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Community and Events and Gamification… Oh Yes! By: Todd Moran (USA), Schneider Electric


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Above all else social business must provide utility- meaning purposeful value, value to people who engage with it, value to the organizations who implement it. That value is born of a vigilant focus on business needs, so in a summarized sense- use cases. Come engage in this spirited presentation and discussion about the application of social business to a highly relevant and very common use case for the corporate world, non-profits, and academia alike- that being events.

I will share a very recent real-world case study within Schneider Electric as we explore and dialog about integrating social business (community) to a critical, nearly ubiquitous use case for almost every organization (events), with the infusion of the ever-growing-in-popularity engagement accelerator (gamification), all bundled together in pursuit of a phenomenal digital customer experience.

Practical know-how, candid commentary, legitimate best practices. I aim to bare all, oh yes! (figuratively speaking, of course). Come join me for this up close and insightful dialog.

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Community and Events and Gamification… Oh Yes! By: Todd Moran (USA), Schneider Electric

  1. 1. Community and Events and Gamification… Oh Yes! todd moran director of social enterprise email: twitter: @ToddMoran linkedin: /toddhmoran
  2. 2. The Global Specialist in Energy Management ™ $35B 2014 revenue 40% of revenue in new economies 170,000 employees in 100+ countries 4 - 5% of revenue dedicated to R&D A large company, with a balanced geographical footprint and a commitment to sustainability
  3. 3. context strategy and execution results epic fails q&a
  4. 4. customer support partner enablement product innovation online education developer engagement events execution
  5. 5. 14 In its 14th year3-day event focused on utility solutions & professional networking 400+ attendees
  6. 6. 8 unique games Connect Marketplace Tweet Photo Schedule Survey #connections I-cubed Unified community backdrop “Real-time” event coverage in exchange Leaderboard posting to Link 2015 space
  7. 7. did it work? Increase mobile downloads over 2014 101% adoption (multiple devices per person) Increase social reach 52,000 unique reach 37% increase over 2014 24% increase in community activity and 80+ new registered members Increase marketplace traffic & survey responses 48% increase in marketplace traffic 600+ survey responses
  8. 8. epic fails a bit too loose on governance late to the promotion party missed opportunity with community profiles unbalanced emphasis on extrinsic rewards photo uploads constrained to mobile app
  9. 9. thoughts? where do you see application in your world? what elements resonate, miss the mark, confuse? is there risk in “gamification” outweighing community or the events themselves? how would this translate to an internal context? where do you see areas for enhancement?
  10. 10. q&a