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The role of digital communications in creating an evidence-based University External Relations Strategy


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The role of digital communications in creating an evidence-based University External Relations Strategy

  1. 1. Using Evidence to Influence Strategic Decision Making in an Omni Channel World: Image courtesy of Matt Grum
  2. 2. Strategic Marketing and Digital Strategy underpinning External Relations Image courtesy of Matt Grum
  3. 3. The invitation to join the Russell Group of leading research-based institutions in 2012 confirmed just how far York had come in a relatively short time… A former winner of University of the Year titles from both The Sunday Times and Times Higher Education, York is a genuinely world- class university… Entrance requirements are high and the dropout rate of less than five per cent is among the lowest in the country… The Times and Sunday Times University League Tables, 2014 “ ” A WORLD-CLASS UNIVERSITY
  4. 4. Structure and governance 28 Academic Departments plus Centres Support departments –Registrar’s and Planning, Estates and Campus Services, Commercial Services, Finance, External Relations, Academic Registry, HR, Information, Research and Enterprise Senior Management Group (SMG) is made up of both Heads of Support Departments and Pro-Vice Chancellors with portfolios: –Students –Teaching and Learning, Information –Research –Estates and Strategic Projects –Business and Community
  5. 5. New VC and New Strategies
  6. 6. University Strategy Research Strategy Teaching and Learning Strategy DARO International Relations Community Engagement Strategic Marketing Student Recruitment Corporate relations Admissions
  7. 7. Developing a market-led approach August 2012 Introduction of fees Competitors investing heavily in marketing Dropping in the league tables Poor destination data Applications down in some departments
  8. 8. Why change?
  9. 9. A redesign project was born… New design; colours, typography, imagery Enhanced experience; global navigation, introduction of cluster pages Responsive design
  10. 10. Release in iterations Measure success Respond to user behaviour Project principles 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  11. 11. Alignment with University Strategy To understand the University strategy, and how we contribute to this overarching vision To establish overarching goals and priorities for External Relations To foster greater collaboration across External Relations– how can we work better together towards success?
  12. 12. Implementation Challenges •Programme Reviews aligned to marketability •Tackling poor performance •Investment choices •Refining our brand •Diversifying our income •Where to grow and where to shrink
  13. 13. Why do we need to change?
  14. 14. Data Analysis and Interpretation Identify Challenges Integrated Work- streams Evidenced-based decision making Underpinned by strong digital, print and strategic marketing
  15. 15. WHAT WOULD SUCCESS LOOK LIKE? Distinctive Brand Back in Top 10 Increased and Diversified Income Staff and Student brand ambassadors Partnerships and Collaborations
  16. 16. EXTERNAL RELATIONS – AN ENGINE FOR CHANGE Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek Barack Obama