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Establishing a clear mission – from martyre's crown to agile team work


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Establishing a clear mission – from martyre's crown to agile team work

  1. 1. Establishing a clear mission – FROM MARTYRE’S CROWN TO AGILE TEAM WORK Johanna Lindvall & Petra Svensson
  2. 2. Where we come from…
  3. 3. 8 faculties Founded in 1666 Academic freedom – administrative freedom Central administration = low trust IT – name a system, and we have it!
  4. 4. # 1. Pioneering spirit
  5. 5. Grassroot Initiatives No budget? OK, since it’s important! Grassroot Initiatives Anyone can join! Special features? Sure. Let’s build it! Ad hoc decisions Yes we can!
  6. 6. # 2. Crisis & Despair
  7. 7. Support hell We don’t have time! Heads above water No development NO! That’s impossible! No-one understands us…
  8. 8. #3. Sidestepped
  9. 9. Time for reflection Sidestepped! Released from impossible task Focus on delivery
  10. 10. # 4. Establishing a clear mission
  11. 11. Figures & facts Neutral alternatives Not advocating No action before formal decision Relevant level for each decision Tangible examples and concequences
  12. 12. Alternative 1 ”No corporate CMS” Alternative 2 ”Corporate CMS offer” Corporate websites Department and faculty websites Corporate websites Department and faculty websites Technical platform delivered x - x x Server and application management x - x x Compliance to official directives, e.g. IT security, accessibility x - x x Design templates implemented x - x x Continous development x - x x User support x - x x CMS training x - x x Technical support and incident management x - x x
  13. 13. Corporate websites Web infrastructure
  14. 14. # 5. Models & tools for agile teamwork
  15. 15. Included in the offer: - Basic functionality and design templates - Training in Drupal - IT- and User Support - A technical platform, continously updated - The opportunity to submit requests for change To get a website, the department has to: - Assign a website owner, responsible for the content and for allocating relevant resources - Assign an operational manager for the website
  16. 16. Requirement specification done Order placed Not prioritised Waiting for test Not yet discussed
  17. 17. Checklist ”Go live” Checklist ”Create site” Standard emails Manual Aegir
  18. 18. Bring cake!
  19. 19. Lessons learned • Internal processes – don’t think it all out in advance; start doing! • But – plan your stakeholder management in great detail! (it costs to make mistakes in the limelight!) • Document roles, responsibilities, processes – but let them be living documents, updated on the run! • Don’t try to save the world – embrace your inner bureaucrat!
  20. 20. Questions?