Retooling your CMS


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Retooling your CMS

  1. 1. Contact info: Twitter: @coastalcandy LinkedIn:
  2. 2. Retooling your CMS Charting the right course Patricia Eagan @ coastalcandy
  3. 3. The Jackson Laboratory Who are we: We are an independent, nonprofit organization focusing on mammalian genetics research to advance human health. Along with our research we provide scientific resources, techniques, software and data to scientists around the world. We breed and manage colonies of mice to supply other research institutions and laboratories.
  4. 4. Dream destination So- if you could imagine the perfect CMS retooling project ….what would it look like ?
  5. 5. Experiences I can share  Successful and unsuccessful implementations  Navigating without goals or requirements  No business owner of authority  No alignment with IT technical direction  Inexperienced implementation partner
  6. 6. Charting your course
  7. 7. Why are you retooling?  Redesign of site dictates broader functionality  CMS replacement due to IT infrastructure changes  Address mobile/responsive needs  Marketing goals for targeted content
  8. 8. Questions to ask  Is it a replacement of outdated product?  Is it to meet marketing needs?  Do you need to be responsive?  Does it fit your IT infrastructure?  Do you have in-house web development or outsource  Centralized vs decentralized authoring model
  9. 9. Does it fit overall strategy  Mobile/Responsive  Social  Marketing  Content authoring  Governance
  10. 10. CMS Considerations  No longer just a back end support system – not just for publishing but engagement  Business needs drive CMS as part of the overall web experience in today’s content marketing approach.  Your implementation partner needs to be aligned with your strategy and be audience focused  Buy what you need now – don’t get caught up in all the bells and whistles if not part of your strategy
  11. 11. Remember its about the content  Content everywhere  No longer just a CMS for web but tablets, phones etc  Adaptable content  Structured content  Author experience
  12. 12. Staying on course
  13. 13. What is the right course  Executive level champion  Define business owner  Clarify role of IT  Value in-house expertise  Utilize industry analysts for validation
  14. 14. Strategy influences CMS decisions Digital Strategy CMS Content Strategy
  15. 15. Charting the course  Define digital and content strategy  Select CMS based on well-defined requirements  Define project charter and scope  Clearly define roles and responsibilities  Develop measures of success
  16. 16. Who is navigating  When should you have analysts/consultants involved?  Strategy  Technology  Who should own the project?  Marketing  IT  How do you account for changes?  Shifts in senior management  Shifts in strategy/goals
  17. 17. CMS Selection Who decides? IT Marketing Industry consultants Digital Agency
  18. 18. It’s a little tight in here  Design agency  Implementation partner  CMS vendor  Industry consultants  IT
  19. 19. Value of partners • Make sure you are aligned internally first • Agency as well as technology must be a fit • Do they understand you and your needs? • Have they similar partners? • Are you ready to be a good partner?
  20. 20. Reaching your destination  Do you know where you are going?  Do you have the right people piloting the course?  Do you have the right navigational aids?  Is there governance to keep it moored