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Minimalize your Intranet Content By: Andy Jayne (USA), Cigna


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We’ve all heard that “less is more” and “simplicity sells,” but we rarely see this in action on intranet homepages. In fact, we often see the opposite: too much information plastered across homepages in an attempt to give everyone what they want (including those pesky political concessions).

Research shows that too many choices actually push people away instead of engaging them, so what does that mean for our content-heavy intranets? Could our attempt to provide everything an employee digitally needs actually be decreasing usage of the very tools created to make us more efficient?

During this session, we’ll:
- Take a look at the research that backs up the ‘less is more’ philosophy
- Show some examples of homepages that are busier than toy stores on Christmas Eve
- Ask attendees to share their biggest ache on their own homepages (prepare to share!)
- Explore methodologies for minimalizing your intranet homepage content in order to increase usage and informational value within your organization

The overall goal is to find the balance between information overload and information dearth; to make your homepage work for your audience.

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Minimalize your Intranet Content By: Andy Jayne (USA), Cigna

  1. 1. homepage _ _ _ _ A Minimalize your Intranet content Andrew Jayne Senior Content Manager Cigna
  2. 2. Path to 5:00 Background/ research (why bother? ) Examples (who approved this? ) Share (don’t be embarrassed) HOW TO (a possible way forward)
  3. 3. Background/ research
  4. 4. Background/ research
  5. 5. Background/ research
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  9. 9. Share - Don’t be shy - My company has over 150 links on our homepage, so I’m guilty too
  10. 10. How to Timing Treat homepage content like page content Where does the axe fall? Stand your ground
  11. 11. l
  12. 12. Your Lovely Intranet Search News Social Teams HR