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Danielle Brigida: Deep dive into social media and content strategy


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Comprehensive Content Strategy, Social Listening and Measurement Tactics to Help You Make the Most out of Social Media

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Danielle Brigida: Deep dive into social media and content strategy

  1. 1. Deep Dive Into Social Media and Content Strategy By Danielle Brigida @Starfocus or @USFWS U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Tom Koerner, USFWS
  2. 2. I’m a Wildlife and Technology Geek
  3. 3. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service •  Over 300 Social Media Accounts •  Profiles represent refuges, regions, programs, etc •  Over 400,000 people in the naMonal communiMes
  4. 4. Social Media Benefits: Fire = CriMcism Earth = RelaMonships Flood = Support
  5. 5. Iden%fy Your Community and Engage Who’s who in your community?
  6. 6. Community, Network, and Crowd
  7. 7. Listen and Observe
  8. 8. Some Ways to Find Your Community Search Keywords •  OrganizaMon’s Name •  Key individuals •  Branding mistakes •  Program references Referring Traffic •  Google AnalyMcs •  Facebook insights
  9. 9. Engaging Strategically: Create a Dashboard Search hashtags, keywords, use lists and monitor topics
  10. 10. Group People in Lists to Follow
  11. 11. InvesMgate Trends and AnalyMcs
  12. 12. Free Ways to Listen • • • •  Tagboard •  Facebook Search •  RSS feeds searches hashtags
  13. 13. Use Social Media Listening to Enrich Your
  14. 14. Understand Various Types of Content and the Lifespan Social Blog Posts News ArMcles Features Evergreen Content Formal Informal Right Now 3 years from now
  15. 15. Experiment and MoMvate: #IvoryCrush Listening to How People Discuss the Ivory Trade…
  16. 16. We Used Our Image to Include Others
  17. 17. Using Instagram to Listen •  Iconosquare •  Tagboard •  HashaMt •  Search LocaMon
  18. 18. Helps You Find Photographers of Your Subjects
  19. 19. Research on Pinterest to Find InspiraMon Pinterest Search
  20. 20. Listening Unearths Gems and Next Steps for Content
  21. 21. Learn the Image Sizes and Shapes for Each Network
  22. 22. Visuals Can Add So Much Context
  23. 23. Through Listening We Found EducaMonal and Resource Visuals Worked
  24. 24. Add Value to AcMve ConversaMons
  25. 25. Know How Your Content Shares
  26. 26. Research and Join the Community
  27. 27. Have a PosMng Strategy From
  28. 28. Do Not Just “Push it Out”
  29. 29. Build Your Own Community Then include them to inspire content.
  30. 30. General Community Rules •  Use their interacMons to inspire new content •  Protect the people on your page •  Correct misinformaMon •  Answer frequently asked quesMons
  31. 31. Have Community Guidelines •  Be clear about community expectaMons •  Kill them with kindness •  Protect the people on your page
  32. 32. Create Content that Fosters ConnecMons and RelaMonships
  33. 33. Act on What Listening Tells You
  34. 34. Listening through metrics: Trip Advisor
  35. 35. Re-Introduce and Recycle Content
  36. 36. Play and Experiment Cute Chicks on the Beach
  37. 37. InvesMgate the “newest tool”, but don’t lose who you are
  38. 38. Measurement
  39. 39. Common Response to Social Measurement
  40. 40. Using Data to Inform Decisions Do you have access to web analyMcs? Do you regularly share stats?
  41. 41. Not So Sexy Things to Remember •  IdenMfy your goals or objecMves •  Do your homework: which tools, messages and content work best? •  Collect InformaMon can inform how to CHANGE future behavior Image: Tom Koerner, USFWS
  42. 42. With Measurement Reference Your Previous Strategy Image: Flickr / Iowa Red Bulls •  IdenMfy audience •  Specific goals •  Capacity/Time •  Outreach plan •  Long-term plan
  43. 43. There Are a Lot of Metrics source:
  44. 44. Measuring Types of Social Media Owned Your Branded Presences Earned Organic Shares and Posts Paid Social AdverMsing
  45. 45. Owned Social Media The Impact of Your Accounts
  46. 46. Facebook Insights Overview
  47. 47. Performance by Post What does your number of likes mean? How many followers does it take to be a success? We all have these quesMons, but the fact is- if done well measuring how people interact with your organizaMon online can greatly help you determine where to allocate resources. In this session we’ll talk about why we measure, some measurement best pracMces and a few free and enterprise tools that don’t break the bank.
  48. 48. Facebook Insights: Referrers
  49. 49. Facebook Insights: ExporMng Data by Post or Page Level
  50. 50. What Can Facebook Insights Really Inform? •  Top shareable content – what works, what should you produce more of? •  What is your current acMve audience? •  Where are there growth opportuniMes? But there’s sMll more qualitaMve informaMon to track:
  51. 51. Owned Social: TwiZer
  52. 52. By Tweet
  53. 53. Audience InformaMon hZps://
  54. 54. Owned Social Media Pinterest
  55. 55. Owned Social Media: LinkedIn Company Page
  56. 56. Owned Social Media: Youtube Channel Metrics
  57. 57. Measuring Earned Social Media •  Shared Content: Sharethis & Addthis •  Web AnalyMcs (ex. Google, SiteCatalyst) •  Google Trackbacks or Links •  RSS Reader (Feedly, Digg Reader) •  MenMons (SumAll, Social MenMon)
  58. 58. Remember listening? Good.
  59. 59. Measure the Full Picture Original
  60. 60. Collect QualitaMve Data That Informs Your Strategy ReporMng Crimes Advocacy Requests
  61. 61. IdenMfy PossibiliMes to Engage in a Meaningful Way Use Content Build Mutual RelaMonships
  62. 62. Tell a Story with Your Data
  63. 63. A Good Measurement Plan… Revisits Your Goals: Improving Reputa%on Combines Available Measurement TacMcs: Social Analy%cs and Web Analy%cs Uses QualitaMve and QuanMtaMve InformaMon: Comments and Increased Shares
  64. 64. General Geekiness •  Build off automated reports whenever possible •  Export Data to play if you’re comfy with spreadsheets •  Follow blogs and reports that discuss web and social metrics and techniques
  65. 65. Collaborate Across Regions and Programs Quarterly Report Campaign Specific Report
  66. 66. Analyze Don’t Regurgitate •  Pick metrics to measure ahead of Mme •  Evaluate over Mme •  IdenMfy anomalies •  Tell a story with your data •  Track metrics that maZer
  67. 67. Figure that if it puts you to sleep… You’re not measuring anything.
  68. 68. Listen, Communicate, Create, Track Time on Social Media Listening CommunicaMng CreaMng/ExperimenMng Tracking 30% 30% 25% 15%
  69. 69. There Are a Lot of Metrics source:
  70. 70. Ques%ons? Danielle Brigida NaMonal Social Media Manager U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service @USFWS or @starfocus Judy N, Flickr