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Ben Rudman Workshop: Execute your digital business strategy


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In 2015 many business have aligned their digital and business strategies. Digital professionals are very aware that they need to measure their value in KPIs that matter to the business. But many digital projects are still failing when it comes to execution. It seems that there is a gap between the strategic and the operational mode. In this workshop we will explore which processes are necessary to have in place in order to execute successfully and we’ll create practical guides for aligning digital with your business processes. We’ll look a best practice examples, but we’ll also use the collective experience in the room in order to reach a common ground for creating new best practices.

We’ll discuss topics such as:
- How to get from vision and strategy to successful operational mode
- How the culture of the workplace influences the ability to execute
- How to create alignment across siloes

And create best practice advice and guides for execution.
Expect a workhop where you’ll be working!

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Ben Rudman Workshop: Execute your digital business strategy

  1. 1. Execute your digital business strategy Achieving Success in a Climate of Extreme Uncertainty
  2. 2. 3 hours with Ben and Janus (sorry!)
  3. 3. “I just can’t wait for things to get back to normal”
  4. 4. “90 percent of top performers have fully integrated digital initiatives into their strategic-planning process.”
  5. 5. “65 percent of companies that are “digital leaders” in our DQ analysis have a high tolerance for bold initiatives; among average performers, 70 percent of companies don’t see support for risk taking.”
  6. 6. Digital
  7. 7. Does this sound familiar? 18 months ago: the strategy needed revising. Now: 4 components: Channel proliferation = fragmentation Balancing global consistency vs local needs Failing trust = rising vulnerability Internal walls have been torn down
  8. 8. Does this sound familiar? Digital mission: We will develop, protect and enhance our reputation by harnessing the power of digital tools and technology. Global reach and consistency, speed of deployment, two way dialogue through activities which align to MAP (Motivate, Advocate, Protect).
  9. 9. Does this sound familiar? From this, five big areas were defined: 1.  Motivate (#Brightfuture) And then 5 levers to achieve the goal (easy access to info, de-clutter the means of communication etc) + a number of actions that will make it happen 2.  Advocate – And then levers to achieve the goal (build relationships with influential key opinion formers, build a microblogging network etc) 3.  Protect – levers: make appropriate use of all digital / social channels in issues and crisis management, quickly identify issue flares through social listening, quickly reach KOFs when issues arise etc) 4.  Content - levers: manage a consistent pipeline of stories, promote monthly content packages, ensure a good search experience, creating a framework for evaluating the impact of content and measuring its use. 5.  Capability – levers: equip country teams with templates and tools, improve learning opportunities, build a digital champions network, continue to make working at our company desirable to digital
  10. 10. Does this sound familiar? Guiding principles: o  Where possible we use existing digital channels rather than setting up new ones o  The Digital team should be engaged at the start of projects
  11. 11. Company strategy (preferrably three focus areas) Derived business need 1 Derived business need 2 Derived business need 3 Your project Purpose 1 (aligned with Derived business need 1) Purpose 2 (aligned with Derived business need 2) Purpose 3 (aligned with Derived business need 3) Key improvement area 1 Key improvement area 2 (if more than one) Key improvement area Key improvement area Main business benefit Main business benefit Main business benefit KPI track 1 KPI track 2 KPI track 3 AddiGonal benefit 1 AddiGonal benefit 2 Main KPI 1 Main KPI 2 CriGcal success factor 1 CriGcal success factor 2 COMPANY VISION AddiGonal benefit 3 AddiGonal benefit 4 AddiGonal benefit 1 AddiGonal benefit 2 AddiGonal benefit 3 AddiGonal benefit 4 AddiGonal benefit 1 AddiGonal benefit 2 AddiGonal benefit 3 AddiGonal benefit 4 Focus area 1 Focus area 2 Focus area 3
  12. 12. Your digital challenges Balance between centralisation and decentralisation Working across siloes Cultural change Measuring results of activities Reduce costs by working digitally/budgeting How optimising shows benefits Resourcing/people
  13. 13. “What is the best way to report on your digital strategy KPIs to showcase a clear alignment with the core business?”
  14. 14. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
  15. 15. Prioritisation
  16. 16. Emotional cycles in adaption to change
  17. 17. “Who needs to be involved in the creation of a digital business strategy to increase buy-in while avoiding ‘decision by committee’?”
  18. 18. Exercise
  19. 19. Enter the CDO
  20. 20. The Benefits of Agile
  21. 21. In closing Digital strategy is …. ideally a part of the business strategy taking controlled risks accepting that failure is part of your learning curve going to adapt rapidly and you have to adapt with it