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Applying Governance to SharePoint


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Presentation given at the J. Boye Aarhus 2008 conference by Anders Skjønaa
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Applying Governance to SharePoint

  1. 1. Applying Governance to SharePoint Jboye08, Aarhus (DK), November 2008 Anders B. Skjønaa Managing Partner
  2. 2. Gesundheit! Gesundheit (German pronunciation (help·info) IPA: [ɡəˈzʊnt.haɪt]) is the German and Yiddish word for health. When a person sneezes, German, Yiddish, and American English speakers typically say Gesundheit! to wish them good health, serving much the same purpose as "bless you" in English or "À vos souhaits!" in French. DID YOUR SHAREPOINT EVEN SNEEZE?
  3. 3. The need for GOVERNANCE! SharePoint Business End users Management IT Team Smoother processes Quicker response Accurate information Lower cost Higher innovation High ROI Low maintenance Satisfied users / customers Stability and security Higher productivity Easy interface Everything works… Project Team Succesful project Satisfy both Users and Mangement Meeting expectations
  4. 4. Setting up – Step by step 1. Logical Arcitecture 2. Governance organization 3. Governance Toolset 1. Plan 2. Threats, Goals, Controls and Tasks 3. Communication and Operations
  5. 5. Setting up – Logical Architecture • An overview of portals and users (type) including architectural decisions on: – Farm design – Application Pools / Web Apps – Site Collections – Content databases – Acces methods – Zones and Security • Based on a Conceptual design Business IT Team Project Team
  6. 6. LOGICAL ARCHITECTURE EXAMPLE SharePoint Governance
  7. 7. Setting up – Governance organization Site Manage ment IT Business (Content Owners) Executive Stakeholders End Users
  8. 8. Setting up – Governance organization Governance Board Tactical TeamIT Team Making the correct decisions Implementing, operating and reporting Providing platform services and support
  9. 9. Setting up – Governance Toolset • Governance plan – Logical Architecture – Service Catalogue – Rules, decisions and goals for governance – Business drivers (what we are aiming for) • Threats, Goals, Controls and Tasks – Security | Compliance | Productivity • Governance Portal
  10. 10. SHAREPOINT GOVERNANCE CENTER SharePoint Governance
  11. 11. OPERATIONAL GOVERNANCE • Visibility of risks introduced by governance slipping • Graphical presentation and tasks for tactical team
  12. 12. Concluding… • Governance at the beginning of the project • You need to involve ”everyone” • Make a solid plan – Wikis work! • Threats, Goals, Controls and Tasks • Solid governance will keep your SharePoint in line with security, compliance and productivity goals.
  13. 13. Call to action • – Source for technical governance best practices and tools – some pretty good stuff there • SharePoint Governance Center BETA – ONLY for JBoye08 friends – naturally  – Send email to or drop your card • Blogging about SharePoint – Slides, comments, experiences, Q&A’s – • On LinkedIn? –
  14. 14. QUESTIONS
  15. 15.