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Using WordPress as a Distributed, Enterprise-level CMS By Eric Greenberg


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Using WordPress as a Distributed, Enterprise-level CMS By Eric Greenberg

  1. 1. WordPress as a ‘Distributed’ Enterprise CMS Eric Greenberg
  2. 2. An explosion of web technologies
  3. 3. There’s a new Dean in town I’m only going to ask you once to get those sites branded.
  4. 4. A consolidation of sorts…
  5. 5. There’s a new CMO in town We’re going to create a Center of Excellence.
  6. 6. Enter the Marketing Technology Office
  7. 7. Biggest Problem?
  8. 8. A CMS to easily create and maintain N sites
  9. 9. Why not a Commercial CMS?
  10. 10. Why not Drupal? • Too arcane for our current staffing. • Not nearly the size of the WP community • We would again be dependent on outside vendors for our projects and platform.
  11. 11. Benefits of WordPress • We all already had WP experience • It is SEO friendly out of the box • Many editors are familiar with it • HUGE community with lots of plugins available • It is 20% of the internet • It is actively developed • Pretty easy to extend – even for non-php devs.
  12. 12. WordPress Technology Stack • WordPress (for starters) • WPEngine (host) • Premium Theme (as a starting point) • ManageWP (for bulk management) • (holds our updates) • Mission Critical Plugins
  13. 13. Site X Site Y Site Z Responsive Pro (Premium Theme) Wharton Child Theme Wharton Parent Theme
  14. 14. Introducing Tabula Rasa • Our WP Template site – Contains all plugins with appropriate Settings – Core users – Sample content – Sample Menu – Empty Wharton Child theme activated
  15. 15. Critical Plugins • Akismet (spam) • Easy Post Types (customize posts) • Visual Composer (page-level customizations) • VC Templates (Reusable content) • Capability Manager Extended (roles) • Wordpress SEO
  16. 16. Really Nice Plugins • Bulk Page Creator • Admin Menu Editor • SEO Auto Links (internal linking) • JSON API • List Category Posts
  17. 17. The Downsides
  18. 18. Thank you! • • @ericmgreenberg