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Marketing and Strategy and Bears... oh my! By: Marli Mesibov (USA), Content Strategist


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It's a big scary world out there, filled with content strategists, content marketers, content creators, content managers... it never ends! In this talk, we'll talk about the care and feeding of a content whatever, and answer the question: why does it matter what we call ourselves?

Key Takeaways:
1. Although we *can* do everything and anything, we'll do our jobs better when we identify for ourselves, and our colleagues, what our job descriptions include.
2. Every role deserves respect, and content folk with other specialties have a lot to contribute to our projects.
3. The difference between content strategy, content marketing, and content management.
4. Concrete advice for working with colleagues who don't understand what we do.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Marketing and Strategy and Bears... oh my! By: Marli Mesibov (USA), Content Strategist

  1. 1. Marketing and Strategy and Bears … oh my! May 6, 2015 Marli Mesibov @marsinthestars#JBOYE15
  2. 2. Marli Mesibov @marsinthestars  Content strategy  Content strategy @marsinthestars#JBOYE15  Content strategy
  4. 4. WHAT’S THIS SYMBOL? @marsinthestars#JBOYE15
  5. 5. WHAT’S THIS SYMBOL? @marsinthestars#JBOYE15
  6. 6. WHAT’S THIS SYMBOL? @marsinthestars#JBOYE15
  7. 7. WHAT’S THIS SYMBOL? @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 content strategist
  8. 8. How can we have a great “content strategy”? @marsinthestars#JBOYE15
  9. 9. How can we have a great “content strategy”? @marsinthestars#JBOYE15
  10. 10. How can we foster “content strategy” in our organization? @marsinthestars#JBOYE15
  11. 11. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 WE SEE CONTENT FROM THE INSIDE
  12. 12. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 OTHERS JUST SEE WHAT COMES OUT
  13. 13. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE?
  14. 14. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 CONTENT MARKETER Goal: Market the company, bring in new customers. Tactics: Inbound and outbound marketing, including blog articles, white papers, SEO and SEM.
  15. 15. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 CONTENT STRATEGIST Goal: Support company objectives through consistently valuable, usable, findable content. Tactics: Style guides, editorial calendars, workflow and governance plans.
  16. 16. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 CONTENT MANAGER Goal: Ensure all content produced is aligned with the marketing and strategy goals, and is high quality. Tactics: Workflow and governance plans, and content management systems.
  17. 17. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 CONTENT OWNER Goal: Ensure content gets created and produced. Tactics: Internal reviews, “managing up” to the C-level, and coordinating content calendars.
  18. 18. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 CONTENT CREATOR Goal: Create valuable, usable, content that aligns with the owner’s/manager’s requests. Tactics: Brainstorming, internal reviews, outlines, storyboards, and sketches.
  19. 19. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 WHAT’S ON THE OUTSIDE?
  20. 20. Actions speak louder than words. What we do is what matters. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15
  21. 21. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 SO… WHAT DO WE DO?
  22. 22. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 WE ARE VAMPIRES • We feed off other people, and can’t live without them. • We need access to users, stakeholders, and designers so that we can suck their blood collaborate.
  23. 23. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 WE ARE MIRRORS • We reflect the business’s commitment. • A tiny budget and no time will be reflected in poor content.
  24. 24. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 WE ARE PUPPIES • We have a lot of energy, and can accomplish amazing things. • But if you ignore us, we can’t promise you’ll like the direction we go.
  25. 25. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 WE ARE FLYING MONKEYS • Once we understand your goals, we make things happen (like magic!). • We’ll capture your customers and bring them to you.
  26. 26. @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 WE ARE SCIENTISTS • We experiment, study, and draw conclusions based on research and metrics. • We make hypotheses, which need to be tested . Our work will change over time.
  27. 27. 1. Ask for Blood Specific Resources 2. Align our Goals with the Company’s 3. Present Theories and Explain Next Steps 4. Create Solutions @marsinthestars#JBOYE15 HOW CAN WE BEST NAVIGATE THE MARKETING, THE STRATEGY, AND THE BEARS?
  28. 28. Thank you! @marsinthestars#JBOYE15