Social Media and Personal Branding


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Social Media and Personal Branding: how to effectively market yourself online.

This presentation provides an overview of how recent graduates and job seekers can better market themselves online to discover new career opportunities worldwide.

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Social Media and Personal Branding

  2. 2. Social Media Defined  ‘Forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos)’ ~ Merriam Webster  ‘Social Media is digital content and interaction that is created by and between people’ ~ Sam Decker, Mass Relevance.Sources:Merriam Webster Decker
  3. 3. Social Media: Hub and Spoke Diagram
  4. 4. Importance of Personal Branding Explore new career opportunities Position yourself as a unique member within competitive workforce  Use About.Me to create unique landing page Become an influencer within your network
  5. 5. Personal Branding: What is yourStrategy? What makes you unique? What are your goals? Who is your target audience? What are you passionate about?
  6. 6. 5 Key Points for Branding  Establish Credibility  Inspire Others  Be Honest  Create Ripples  Become InfluentialImage Credit:
  8. 8. Blogs Why Blog?  Position yourself as an expert in your field  Create a central platform for your personal brand  Build an interactive community  Network with other members in your industry
  9. 9. Blogs Blogging Ideas  Industry observations and news  Tutorials and how-to articles  Personal news and updates  Videos and Podcasts
  10. 10. Blogs Getting Started  Develop a branded blog (WordPress or Blogger)  Create a schedule for posting 2 strong and potent posts a month is a good starting point  Integrate social media plugins
  11. 11. Blogs Effective Blogging Tips  Share Everything  Leverage power of social media networks and bookmarking sites  StumbleUpon and Reddit  Be authentic and write in your own voice  Use visually appealing media  Flickris a great photo-sharing utility to find free images to use – be sure to credit the original source!
  13. 13. Facebook Overview  Why Facebook?  Over 1 Billion monthly active users  20% of all online page views are on Facebook  #1 Social networking site  Major social media advertising platformSource:
  14. 14. Facebook Personal Profiles Optimizing your Profile:  Work Experience  Education  ‘About You’ Section  Contact Information Tailor the content to your unique brand to make an impression!
  15. 15. Facebook Pages Pages provide more opportunities for branding and can be separate from your personal profile Optimizing your profile:  Informationand description  pull in fans with powerful and effective content  Branded URL  Leverage Insights reporting tool  See which type of posts generate most feedback
  16. 16. Facebook Branding Strategy Interact with other influencers in your niche  Share, comment, and like away! Push out fresh and unique content  Industry news  Images  Tips Join targeted groups and become an active member in online communities
  17. 17. Facebook: What not to do Don’t spam people’s walls  Spamming may see your friend/follower list dwindle Don’t post inappropriate images  Drunken photos can make you the next popular internet meme Don’t post after drinking!
  19. 19. LinkedIn Overview  Why LinkedIn?  Over 175 Million registered members  Worlds largest B2B social networking site  Easily to discover new career opportunities A professional environment with controlled privacy  Connect with global brands worldwideSource:
  20. 20. LinkedIn FeaturesPersonalBrand Personal Groups Profiles Company Recruitment Profiles SolutionsCompanyBrand
  21. 21. LinkedIn Personal Profiles Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile to 100%:  ProfilePhoto  Keyword-rich Biography  Detailed Work Experience  Recommendations  Network and Build Connections Profiles at 100% show up first in search results  Put yourself ahead of the competition
  22. 22. LinkedIn Personal Profile
  23. 23. LinkedIn Groups Leverage LinkedIn Groups by  Joining relevant groups  Participating in discussions/polls  Inquiring about job opportunities (Job seeker groups)  Networking with influential group members
  25. 25. Twitter Overview  Why Twitter?  Over 500 million users  Over 170 million are monthly active users  Connect with influencers through @ replies and DMs  Generate exposure with easy-to-use microblogging tool  Leverage viral effect of hashtags/trending topicsSource:
  26. 26. Branding Your Twitter Profile Create a unique username to cross-promote on other platforms Segment users you follow by topic and create lists RT and link to industry related content  Industry news, observations, blogs, etc. Build followers organically
  27. 27. Interacting with Influencers Reaching out to influencers can have your posts seen by thousands of their followers  Insome cases, extending your gratitude for replies and retweets can help your networking objectives
  28. 28. Twesumes: A new way to find jobs  Leverage the power of social media with 140 character elevator pitches. Twesumes can include:  Link to LinkedIn profile  #twesume hashtag  Skills  Accomplishments  ObjectivesImage Credit:
  30. 30. Social Media Networks  Other key social media sites include:  Google+: Social networking hub and content curator to connect with other social profiles  Pinterest: Online pinboard you can use to pin your resume and portfolio  Instagram: Photo-sharing utility to visually shape your personal brand  Youtube and Vimeo: Video-sharing websites you can use to generate exposure creatively  Tumblr: Microblogging platform for multimedia purposes
  32. 32. Social Media’s Role in Recruiting Top Social Networks used for Recruiting in 2012 None 4% Youtube 19% Google+ 20% Blog 21% Twitter 54% Facebook 66% LinkedIn 93% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Source: Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey
  33. 33. Social Media’s Role in Recruiting Companies Using Social Media to Support Recruitment Efforts 94% 92% 92% 89% 90% 88% 86% 84% 82% 82% 81% 80% 78% 76% 74% 2009 2010 2011 2012Source: Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey
  34. 34. Social Media’s Role in Recruiting Recruiters React Most Negatively to the Following Pictures of Alcohol Consumption 54% References to Doing Drugs 61% Posts of a Sexual Nature 66% Profanity in Posts 78% Source: Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting Survey Spelling/Grammar Errors in Posts 47%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%
  35. 35. Social Media’s Role in Recruiting  86% of recruiters will review all of a candidate’s social media profiles  Connecting all of your profiles together will prevent recruiters from mistaking you with another personSource: Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting SurveyImage Credit:
  36. 36. Content to Post  Recruiters love the following types of content  Memberships in professional organizations  Volunteering and charity work  Recruiters React Negatively to the Following  Political posts  Overly religious content  Burning Man references  Enabling your privacy settings can help keep some posts hiddenSource: Jobvite 2012 Social Recruiting SurveyImage Credit:
  37. 37. Conclusion Build your presence online by  Establishingyour goals and objectives  Setting up a hub for your social media activities Contribute by being  Informative  Unique  Positive
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