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Peter Chloupek: Social Collaboration 2.0


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Peter Chloupek: Social Collaboration 2.0

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Peter Chloupek: Social Collaboration 2.0

  1. 1. Social collaboration 2.0 DG Connect's Path to a New Work Style Presented: Peter Chloupek Intranet Webmaster and Community Manager for Connected
  2. 2. Me in 6 pictures
  3. 3. Agenda What is DG Connect Where we were - Our Challenges Where we are now - Connected Where we want to be - The "Connected" future…
  4. 4. What is DG Connect - From XIII to Connect Created in 1993 1200+ Employees in two locations 88 oper. priorities / 2 Top level goals Europe 2020 and the Digital Agenda 9 Directorates / 46 Units
  5. 5. Where we were - Intranet Challenges Information Flood of Information – Unstructured Unsearchable Workforce Retiring Knowledge Gen X & Y Sceptical Staff Disconnected Multisite Workers Siloed Geography Office-Locked Siloed Units Hidden Experts IT Upheaval No Cloud No Mobile Old Technology
  6. 6. Where we were - Intra “Mess” n  Multiple disparate systems/platforms & logins n  Limited support resources n  Over 80 Web publishers n  Over 6.000 Sites with over 800.000 Documents n  Limited Employee Collaboration/Communication n  Geographic/Business Line/Vertical barriers n  No access to a view “outside of office walls” n  Unstructured Content n  No analytics n  No search functionality n  No content tagging
  7. 7. Where we were - Workforce Challenges *The Pew Research Center 2011 Study §  Provide workers with anywhere, anytime access §  Integrate Bring Your Own Devices §  Manage emerging connectivity and security issues §  Capture leaving knowledge, transfer to Digital natives
  8. 8. Streamline Business Processes Manage Knowledge sharing, Productivity & collaboration Cost Effectiveness "doing more with less" Ensure Information Security & Compliance Desired Business Outcomes
  9. 9. Where are we now – Connected in Numbers 144.000 Documents 8.890 Blogs 7.051 Discussions 6.913 Questions 5.175 Questions with Answers 16.000 Users
  10. 10. Where did we begin Identify your use case •  Employee Collaboration, Social Intranet, Knowledge sharing •  What process issues are you solving for? Big Bang Approach •  We defined a core team of 10 dedicated colleagues to support the change (IT, HR, COMM, Knowledge Sharing) Hard Deployment •  New Platform while old intranet was frozen •  Installation on prem All Connect Launch • July 1, 2012
  11. 11. Act1v1ty E:::!:J Commun1cat1ons Act ions Create - C:::ednc A LLEN - 'i?./': u t;;;,.?: f!.._..,,,cJi'k.• c 11t£>rtt <-Uk Tc-r: IU!.:.>loqv ... Home I Content I People Pla s I B<>okmarks Latest poll • Previous Next • rVlore polls ICT2013 Event - speakers? Have you ever been aroused. stimulated. engaged, emboldened , galvanize d. provoked. astonished. piqued by a speaker? l'f yes we wa nt to hear f...Read more. 0 Please add you.- suggest:ions below Created by- Zoe KAY on -.Jul 5, 2012 in ICT2013 Event. Vilnius. 6-B November 2013 '1 Vot:e - 3 Comments Recent content CM BTC> report on e.xternalisat.ion CM E..xternalisation IVG minutes Jan 2012 doc l9' E..xternalisation IVG minutes 22 Dec 2011 e o2o1 dr:; 11sat.1on . 6 Note to the Resource Directors .>- Annex to the Note to the Resource Directors Unanswered questions Re VVhen will you inst.all the plugins VVho is t_aking part to t_he Brussels Run ne.xt 7 October? How to use #hasht.ags in real life conversationst Popular tags 2013 6-B communication conference event f3 h2020 ict2013 innovation learning litexpo november services_catalogue tm-a ining who_we_a.-e View all VVork tools Our- DG CONNECTED Weekly Upclat:e - week 4 The CoDege has decic:led to appoint Liill Roberto Vi la as Anttrs successor-_ He s expectecl to start at the bOQinnino of September-. by E1eraa GUARNERI (July 3"1.20"'12) CONNECTED Weekly Up<l.a:t_e - week .3 The CoOege has decided to appoint '"s successor_ He is expect:edl t'o start at the t>eginnjn.g or Septernbec by Ele GUARNERI (June "'13. 20"'12) CONNECTED Weekly Upcl.a:t_e - week .3 The Conege has d.ecic:l:ed to appoint Arltt '"s successor_ He is expect:edl to start at the t>eginnjng °'September_ by Elena GUARNERI (June "'13. 20"t2) - Connections:Delegatic>n °' Budget management - DAA 20"'12 - Con.nected_start -  Scx:web<>a.-d -  Rodrigo says C>r-ganigr-amme (PDF EN) 2 weeks a.go by Bernard LONNOV Vacancy not: ce 2 weeks a.go by Elena GUARNER I RM t:o St:aff Pr-esent:at:_ion CT n H2020_ a .,_;t overview of implementation decisions_p-df "1 week ag<> by Deborah PLATT-MC CARTHV C>r-ganigr-amme d0t:ai 0 (PDF EN) 2 d..avs aao 1: days3 a.go by Bernard LONNC>V C2.VVho we by KaterinaIVASK EVICIUTE - Recent content AS. VVho we a.-e Sophie GER.ARD 11 m1nutca as><> AS. AFU Lat est Likes Ruediger r.•ARTIN nnd Andrew HOUGHTON lke VV'erner S-Y-EINHOEGL•s c:ommen1: .... Your 1:urn to evaluate the proposed reseerc:h erea "Pnthw nystoImmorta ity"' Pedro RIBEIRO r.tlRANDAlikes Reiner -Y-Y-PKE"s comment Your turn to eveluate 1:he propo-.s.ecl res.ear-ch er-ea Pathways tolmrnortalfty" Chnst1en PROBST likes Eoghan O NEILL"s document CM H2020 Seminars - collection of all seminar output fiches.doc 'Vincent RA.CT like-s Julien PHELIPPEAU"s document Settingin Brussels Chri.s1:i n PROBSTike-s Pierre EDELs.z-TEIN"s c:ommen1: CB CONNECT C"1 comment,s t,o l= ......01,0......-,.--....._1 r.1c:::_c:::_ i:::: t•IM .O.-r..--..M ,O. "-Jr. ,,.... ......... ,_. • •.._.,,,-.,o_-r1.--.."-J .--..i::::- i:::tl='"""-1 11 -.-'"""- ..,.,..,...,_ .. G.-oups Service units He lp I Getting started T.-avel back 1n time - V1s1t tne old 1ntr-anet VVl"lo·s vvho - b.J Evidence based policy and the 1 t v8FlT LO"s Blog http.//www lepoint fr /chraniqueurs-du-point/guerric- re0s = fu d f:f'5n =la--c hine- 19-07-2012-14-87160 506 php in H4 Trust & Security - b.J NEVV TRAINING ON DIGITAL AGENDA SCOREBOARD FOR FVIOFNr-F-A_A.SFn POI 1r-v MAKING 18/09/2012 11 00 - 13 00 in Learning & Development News b.J 30/07/2012-02/08/2012 - Several software updates require that bfoeal i· :::r1-rtNco =nJsard uBeam Lands $750K To Let Yo u Charge Gadgets Without Plugs
  12. 12. What Plugins We Use? §  Photo Album Plugin §  Office Connector §  Outlook Connector §  Jive Community Manager Reports §  Customized Who is Who §  Mobile App §  SharePoint Connector
  13. 13. Results one year post go-live Use & Perception 392 Colleagues participated in the survey Top 5 improvements Top 5 requested features Impact & Key benefits Activity
  14. 14. Top 5 Improvements Top 5 Improvements
  15. 15. Top 5 requested features
  16. 16. Top 5 barriers
  17. 17. Impact & Key benefits
  18. 18. Activity
  19. 19. Connected Commission home page
  20. 20. DG CONNECT home page
  21. 21. Communication Unit
  22. 22. Back to the Office Notes (BTOs)
  23. 23. Connected Ambassadors Network
  24. 24. Get Support space
  25. 25. Personal Profile
  26. 26. Group Overvle"/ This 1roop 1•t11on thoff not•s Inthe mal<lns ID be submlttod ID O'OSS·OG mHtlnJS >nd Sffklns your ODllV'Mfl!S >nd lnj>uL """""'.,.,. T1gs: conul.t.lbon , aoss·dg, m aiid>, ICt dirKtorS Group Type: Prlv•tt Created: Jut 15, 201.t Featured Content Cross OG meetlnJS P<opat•to<y discussions has no fuMod oonteot yeL To fnwro oooteot. go to the discussion, document,or b4oJ post you want to feature and did< "F•aturo this" in the Ust of actions on the right. -with rights to idminisltf conteot hero may featureo:w'l L Guidelines L] Whal going on? Recent Activity filter • - - in Ctou oc; onp Pf•torv .,....cUSlo"" • Stw• . to-C't'lt • lhIOI -d cl. 9 ..., . G .n ..a .t . .et of documents. :·J 1. The ..._.. between SCIs cle...-: MksW. -..y be a refet'ence ttwt w.s by the INl'ittn.e P#l of the SC "'btue oce#• refered to robotks Md bit d.U ln L. -- · - Actions t ai dlsulssion - Write I cSocunwnt .!. Upload .filo •  Writ•• b4oJ post oll CrHtt •pol CtHtt Utus tt Create by em.ft lnvitt 1roup Group fHds lO join this i ,,...... . •CrHt• •pholD ...... Upload a document Featured Places DirKtor G•n.r•l's Offic• M.n•c•m•nt T••m MHtlnp 01.lntern•l ··"'·
  27. 27. ECTE D H m.• I ) 11'. • f r, W• • (,, t ">uppmt • ..,,., ( Hl 111f f • ·• •ho'> Who' '»..>fVl<.t• Unit'> • l ht•mt•'> • PrtXt-dult''> Commumcallon'> Nt>h,Ctb Cootenc ana rechtJC- - e... Robert's Blog Arts, craf ts, the beautif ul, creativity, talent and growthll I Pi!t'll!'d by I ,,,..,tloned In passing durlnl yosterday's "CREATIVITY' ...,,...., the highly rele•ant lt>ougllts or Walter Benjomln: lt>ougl1 they date from the thlttlos and are oftentlmH classed among MarXlst attiqlies of 'art', I Ifft that 'the wwk or •rt In the age or mechanical reproduction' shoold s,.be required readif>t (amone other stuff) In our revlslt:lne of the art-science nexus, as well as In our preparatlon of GHO strattjI on al th lnjs creative (copyriaht, AVMSIJ,media policy as well as H2020). http: www.m11Xlsts.OfJf ref•rlsobjecVphilosophy1WOfkstp1t>.njJmin.htm Pour la petite hlstolre, this-1< by• leading German lnter war thinkor,,.. written In Paris (thanks to the Ojll)<O>sic>n of the then Berlin rqlrne), published In French , and only ame out In German in t 955: the link Is to ill1American·EJ>Bllsh trasnlatlon ... Interested to aet more tflouahts and additional reading! Add a comment Oct 22 214 9· .. AM I would ill<• to t this with a link to Julia ron's wobslte. She wrote the bestselfr "The vtlsf s wof wllldl helped me to disa>•er nry creativity In dally makes Ille tasler and Joyful. cr..ttvlty Is an answor to our daily clemands. Creativity is practlotd RtxibiUty and realisation of visk>ns. It can lead yoo to rHUlts you've never expected. That'st we nHd fOf protrns. http: jLOlaarM<...,1¥•.com · A<-. t 21 20U lf't!I) AM I ught Jamirls tssentl text fOf underartt course on modern sodety and OJttu,.. at Queen's untv.nlty, BfifuL John Bergets pamphlet Ways of Stt;"f 'Is lndesponslble as • more accessible, but nevertheless pertinent, oflorlng. Also, h is adapted •part BBC sorlos 'Is one of the best cultural documentaries t•or made. WhHo It Is•romlndor that -mntinuoly need new of SHlnj In our lnfonnotic>n sodoty, his shirt s.otec:tic>n alono rnak0> It worthwhHol I respond to rt QI<: about M'W narratlvH Mid W'(S of s.Hint In my post Of rM!W narrabvM , W¥ of SHine CM'°'B !kill O. t ll l "10,U< No _, .ddltion, some links tNt I like re aHtivlty ind schoob • tNt missing: SKtion. of kids up until t 8Y ·from the slick! dlat ed t, to fost autln CipKity of each Mld enry student to JMke enterint the·a..riltve ind its job scene In Europe. e tMre Me mouth aHttve ind u"'° Did yoo know that .a:ordlng to an (American) study the m•j0<lty of primary sdloolors feel they.,. crHtlve but only 5 of the high 5dloolen clo? Something SfffnS to happen •Ions the rood.... Ken Robinson: Do Sdlools ianor• Ta1*nts? hltp : ?p 93J To enc::our autivlty, IN Gove, you must first understand 'ill'hat it is htte:/! 17Jto·encourage·aH tll'lty mr-gove·uOO.rstand :$J . . ·• . . . . Likt a J.. Vlew as POI' Vltw fteds C!"J MOrl< for A<tic>n C!"J MOrl< as Success IMPACT 11CTRtCS Globlt fteKh tell you hOw wldet)' tNS content ts Vltwfd. It ts bli.secl on the olwet'S but f'IOt ltllO kCOl.#ltfaal. An fflOf prevf'Oted your rt- ports from being dispYyed at this tim@. f1t.TCR 8lOG By date: By tog: 2013 administration t..dto• ('Oll'Vl'U'ication connected ... nMK• h2020 hurn.vi_r')Ur human_resources_ innovation 1eamint t meutcs stikeho6ders RCCCHT POSTS
  28. 28. H HOU AST Nrlworil. H Communk.al1on 2013 Priorities Media Watch for Societal Chall Filter • - Sistin• Chol lllumlnot..i with LED o1 df:ys Show llOfe) https.: 11twitter.coeJCUJCT40des/sutus/S2712261S766'6n'6 In-W•tch'°'.et. Ch.U-Pntn • •re • nt • U "" lit R•twnt plHs•: 27-30 Octoi..r 2014 2 •Niu "°(Aow r•I left't re any tweeb ( tinks • content! you'd Ike to other$ to .-..d fl.Ktherl Who v1e are 41 C.oUen HUCNHUIS 4 cbyi a.>O ,...•l lnterfltint: fOf' Hl a H2 as wel: ht//,eHealthJst.tus/S2n""n609o15..Q It's .bout this newsletter:_ ft•p t • La:.e •  L mote itftm DMR 2013 Social #AskAns 1p "-, . '"/ -. ........ . - c . Stt al profile> & WHO IS WHO
  29. 29. -CW - 3 .,_....., .....-...... . ·-l!!X .f .t .e ...d- • - _C .o .m .o .d .o ,d? .. , o..- -HllDWl.,_.ID....t.......Ot..CU'lA Pdo"'-' ,........ .........,Pfltl MC.IP £""vn:.. • .....l'W9 A.SU. Jhn;sl ...,,,....,. _ .................. . -0., M O rc . ..... --- ---- . ,. _ . , ..... _ ....... . ., _ o........_,. '": . • p t .,.... c.r-. .... 111g118"111I °'"°PM .Id ... . • lc:t!O:m,. , ..... .. ......... . . W!dlhpcll.h . ...,_,.... ,-'OILUMrt" o..- ........ . ..--- -"'" CorYIOd . . - Pll M o..- ....... ... ........., 1'1-.PtOdl ... .....w... ..... .... ...... "" - --- -f ,.,_.,.,,.,., . ° " ...,PE £TJRS.-.r. ..... ..... . ,.. ..
  30. 30. Our ultimate Goals De-siloed social collaboration Deep anchoring in daily work Extend Integration with other IT systems Exploit Connected as a data source All Managers Connected Cross Commission
  31. 31. Where do YOU want to be – Tips for social collaboration success Make it a place people WANT to go Find your Ambassadors & Executive Buy-in Ensure constant training & support program Join other social collaboration communities Encourage the internal cultural change!