B2B digital strategy: Using personas and buyers journey in web planning


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B2B digital strategy: Using personas and buyers journey in web planning

  1. 1. Laura Invenius, ABB Drives marcom/J.Boyd Web & Intranet conference, November 6th, 2013 B2B digital strategy Buyers journey and personas © ABB november 6, 2013 | Slide 1
  2. 2. ABB as a company §  §  © ABB november 6, 2013 | Slide 2 ABB (www.abb.com) is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 150,000 people. ABB Drives are devices that are used to control the speed of an electrical motor, either an induction motor or a synchronous motor.
  3. 3. Creating better customer experiences in digital touch points © ABB november 6, 2013 | Slide 3
  4. 4. Where did we start §  §  Web had been the same for last 10 years, Lotus Notes as CMS §  CMS change was communicated and ahead of us but we didn’t want to move on with the same navigation and structure §  Web navigation is based on company hierarchy and product information §  | Slide 4 Marketing was traditional brochure and event type §  © ABB november 6, 2013 The objective was to create better customer experiences in digital touch points There was a need for change and a lot of ideas but the strategy and a bigger picture were missing
  5. 5. Co-creation is the most powerful way to build internal commitment Marketing Director Counrty MarCom Team ABB Team N2 Nolla SOME strategist Digital MarCom Service Designer Sales Market researcher Product Mgmt Partners © ABB Junior service designer
  6. 6. The process and time 12/2012 4-5/2013 8/2013 >> Problem Mission © ABB 1-4/2013 Insights (internal and external) Solutions Execution Validation
  7. 7. About the project From customer understanding to digital solutions Included in the strategy 0. Kick off, current state analysis 1. Personas (user need profiles) 2. Contents 3. Touch points (channels, platforms) 4. Road map (suggestion) Further development 5. Concepts & Prototypes © ABB november 6, 2013 | Slide 7
  8. 8. Personas §  §  In web development personas are used for thinking the buyers §  | Slide 8 Provide inspiration for development projects §  © ABB november 6, 2013 Fictive characters of three different customer types Personas develop and might return later on as a different persona type
  9. 9. Persona 1 Chris the Sales Guy §  Interested in industryspecific information §  Social media and new technologies are Chris’ passion. §  His life is on the mobile and the tablet. Applications are more important for private communication than phone calls and e-mails. §  He is eager to share important content with his colleagues. Use of mobile device He is always on the road using both mobile and tablets extensively for both social and professional purposes © ABB november 6, 2013 | Slide 9 even more central Important contents Industry-specific and drives-related product info are important, but sales arguments and sales tools would be Professional goals Selling more to climb the career ladder motivates Chris. He is willing to share news with colleagues and competitors
  10. 10. Persona 2 Bob the Engineer §  Not very interested in engineering trends. §  E-mails are read on the desktop computer. §  Information about products and applications relevant to him are of great interest. He is a real expert in his industry, drive knowledge being on a basic level. §  New channels and medias will be taken into use when content is strong and value-adding. §  Bob is a late adapter using social media seldom and mobile mostly for phone calls. Use of mobile device | Slide 10 Professional goals Mobile is used mostly for phone calls. Tablet is occasionally used for private purposes © ABB november 6, 2013 Important contents Technical details are inspiring and he gets kicks when others do not understand his special knowledge He is a full professional in his own field and wants to deepen his knowledge, not broaden it
  11. 11. Persona 3 Johnny the Manager §  A managing director being responsible for the overall success of his company. §  He sees great potential in discussion platforms and online education. §  He is an expert in his field, has a good understanding of both motors and drives. §  §  New technologies are interesting to Johnny even though he finds them a bit too time consuming. He is likely to be a heavyuser of the contents once they are in a format that makes his life easier. §  LinkedIn is used occasionally. Use of mobile device Important contents Mobile is used for calls, e- Trends are interesting. mails and web browsing. When travelling tablet is used for e-mailing © ABB november 6, 2013 | Slide 11 Professional goals Mission is to keep the business growing and transfer knowledge to younger generations
  12. 12. Buyers journey §  §  | Slide 12 We can define in what phases we could serve our customers better by offering relevant contents and tools in the right channels. §  © ABB november 6, 2013 The journeys help us to understand customer challenges when they buy, use, install, sell and replace. Buyers journey is really a critical element when thinking what kind of content needs to be offered and where.
  13. 13. Questions, problems, challenges 1. Awareness & Consideration What do I need to be aware of? Where can I find the relevant information and contents? 2. Comparison 3. Purchase, Delivery, Install 4. In use, Services How to compare and find the best supplier? How can I get the best deals? How can I get the best out of my drive? Why should I choose ABB? Where and how should I order? How can I save the most energy and money? Who will do the set-up, installing, configuring etc.? What tools / applications could ease my work? What are the benefits? What should I know about products and features? What do I need to know and be aware of (standards etc.)? How to compare and choose packages or drives ? Tech support, spare parts Product updates and information What kind of services can I get from my supplier and from ABB? When and how to replace and recycle? How can key persons be educated? How are warranty issues dealt with? Delivery status How can I develop my business? Where can I get all the technical information needed? Who could help me with questions in any phase? – Who can help me with technical issues? Technology news, trends © ABB november 6, 2013 | Slide 13 5. Upgrade, Replacement
  14. 14. Filling the gaps §  §  | Slide 14 Based on gaps we created roadmap, web navigation hierarchy and mock-up tools §  © ABB november 6, 2013 Once we had the buyers journey in place we listed the content, tools and services that were missing With customer insights, personas, buyers journey and good examples it was easy to ask for final acceptance from stakeholders
  15. 15. Learnings © ABB november 6, 2013 | Slide 15
  16. 16. Before §  §  You can t find anything on our site §  People want just technical specs, they don t need anything else §  We need only whitepapers, that is the only form of marketing that is needed §  Thought leaders – we? We don t really know what will happen in the future. Do we? §  | Slide 16 In B2B business people don t use social media §  © ABB november 6, 2013 My customers don t look for information in web, they just call me All I need is a brochure that I can hand out when I m standing on the event stand. It is an easy way to reach customers when they are passing by.
  17. 17. After §  §  We know what they are looking for §  We know different stages of buyers journey and understand what they mean §  We have identified different channels and created content plans for these channels §  | Slide 17 We understand and accept differences between different personas §  © ABB november 6, 2013 We know who the customer personas are and what they are like The most important fact is however that we all talk about the same things, based on the facts that we learnt directly from customers
  18. 18. Reduced customer effort is the most significant value creator. © ABB november 6, 2013 | Slide 18
  19. 19. Content defines the channel §  §  Platforms, tools and technology selections don’t do the work alone – if we have big content gaps the new CMS system doesn’t help §  | Slide 19 In this strategy we have recognized that the content should define the channel, not the other way round §  © ABB november 6, 2013 A digital strategy often concentrates primarily on channels and medias. Once you have content topics and ideas in place, it is easier to define the need for new technologies and make business case for them
  20. 20. Digital ecosystem is needed for understanding user traffic, contents and the flow Social media Social media Social ads Social media Social media Social media Shares, blogs Blog (Conversations) ABB.com/ drives Display SEM Other portal Newsletter Mobile ads PAID © ABB november 6, 2013 TRAFFIC | Slide 20 Responsive abb.com OWNED CONTENT Mobile applications Search visibility, PR Mobile search visibility EARNED
  21. 21. What are we doing now? § We have created a digital roadmap including both content topics and tools – external and internal § We are changing from local processes and tools to global approach if we think it benefits the business § It is a tornado effect: once people figured it out, things started to happen § Clearly the need has been hiding in the organization but putting it all together started the change process © ABB