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Christina Rahtgens & Florian Hoecherl: How to keep your social intranet successful


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An intranet can only be successful if centered on the specific needs of the employees. It is paramount to fully understand relevant use cases and build intranet structures along the key needs. If done so, the employees easily grasp the "What's in it for me?" and raising adoption is not a fight but a flow. If you convince your colleagues, they feel as promoters and ambassadors of the new intranet, talk about its features and benefits and thus convince others to join in.

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Christina Rahtgens & Florian Hoecherl: How to keep your social intranet successful

  1. 1. Aarhus, November 4, 2015 How to keep your social intranet successful J. Boye – Making it work
  2. 2. SharePoint Expert Project Management Consultant Technical Project Lead Intranet @fhoecherl FLORIAN HOECHERLCHRISTINA RAHTGENS Member of Digital Media Women Social, Change and Marketing Expert @crahtgens Project Management Consultant
  3. 3. Founded in Germany as a one-man business in 1967, we now have successful operations in all major international markets Founded in 1967 in Germany by Roland Berger 50offices in 36 countries, with around 2,400employees Nearly 220 RB Partners currently serving ~1,000 international clients
  5. 5. Know your users better than they do themselves "If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse." - Henry Ford
  6. 6. Help them to get to know each other
  7. 7. Target your CORE processes
  8. 8. Have the best search possible
  9. 9. Do the math
  10. 10. Multiply the idea
  11. 11. Be attractive
  12. 12. Be the ONE
  13. 13. Have fun!
  14. 14. Thank you @crahtgens @fhoecherl A penny for your thoughts