Lifecycle model to institutionalize knowledge transfer Unisys Employee Knowledge Sharing Lifecycle
  16. 16. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 16 Our focus on Culture Change was a key factor in achieving successful adoption, sustained use and ROI  We began with the C-Suite and aligned senior leadership to the Vision  We engaged cross-organization Stakeholders to socialize leadership objectives and goals  We branded an enterprise-wide transformation initiative led by centralized program management team reporting to the company’s Chief Knowledge Officer
  17. 17. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 17 Leadership and Peer “story telling” helped to socialize the benefits of social collaboration and drive change  Driving change from the “Top Down” through active Leadership Engagement  Socializing the Value of Unisys Communities  Demonstrating the Power of Networks and Crowdsourcing The use of Social Collaboration tools has become an intrinsic and integrated part of the Unisys culture and how we work
  18. 18. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 18 “Gamified” activities helped us to drive employee adoption, engagement and use Challenge Leader Boards “A little friendly competition helps to rally employee groups toward a common goal”
  19. 19. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 19 We empowered employees to engage based upon their particular role, interests and needs  Employees are “hard aligned” to their Business Unit or Organization and Country and Office Community and Newsfeed. This allows for Corporate and Organization and Geographic push of important news and information.  Employees can “self- subscribe” to other communities and newsfeeds based on what is of interest and pertinent to their Unisys role. This helps to avoid information overload. Newsfeeds Filters “What is of Interest and matters most to me” Geography (Country/Office) Organic/ Topic-based Role-based Business Unit or Organization Company Portfolio Offerings Industry © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved
  20. 20. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 20 We made the proper use of social technologies a “shared” responsibility among all employees We socialized key Social Media policy tenets and proper use through a brief educational video From Gloria Burke,director,Knowledge & Collaboration Strategy & Governance: Oct. 17, 2012 We are two years into our commitmentof building a knowledge sharing culture that capitalizes on our collective intelligence and uses social tools to make us more nimble, creative and successful. With 78 percentof Unisys employees participating on My Site, it's a good time for a refresh on the key tenets of our Social Media Policy:  Be respectful  Maintain confidentiality  Protect privacy  Ensure accuracy Watch our new Social Media video, "The Way We Connect" (click on image atright), to ensure you understand the guidelines. To Unisys employees: Knowledge & Collaboration Resources: Social Media Policy My Site Ov erv iew My Site Prof ile Content Posting Guidelines Knowledge & Collaboration Center    
  21. 21. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 21 We captured metrics to measure progress and to validate success and ROI 2.5 13.5 34 34 16 4 20 40 20 7 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 INNOVATORS EARLY ADOPTERS EARLY MAJORITY LATE MAJORITY LAGGARDS Unisys Enterprise Social Business Platform Adoption Comparison to Rogers Adoption Innovation Curve Rogers Adoption Curve (100% Baseline) Unisys Adoption Curve (91%)
  22. 22. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 22 Within 18 months of its initial adoption campaign, Unisys achieved excellent results  of our targeted employee user group (apprx. 16,000) have company profiles and a valuable network of colleagues to facilitate collaboration  of the total 23,500+ Unisys global employee population enabled Profiles and leveraged social tools  of Senior Leadership have active profiles and use and promote social collaboration tools within their organizations 91% 78% 100%
  23. 23. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 23 We’ve received industry recognition for our best practice approach to transformation
  24. 24. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 24 Key Takeaways  Put strategy before technology Define how social technologies can add value across the enterprise and then use those requirements to select the right technology to deliver those capabilities.  Focus on culture Create culture where knowledge sharing is recognized and valued. Always remember that people drive the success of enterprise social business transformation; technology is just an enabler.  Drive change from the top down Align leadership and engage stakeholders from across the business as visible and active agents of change.  Empower employees Encourage employees to be curious and to openly and transparently share what they know.  Capture metrics to measure success Leverage data analytics to measure progress and validate ROI.  Mitigate risk through policy socialization and governance Socialize key tenets of your Social Media Policy to avoid misuse and to mitigate risk, and trust employees to engage responsibly.
  25. 25. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. Question & Answer Session
  26. 26. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 26 Let’s keep the conversation going: Read Gloria Burke’s Chapter in: How Companies Succeed in Social Business Follow Unified Social Business at: @unisyssocialbiz
  27. 27. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 27 Unisys is now helping its clients to maximize value from social technologies Our Unified Social Business Solution Offering provides a complete strategic approach and implementation roadmap to help clients transform their business enterprise with game changing social capabilities
  28. 28. © 2015 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 28 Interested in learning more? To learn more about how the Unisys Unified Social Business Service Offerings can help jumpstart or reinvigorate your social business initiative please visit our website at: Portfolio of Services Critical Business Solutions