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Seduce a customer Applying dating best practices on email marketing


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Seduce a customer Applying dating best practices on email marketing

  1. 1. Lien De Leenheer, J.Boye Aarhus 2014 Seduce a customer Applying dating best practices on email marketing
  2. 2. LLiieenn,, cc’’eesstt qquuii?? • Lien De Leenheer • digital native • Gent, Belgium, Europe, World, Universe • Freelance digital consultant since June 2014 • Digital specialist at ABB for nearly 7 years • Internal & external comms in Benelux, CEU and Global (web, email marketing, social) • Engineering, 5 divisions, 100 countries, 45 languages, 20 million products
  3. 3. TTaakkee aawwaayyss • Only 30 minutes  • Tips and tricks for good email marketing • The business value of creating personalised content • How you can learn from your customer and thus transform your company
  4. 4. Why ddaattiinngg?? ((bbeessiiddeess tthhaatt iitt’’ss jjuusstt ffuunn)) For a new potential partner we make sure to do things right:  Show our best side  say the right things at the right moment  Remember what triggers good emotions from our ‘prospect’ The goal: create a quick and lasting emotional connection with someone As a company you are seducing customers  We keep on bragging about how great we are and that we are the best choice of the pack.  We don’t listen to emotional cues  Customers are people too ;) This doesn’t help to build a relationship, so why are we communicating this way with customers and employees?
  5. 5. It’s not B2C It’s not B2B It’s Human to Human Enjoyable to end-customer (B2B customers have feelings too, you know ;))
  6. 6. LLooookk tthhee ppaarrtt  Make templates beautiful and exciting  Challenge branding guidelines  Sketch on paper  Good quality images, action buttons & LINKS!  Logo left & responsive  B2B =/= boring  Email preview  Templates compatible with your target audience  Go for flexible modular templates, html for one offs  Don’t forget about data privacy and IT security!
  7. 7. - Bla bla bla bla… Put the customer first Don’t brag about how great you are, show what a great added value you are for their live, how you can solve their problems.
  8. 8. In a society where time is very precious, a company that targets you with relevant customised content is very valuable. 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content, that literally “speak” to them at the right moment.
  9. 9. Put the customer first Deliver the right content  Be relevant  Deliver the right content (might be nerdy) to the right person, at the right moment in their buying cycle  Change according to changing segments (A/B testing, discover triggers) Personalise  visuals  Name (prefilled forms)  Color  Content A/B testing This can be applied to internal communications too! Hi Mr Peters,
  10. 10. CCrraappppyy vviissuuaall eexxaammppllee ;;))
  11. 11. SSiiddeennoottee:: ccoonntteenntt iinn BB22BB  You don’t sell 190 million euro projects with a coupon ;)  Invested in solving customer problems  Relationship is key (=TRUST!)  Thought-leadership
  12. 12. LLiisstteenn,, lliisstteenn aanndd lliisstteenn  Question your content and copywriting ALL THE TIME  Check the numbers  A/B test in small pilots (content, visuals, target groups, delivery times)  Figure out best practices (place links behind images, video works in EM, not on social)  Adapt regularly  Change templates if necessary
  13. 13. KKeeeepp iinn mmiinndd!!  Long term goal is the ongoing relationship  Treat it like a relationship, don’t be a jackass. Once people opt-out…  Use your data to stear strategy and business in the right direction (quality of data, opportunities)
  14. 14. HHooww ddoo yyoouu aauuttoommaattee?? TThhee aaiimm  Upselling (Service)  Cross-selling  Confirmation of right choice (Thought leadership)  Nurturing the relationship TThhee ttrriiggggeerrss  The Business (Project, product launch, event)  Behavior (visit on website, clicks, talks)  The environment (legislation, market trends, the weather)
  15. 15. WWhhiittee ppaappeerr  Survival of the most agile, the new CMO & the digital customer journey  Write down your contact details and I’ll send you a copy!
  16. 16. HHooww ttoo ggeett ssttaarrtteedd??  Have a vision  Involve likeminded influentials and key stakeholders  Start with a small pilot, showcase the ROI of this pilot to get bigger budgets  Deploy in an agile way: one country, one division, extend bit by bit  Don’t think big data, think smart data (80/20)  Accept that starting with MA requires change management  Rightsource or train train train (x10) your people: you need hybrid profiles  Evangelize within your organisation  Choose wisely: look for a partner! Use a flexible tool.
  17. 17. What could possibly go wrong? Right?
  18. 18. TThhaatt’’ss aallll ffoollkkss!! Lien De Leenheer @lieneuh