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People development task force


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People development task force

  1. 1. People Development Task Force Purpose (Why?) Products/Results (What?) Standards • Front-line supervisors are fully capable of • Employees report that their development TO developing rich learning plans with their plans are responsive to them as Provide the means for employees to continually staff and to tap the work environment individuals and to the department’s needs learn, innovate and grow for learning opportunities • Employees experience “stretch” opportunities throughout the year IN A WAY THAT • Employees take ownership for their • Learning plans are jointly crafted Promotes innovation in products, processes and learning and development • Employees are acting on their learning interactions plans throughout the year Maximizes the company’s strategic goals and • All staff continually innovate to add • Ideas are generated and action taken on a individuals’ needs value and respond to changing conditions regular basis to improve processes, Shares responsibility for learning between the products and interactions employee, supervisor and the company • All employees are in a “learning mode”: • High participation rates in staff meetings Taps into front-line supervisors as a pivotal force harnessing setbacks, using mental • Effective processes are used regularly Uses proven and varied learning methodologies disciplines to extract learning from events to learn from events Prepares employees to respond to future events, • Many employees use tuition assistance such as market changes, new technology, and training dollars downsizing, retirement • Employees feel secure about future • Employees report high career security employment, whether it is with • Improved morale SO THAT <Insert Company Name> or not • Improved business results <Insert Company Name> maintains and • Employees are more engaged in work accelerates its competitive • <Insert Company Name> has position in the marketplace improved business results <Insert Company Name> employees attain high career resiliency Processes (How?) Well articulated career paths that don’t unduly gate- Communication through front-line supervisorsFunctioning Capability keep non-degreed employees Supervisor development to leverage learning• Clear People Development messages Internal postings for all positions Supervisors evaluated on people development• Executive and Management level Transition from Job Security to Self Assurance Mentoring, shadowing support Prepaid tuition assistance for job-related and non-job Stretch assignments• Communication strategy related learning 360 feedback• Buy-in from supervisors Reimburse On-line Degree Programs Cross-training toward strategic departmental goals• Implementation task force Individual learning accounts People development training for all staff Individual and group advising Jointly developed learning plans targeted toward the Innovation program organization, department and individual Problem-solving teams “Me Inc.” seminars focusing on initiative