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BENEFITSOne highly motivated team is
formed from agency and client
Ability to change requirements
based on user f...
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Agile cheat sheet By: James Cannings (UK), MMT Digital


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Agile cheat sheet

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Agile cheat sheet By: James Cannings (UK), MMT Digital

  1. 1. OF AGILE BENEFITSOne highly motivated team is formed from agency and client Ability to change requirements based on user feedback Release to market in the quickest time possible Highly transparent process Minimise risk of failing to release on budget Rapid, iterative releases to improve the product Stable platform through automated testing TO DO DOING DONE TO DO DOING DONE Sprint Planning EPIC FEATURE FEATURE STORY STORY Backlog Refinement Sprint Retrospective Sprint Review Stand-upsDaily Scrum Sprint Backlog Product Backlog Potentially Shippable Increment Sprint Execution Level of Necessity User Journey Activity 1 User story User story User story User story Activity 2 User story User story User story Activity 3 User story User story User story User story Activity 4 User story User story User story User story Activity 5 User story User story User story User story Activity 6 User story User story Activity N User story User story User story MVP 1 MVP 2 MVP N PHASE RELEASE PHASE 0 CREATING THE VISION PRODUCT VISION (Destination) (How we get there) TECHNICAL VISION THE SCRUM CYCLE 1-2 WEEKS 1 2 3 5 8 LANDING THE PLANE ACTIVITIES Story mapping PHASE 0 ACTIVITIES HOW LEAN SHOULD YOU BE? SPRINT BEST PRACTICES WE KNOW EVERYTHING EXTREME UNCERTAINTY NOT LIKE THIS... LIKE THIS... Size features during release planning sessions 13 8 8 5 13 8 20 Pre-size stories with PO / SA Typically done towards the end of a big release 3 5 3 5 ? Initial Backlog Exploration Content Strategy Technical Infrastructure User Experience Design Creative Concepts Agile Workshops The Lean Startup Scrumfall Fine tuning your sales / marketing site A competing product Sales / Marketing site for new company Update of existing marketing website Rebuild of internal IT application A brand new product We do not simply iterate towards an end vision. Release the simplest version of this vision in the quickest time possible then iterate. Its not always black and white, we choose the best approach depending on what we know. To ensure the MVP is “minimal”, to give a clear overview to the PO and stakeholders what features will be released in each MVP. CD CON TINUOUS DEP LOYMENT Automated User Testing Tests Unit DEVELOP INTEGRATE Integration Testing DEPLOY Dev QA Staging Production FEEDBACK </> ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES SPRINT GOALS USER STORIES USING STORY POINTS def•i•ni•tion of DoR Ready Done Done Done DoD DoDD Smaller story = Better Effort Complexity Unknowns External influences Size relative to other stories Things to consider when sizing WHY? Clear requirements 1st time acceptance of story Easy to size Granular Clear test instructions RESPONSIBILITY OVERLAP PM PO SA SM (SOMETIMES A PO PROXY) PO PRODUCT OWNER Vision User Stories Prioritizing SM SCRUM MASTER Makes sure that scrum is working well SA SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT Technical PO and leads the technical vision DEV DEVELOPMENT TEAM Owns and delivers the technical vision UXD USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNER Help create the product vision and owns UX vision PM PROJECT MANAGER Budget Resource Interface to senior management Who does what? Every project is different so who takes on these roles & responsibilities will vary. This should be established in phase 0 to make sure all the responsibilities are covered. Encourages focus Your sprint goal must be related to your release goal Helps obtain relevant feedback Supports stakeholder communication Defines for the PO when a story is ready to be discussed with the team Defines for the team the global AC for every story e.g. UAT, testing with content, performance load How long should the sprint be? WIP LIMITS(Work in progress) Depends on: Project duration Project uncertainties Agile maturity To focus on releasable software and early acceptance 1-2 weeks As a <user type> I want <requirement> so that <business case> Given <Scenario> When <Action> Then <Outcome> Finish Size epics by sprints (can be done on day 1) Basket 3 Subscriptions 1 Community 2 Reporting 1 PO SA </> Low Risk Medium Risk High Risk (consider breaking down) We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value: That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan AGILE MANIFESTO AGILE CHEAT SHEET