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DR SUPPLY, Podologia, Diabetes, Hospital Tel. 01 200 832 8058 y (81) 8371-8759

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  • Dear Sir/madam,

    We are a Purchase and Supply Chain company to a lot of chain store and retail outlets, Please note that Quality is very important to us. Below is the link to a shared file which was design for you to view our attachment in the folder to get full details of our order including required quantity and pictures of sample we required.

    Our samples link, pls login to view our required items:

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    All you need to do is to login with your email address that you are
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    which will redirect you to our PO page. Our PO file is too large to
    send as attachment. All sizes and specifications are detailed in the PO.

    kindly view our order before sending your Proforma Invoice

    Thank You!
    Kindest Regards,

    Mrs. Jennifer G. Samuel
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Catalogo PEDIFIX

  1. 1. Winter 2010 14 New Products! Visco-Gel® Bunion Guard for Free Sample Offers Inside! instant relief Page 11 FungaSoap® Foot Wash Helps Keep Skin Safe Page 3 Post-op HV SoftSplint™ Speeds Healing Page 10 GelStep® Silicone Heel Cups Relieve Pain, Cost Less Page 19 NEW! Clinically-proven solutions to common foot problems EZ Mornings™ for patients and practices just like yours Plantar Fascia NightSplint Page 21 New The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 OTC Products! Dispense, Rx or Patient Call 800-424-5561 • Fax 845-277-2851 Direct Order Visit • Email Distributors Nationwide Page 34
  2. 2. Satisfied Patients, Guaranteed Dear Colleague, We’re here to help you succeed. Distributors Nationwide From a young age, our family heritage has impressed on us that our life Podiatry/Orthopedics: purpose was to develop, manufacture and deliver products that lead AliMed people to better foot health and comfort. 297 High Street Dedham, MA 02026 The compliments we receive from professionals like you -- coupled with 800-225-2610 F)800-437-2966 Dennis Case thankful letters from people our products help -- keep us motivated. We President, come to work every day eager to serve you, and to fulfill our purpose. PediFix Footcare Company Gill Podiatry Supply 22400 Ascoa Ct. Take a look inside at more than 150 products that will benefit your Strongsville, OH 44149 patients and your practice. 800-321-1348 F)800-432-9445 • Be GelSmart™ with our industry-leading selection of Visco-Gel® Foot Protection Products, starting on page 4, Krasity’s Medical & Surgical Supply 1825 Bailey Avenue • Try FungaSoap® and new Diabetic Defense™ to prevent and resolve Dearborn, MI 48124 stubborn skin conditions, page 3, 866-390-FEET F)248-625-2084 • Relieve pain with GelStep® Silicone Heel Cups, Pads, Insoles and Orthotics, starting on page 19, Meyer Distributing Company Expect outstanding 1810 Summit Commerce Park • Dispense or Prescribe PediFix OTC packaged footcare products, starting on page 34, Cushion, Protect, products, service and Twinsburg, OH 44087 800-853-1490 F)800-577-4632 support from the only • And so much more… Divide & Align Toes fourth-generation, Moore Medical We’ll earn your business, with great products and • Relieve dozens of fast, friendly service. family-owned 1690 New Britain Avenue common conditions Please contact us, or our authorized distributors today to order, or get more business in the Farmington, CT 06032 800-234-1464 F)800-944-6667 information. As we have for four generations, we’ll keep working hard to • Absorb pressure footcare industry. fulfill our life purpose, so you can more easily fulfill yours. & friction Surgical Supply Service No Sore Feet! 500 Fillmore Avenue • Separate crooked, Tonawanda, NY 14150 800-523-0706 F)800-222-1934 overlapping toes Dennis Case President • Comfort toe tops & nails Universal Footcare Products The PediFix Footcare Company • Align digits to reduce stress, 300 Wainwright Dr Northbrook, IL 60062 P.S. Visit for more detailed information about our joints pressure on MP 800-323-5110 F)800-524-4969 products, services, company and people. • Maintain toe positioning Sports Medicine: after surgery Heinrich Berkemann Alert Services Company Founder, 1885 14250 N State Highway 123 San Marcos, TX 78666 800-688-3767 F)830-372-1447 Unconditional Timeless Guarantee If for any reason, you or your patients are ever dissatisfied with the Cardinal Distribution 7000 Cardinal Place performance, function or comfort of any PediFix product, return it Dublin, OH 43017 614-757-5000 F)614-757-8369 at any time for a replacement, credit or full refund. Join us as we celebrate our 125th anniversary in 2010 Collins Sports Medicine 370 Paramount Drive Raynham, MA 02767 800-886-2825 F)508-884-3058 To order or contact us: INDEX Achilles & Ankle Management................................ 30-31 PAGE Medco Sports Medicine 500 Fillmore Avenue Bunion Management.............................................. 4, 10-11 Call: 1-800-424-5561 or 845-277-2850 Diabetic Solutions™ Seamless Socks........................ 33 Tonawanda, NY 14150 800-55MEDCO F)800-222-1934 Fax: 845-277-2851 (see order form on page 8) Dermatology........................................................... 3, 42 GelSmart™ Visco-GEL® Foot Protection Products. ... 4-7, 12-17 . Sports Health Email: GelStep® Silicone Heel Cups, Pads & Insoles........... 19-25 Division of School Health Corporation Heel Management.................................................. 18-21 . 865 Muirfield Dr Visit: In-Office Dispensary Displays . ............................... 34 Hanover Park, IL 60133 Metatarsal Management......................................... 12-15 866-323-5465 F)800-323-1305 Mail: 310 Guinea Road, Brewster, NY 10509 Order Form............................................................. 8 PediFix® OTC Products ........................................... 35-41 Contact your favorite authorized Pedi-GEL™ Corn, Callus & Met. Pads. ...................... 13-14 . Hospital: PediFix® distributor PediPlast® Moldable Compound............................. 9 Owens & Minor 9120 Lockwood Boulevard Post-Op FootSplints™ ............................................. 10-11 Mechanicsville, VA 23116 For Patient-Direct Ordering, call: Preform® Prefabricated Foot Orthotics .................. 26-29 804-723-7000 F)804-723-7100 1-800-PEDIFIX (733-4349) Skin Protection....................................................... 17 . Products are latex-free, except as noted. Call us to find other dealers near you.2 For more detailed product information, visit
  3. 3. DERMATOLOGY 4 Ways to Relieve & Prevent Stubborn Skin Conditions ˝Every 30 minutes, a limb is lost due to a land mine.˝ ˝Every 30 seconds, a limb is lost due to diabetes.˝ Ask About Bharara, Mills, Suresh, Armstrong, Ask About FREE Trial Size International Wound Journal, FREE Trial Size 2009, In Press Samples Samples What can YOU recommend to reduce diabetic FungaSoap® amputations? Cleans away fungus and bacteria • Studies show that Tea Tree Oil kills fungus Indications: Diabetic Defense™ NEW! and bacteria that can Athlete’s Foot / Tinea Pedis Daily Therapy Foot Wash contribute to skin infections* Bacterial & Fungal Extra protection for feet ‘at risk’ Rashes & Infections • Regular washing with FungaSoap® may Diabetic Footcare • Helps remove potentially harmful bacteria significantly reduce the occurrence and Inflammation and fungus from the skin surface recurrence of infections Itching • Formulated with Tea Tree Oil — known • Results from thousands of users suggest high Odor for centuries for its antimicrobial, efficacy, high compliance and no side effects Trench Foot antiseptic germ-fighting properties 1 Bottle Dermatitis • Safe to use every day, with no harmful 6 oz #P3071 Psoriasis side effects 13.5 oz #P3072 Fissures • Helps protect patients from skin infections *Studies available on request. More 1 Bottle “It really works. Following treatment of Athlete’s Foot 5 oz #P3076 or nail fungus infection, I tell my patients to plan on using this for life to prevent re-infection.” Dr. José Concha “This soap is great for athlete’s foot and other fungal foot issues. I use it to great success for chronic athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. My feet have greatly improved.” M. Dolan, Chicago, IL Tea Tree Ultimates® Soaking Crystals™ Therapeutic foot soak that softens, soothes, helps protect skin from fungus & bacteria Deep Healing Foot Cream™ • Exclusive formulation of Epsom and Sea Salts, Tea Tree and Peppermint Softens rough, dry, cracked skin essential oils • Doctor-recommended for people with • Helps cleanse and soothe to maintain diabetes and sensitive feet soft, healthy skin • Non-greasy cream features mineral oil, • Reduces inflammation, fights infection, urea, lanolin and vitamins A, D and E relieves odor, itching and pain • Moisturizes and softens calluses and dry, • Helpful for multiple skin conditions and rough skin after nail avulsion to promote healing • Penetrates deep to help heal fissures and reduce the chance of recurrence 1 Jar 1 Box 4 oz #P3069 (6) 1 oz pkts #P3078 ®Prices reflect wholesale costs for healthcare professionals only – not for patients. The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 3
  4. 4. TOE MANAGEMENT Be GelSmart® with Visco-GEL® Toe Protection Visco-GEL® Corn Pads Soft Mesh fabric, Half-Coated with Gel 12/pk Small/Medium #1000 Large/Xlarge #1001 Tubular Toe Bandages All-Gel, Fabric or Foam Visco-GEL® Half-Coated Visco-GEL® Digital Tubes • Protect toe tops and joints Digital Strips Thin wall design fits comfortably in shoes. • Absorb pressure and friction Soft Mesh fabric, with Gel lining, cut to size 10/pk Small (1/2˝ diam.) #1027 to relieve... 2/pk (24˝ long ea) Medium (3/4˝ diam.) #1028 – Corns Small/Medium (3/4˝ diam.) #1150 Large (1˝ diam.) #1029 Large/XLarge (1˝ diam.) #1151 – Blisters – Hammer, claw, mallet & arthritic toes – Ingrown nails – Inter-digital irritations – More Visco-GEL® Fully-Coated Visco-GEL® Digital Tubes Little Toe Sleeves Soft Mesh or Ribbed fabric, with Gel lining. Specialized size for smaller toes. Conical, Cut to size tapered shape won’t roll or migrate. 3/pk (6˝ long ea) Mesh Ribbed 10/pk Narrow (3/4˝ diam.) #1202 #1200 OSFM (1/2˝ diam.) #1026 Wide (1˝ diam.) #1207 #1201 Visco-GEL® Digital Pad Strip Tubular Foam Toe Bandages™ Soft Ribbed fabric, with 1˝ diameter Gel Soft, fabric-lined foam, cut to size dots, cut to size 6/pk (12˝ long ea) 2/pk (24˝ long ea) Small (5/8˝ diam.) #8137-5 Small/Medium (3/4˝ diam.) #1175 Medium (3/4˝ diam.) #8137-3 Large/XLarge (1˝ diam.) #1176 Large (1˝ diam.) #8137-14 Call: 1-800-424-5561 Fax: 845-277-2851 Email:
  5. 5. TOE MANAGEMENT How does Visco-GEL® work? Soothing gel absorbs pressure and friction to cushion and protect skin. Mineral oil is released by the gel to soothe and moisturize skin. Skin Only Visco-GEL®... • Cushions, protects, absorbs pressure, shock and shear forces better than other materials • Releases medical grade mineral oil, enriched with vitamin E, to soothe, soften and moisturize skin • Conforms to prominences and foot contours Thin Wall • Features our anatomically-correct product designs • Guarantees its durability — will not flatten, deform or Thicker Distal End degrade with use Comfort Vent • Is hypo-allergenic, washable and reusable • Is scientifically formulated for consistent softness, durability and color • Was developed by the original pioneers of podiatric and orthopedic Gels Visco-GEL® Digital Caps “…Your Visco-Gel products are really great — consistently good quality, expert designs, and Thin side wall design takes up my patients love them. Your customer service less space in shoes, ‘Comfort Vents’ for people are great to deal with-always helpful breathability, extra distal padding and very knowledgeable...” Dr. Pam Hoffman for added toe tip protection. 10/pk Small/Medium (1/2˝ diam.) #1075 Large/XLarge (3/4˝ diam.) #1076 XXLarge (1˝ diam.) #1077 Fabric-Covered Hand Sewn Visco-GEL® Digital Caps Durable Cover Choose fabric sleeve: ‘Mesh’ is most compressive. ‘Ribbed’ offers more stretch. PolyFoam™ ‘Knit’ style features no seam. Nylon-Covered Toe Caps 6/pk Ribbed Seamless Knit Mesh • Proprietary foam Small/Medium (3/4˝ diam.) #1050 #1053 #1056 • Extra distal padding for added Large/XLarge (1˝ diam.) #1051 #1054 #1057 toe-tip protection XXLarge (1 1/4˝ diam.) #1052 #1055 N/A • Our exclusive, hand-sewn nylon cover adds durability and reduces friction Our Exclusive 3/pk Soft’N Stretch™ Fabrics Small (1/2˝ diam.) #8134-S Medium (3/4˝ diam.) #8134-M Large (1˝ diam.) #8134-L ®You Choose — Dispense, Prescribe or Patient Direct Order The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 5
  6. 6. TOE MANAGEMENT Digital Care Made Easy Visco-GEL® Toe Spacers Mild flanges help keep these soft Gel spacers in place between 1st & 2nd toes. 4/pk Small #1125 Soft, Durable Medium #1126 3-Layer Foam Large #1127 “I have a bad case of bunions but can’t have surgery… these Visco-GEL® Toe Spreaders are a life saver… I am so thankful for them… this has relieved so much of my pain, with these I Cushion, Protect, can stay comfortable. Thanks for a wonderful product” Victoria from Vermont Divide & Align Toes • Relieve dozens of common conditions • Absorb pressure and friction • Separate crooked, 3-Layer Toe Separators™ overlapping toes Soft, soothing, exclusive PolyFoam™ • Comfort toe tops and nails outer layers, slightly firmer middle layer. • Align digits to reduce stress, 12/pk pressure on MP joints Small #8130-S Medium #8130-M • Maintain toe positioning Original Toe Spreaders Large #8130-L after surgery Firmer than Gel, with a more pronounced Xlarge #8130-X flange to better separate and align toes, 6/pk-MIX conservatively or post-op. 2S, 2M, 2L #8130-MIX/6 12/pk Small #8129-S Medium #8129-M Large #8129-L This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. PolyFoam™ Toe ‘Comb’ Cushion • Super soft foam in a unique anatomical shape. • Use as-is or trim for use between 2 or 3 digits. Visco-GEL® Toe Separators • Position above or underneath toes, to Proprietary Gel divides toes gently, soothes relieve pressure on toe tops or tips. and softens. 12/pk 15/pk OSFA #8230 Small #1100 Large #1102 Xlarge #11036 Call: 1-800-424-5561 Fax: 845-277-2851 Visit:
  7. 7. TOE MANAGEMENT Hammer Toe Crests Relieve Toe-Tip Pressure, Support Bent-Under Toes, Make Walking More Comfortable • Relieve toe tip corns and irritations • Cushion and support hammer, claw, mallet, arthritic and bent-under toes • Ease metatarsal and forefoot pain • Anatomically-correct shape for maximum comfort and effectiveness Choose Suede, Felt or Visco-GEL® Suede and felt-covered Toe Crests feature soft, durable fabrics, and adjustable elastic bands that hold them in place. Visco-GEL® Crests feature our proprietary Gel Suede material and a flexible, fixed loop. 3/pk Deluxe Suede Felt Visco-GEL® Small Left #8154A-SL #8154B-SL #3025 Visco-GEL® Small Right #8154A-SR #8154B-SR #3026 Medium Left #8154A-ML #8154B-ML #3027 Medium Right #8154A-MR #8154B-MR #3028 Large Left #8154A-LL #8154B-LL #3029 Felt Large Right Universal - OSFM #8154A-LR N/A #8154B-LR N/A #3030 #3035 NEW! “I continually save valuable time by not having to make palliative Hammer Toe Crests Sizing Chart products. I get excellent results Small fits Women’s Shoe Sizes 4-7 Visco-GEL® Universal using the PEDIFIX product line.” Medium fits Women’s Shoe Sizes 8-10, Men’s 6-8 Dr. Curtis Leviant Large fits Women’s Shoe Sizes 11+, Men’s 9+ Budin™ Toe Splints Toe Straighteners Align Problem Toes — Conservatively or Post-op • Straighten crooked, overlapping digits • Encourage hammer toes to ‘flex’ to help postpone rigidity • Soft elastic loops guide deformed toes into place • Ball-of-foot cushion helps protect metatarsal heads • Plastic disk (hidden inside) stabilizes loops • Effective post-operative splint to speed healing ˝T˝ Design Helps Align Toes Velcro® Digit Wraps Single Soft, Pre-Made ‘T’ Splint for Adjacent Toes Double • Align crooked, overlapping digits Triple • Straighten flexible hammer toes 1/pk • Effective conservatively, post-surgically Single Toe - OSFM* #8155 or following injury Double Toe - OSFM* #8157 • Easily removed and reapplied for Triple Toe - Left #8158-L bathing, therapy or inspection Triple Toe - Right #8158-R *interchangeable for right or left foot 6/pk OSFM #6051 ®Fast, Friendly Service Distributors Nationwide The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 7
  8. 8. ORDER FORM PediFix® Footcare Company Order Form Please photocopy this form for future orders or download from The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 Today’s Date Billing Information Shipping Information Account # Name ❏ Check if same as billing information. Your Name Address Name P.O. # Address Thank you for purchasing City PediFix products. State Zip City Every item is protected by Telephone State Zip our 100% Satisfaction Fax Telephone Guarantee. E-Mail Fax E-Mail Telephone: Mail: Ordering is Easy! 1-800-424-5561 PediFix, Inc. or 845-277-2850 310 Guinea Road “…Pleased with the large Fax: Brewster, NY 10509 USA product selection and excellent 845-277-2851 E-Mail: customer service.” Dr. Jeff Witman Item # Item Name Size Left Women’s $ Price Each Quantity Total $ Price (If Applicable) or Right or Men’s (If Applicable) (If Applicable) All prices are in United States Dollars and are subject to change without notice. Merchandise Total Payment Method Shipping Method** Sales Tax (KS, NY, WA only) ❏ UPS Ground ❏ UPS 2nd-Day Air $5.00 Small Order Fee ❏ Check or Money Order: Payable to PediFix, Inc. (Only for orders under $35.00) (We do not accept checks or money orders from non-US banks.) ❏ UPS Next-Day Air ❏ UPS 3-Day Select TOTAL (UPS Ground Service will be used unless otherwise noted.) ❏ C.O.D. ❏ VISA ❏ MasterCard ❏ Net 30 Days (upon credit approval) Month Year FREE UPS Ground Shipping Card # Expiration Date with prepaid orders If you are paying with a credit card, please remember to include your phone number over $150! in the ˝Billing Information˝ section above, just in case we have questions about your order. * Your refund will be for the product’s price plus any applicable Name on Card taxes. Shipping and handling is non-refundable. We regret that customized items cannot be returned. **Shipping and insurance charges will be added based on total Signature of Cardholder package weight and order value. F.O.B. Brewster, New York. L0006 11/20098 Call: 1-800-424-5561 Fax: 845-277-2851 Email:
  9. 9. TOE MANAGEMENT Custom Digital Devices in Less Than 5 Minutes with PediPlast®! Custom Hammer Toe Crest, Custom Toe Separator, Just mix & mold! PediPlast® is a moldable silicone compound that lets you fabricate soft, durable, custom digital devices in less than 5 minutes. It’s fast, easy and versatile, providing you with the ability to relieve a variety of digital conditions. 250g jar, hardener and measuring spoon Use PediPlast® to: Just a few of the devices Clean, fast and easy you can make in minutes — • Cushion and Protect for accommodation of digital PediPlast® is a putty-like material that you • Align and Separate problems or post-surgical mold directly to your patient’s foot, where it cures to a soft, permanent form. You alignment and compression. Use PediPlast® to treat dozens control the density and firmness of the of foot conditions, including: finished devices by adjusting the amount of The possibilities are truly unlimited, giving hardening agent added. The process takes • Bunions and Corns you the powerful ability to respond to only minutes, is clean and trouble-free. • Hammer, Mallet, Claw, situations as they arise — with a quick, After just a few uses, you’ll be confident Crooked, Overlapping Toes custom-made solution to most digital with the material, the process and the • Amputations problems — either temporary or permanent. consistency of the resulting appliances. • And More! Exceptional value, too. Soft, yet durable PediPlast® is economical. Your cost is Patients appreciate PediPlast® footcare usually less than $2.00 per device, and appliances because they’re custom made the 250 gram jar can produce as many as just for them, and the devices feel good 50 appliances, depending on their size and look natural. The material is non-toxic, Keep PediPlast® handy in and complexity. The cost is affordable for non-irritating, hypo-allergenic, soft, yet your office for both most patients — typically from $10 to $25 durable and tear resistant. Washable with per appliance. soap and water, too. No wasted material, routine and difficult no smell or residue, no refrigeration, no cases not easily treated 100g jar & 1 tube curing agent #8000 special handling required. PediPlast® has 250g jar & 3 tubes curing agent #8001 an indefinite shelf life and will not harden with other methods. 400g jar & 4 tubes curing agent #8002 until you add the curing agent. Scissor-trim or grind finished devices to make additional alterations after hardening, if needed. ®Fast, Friendly Service Distributors Nationwide The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 9
  10. 10. BUNION MANAGEMENT FootSplints™ for Post-Surgical Management Fully Adjustable, Soft Velcro Mild Compression Enhance Surgical Results Nothing beats these pre-made devices. Because of the foot’s irregular contours, we’ve developed an assortment of Adjustable Hallux Valgus SoftSplint™ anatomically-ideal, ready- Alignment Comfortable, Effective Post-Op Bunion to-use post-op splints and Hallux Valgus DaySplint™ Splinting rehabilitation aids. Each Adjustable Alignment Control • For ambulatory and non-ambulatory use is intended to replace • Simple varus-valgus adjustment ‘homemade’ splints — • Maintains ideal hallux positioning and • Permits hallux flexion-extension immediately post-op, in constant MP joint alignment 1/pk post-op shoes, or later, in • Completely adjustable positioning control Small Left #6022A-SL normal footwear. Small Right #6022A-SR • Soft fabric construction • Speed healing, reduce Large Left #6022A-LL • Autoclavable complications, enhance Large Right #6022A-LR Small fits narrow feet. Large fits wide feet. 1/pk surgical results, help Small Left #6026-SL prevent recurrence Small Right #6026-SR Medium Left #6026-ML • Precise, adjustable Medium Right #6026-MR positioning control Large Left #6026-LL • Easy removal and Large Right #6026-LR HCPCS Code: L3100 reapplication for bathing, inspection or therapy FootSplints Sizing Chart • Improve patient convenience, Small generally fits Shoe Sizes 4-7 increase compliance Medium generally fits Shoe Sizes 8-10 • Conservative relief of Darco® Flexible Post-Op Shoe Large generally fits Shoe Sizes 10+ Exact sizing is not critical for these products. discomfort if surgery is Reduces Stress on Surgical & Fracture Sites contra-indicated, to Speed Healing unwarranted or refused. • Semi-flexible sole comforts to foot contours throughout the gait cycle, makes ambulation easier and more comfortable. • Soft nylon upper, self-molding insoles Hallux Valgus NightSplint™ protects foot surface. Non-Ambulatory Positioning Control • Interchangeable right or left foot. • Immobilizes hallux to speed healing 1/pk • Adjustable varus-valgus alignment Women’s Small (fits 4-6) #6210-L-S to maintain ideal surgical result Women’s Medium (fits 6½-8) #6210-L-M Women’s Large (fits 8½-10) #6210-L-L 1/pk Men’s Small (fits 6-8) #6210-M-S Small Left #6035-SL Men’s Medium (fits 8½-10) #6210-M-M Helps Maintain Small Right #6035-SR Men’s Large (fits 10½-12) #6210-M-L Alignment Medium Left #6035-ML Men’s Xlarge (fits 12½-14) #6210-M-XL Medium Right #6035-MR Children’s (fits 12-1) #6210-Y Large Left #6035-LL Quantity discounts are available – please call. Large Right #6035-LR HCPCS Code: L326010 Call: 1-800-424-5561 Fax: 845-277-2851 Visit:
  11. 11. BUNION MANAGEMENT Stretchable Toe Loop Visco-GEL® Bunion Guard Ultra-thin Relieves Pain, Cushions & Protects Design Sensitive MP Joint • Absorbs shoe pressure, friction • Proprietary Gel soothes and softens • Thin profile design fits comfortably in most footwear • Alternate positioning — under sesamoids 1/pk Hallux - OSFM #1316 Tailors - OSFM #1319 “…Ideal protective device for bony prominence, with thin profile…” Dr. Nicholas Romansky, DPM Speeds Healing Forefoot Compression Sleeve™ Controls and Reduces Edema After Injury or Surgery 1/pk Small (fits womens 6-8, mens 4-6) #6027-S Medium (fits womens 9-11, mens 7-9) #6027-M Large (fits womens 12+, mens 10-12) #6027-L Visco-GEL® See our Compression Anklet and additional edema reduction Bunion Care™ Relief Sleeves products on page 31. Cushion, Protect, Absorb Pressure & Friction • Relieve pain, makes shoes comfortable • Soft’N Stretch™ fabric cover positions Visco-GEL® pad over MP joint • Thin Dress’ model features 3mm thick Gel pad and fits in most fashion footwear • ‘Extra Protection’ model features 5mm thick pad that requires more space in shoes Felt Bunion Shield • Uncovered style keeps Gel in contact with Soothing MP Joint Protection Fits skin surface to soothe, soften Comfortably In Most Shoes • Covered version places fabric next to skin • 2 layers of soft, durable felt reduce 1/pk (3mm pad) ˝Thin Dress˝ Covered Uncovered pressure, friction. Small/Medium #1303-MC #1306-M • Elastic loop keeps Shield in position Large/Xlarge #1304-MC #1307-M 1/pk (5mm pad) ˝Extra Protection˝ 1/pk Small/Medium #1309-MC #1312-M OSFM #8148 Large/Xlarge #1310-MC #1313-M ®Fast, Friendly Service Distributors Nationwide The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 11
  12. 12. METATARSAL MANAGEMENT Stretchable Toe Loop Keeps Pad in Place Visco-GEL® Metatarsal Pad with Toe Loop 1/ 4˝ thick, All-Gel construction, stretchable toe loop. 1/pk Small Left #3005 Small Right #3004 Large Left #3007 Large Right #3006 Deluxe Metatarsal Cushion 2 soft PolyFoam™ layers, hand-sewn nylon cover for added comfort, durability & reduced friction. Aligns Overlapping Toes 1/pk Small #8188-S Large #8188-L interchangeable for right or left foot Visco-GEL® Silicone Metatarsal Pad with Toe Separator Inter-digital spacer keeps cushion in place. Forefoot Protection, 1/pk Small Left #3002 Cushioning, Alignment, Small Right #3000 Support and Stability Large Left #3003 Large Right #3001 • Products for ‘on-foot’ and ‘in-shoe’ applications • Relieve pain, improve comfort, and Fabric Cover enhance foot function for Extra Comfort • Absorb impact shock, shear and friction forces • Provide additional plantar padding Visco-GEL® Forefoot Cushion • Ease metatarsalgia, fat pad atrophy, calluses, neuroma pain with Toe Strap 1/ 8˝ Gel with top and bottom Soft’N Stretch • Reduce stress on metatarsal heads fabric cover, elastic toe loop. and shafts 2/pk Small #1250 Large #1252 interchangeable for right or left foot Ultra Thin Comfort Visco-GEL® Thin Forefoot Pad Economy Metatarsal Cushions 1/ 16˝ Gel with top and bottom Single layer foam with one-sided fabric Soft’N Stretch™ fabric cover. cover for durability 2/pk 10/pk Small #1275 OSFM #8187 Large #1276 interchangeable for right or left foot interchangeable for right or left foot12 Call: 1-800-424-5561 Fax: 845-277-2851 Email:
  13. 13. METATARSAL MANAGEMENT Toe Post Protection 1133 Stops Chafing Between Toes 1131 Ball-of-Foot Cushioning Visco-GEL® Thong Sandal Guards NEW! Protect inter-digital space from sandal thong friction, pressure. Make sandals Self-sticking, more comfortable. Safe for Skin 1 pr/pk OSFM (Toe Protection Only) #1131 OSFM (with Ball-of-Foot Cushion) #1133 NEW! Pedi-GEL™ Ball-of-Foot Pad Our unique new Pedi-Gel™ material is self-sticking, washable, reusable and safe for sensitive skin. These adhere directly to skin or to the insides of shoes -— whichever is preferred -— to provide extra cushioning. Tuli’s® Gel Metatarsal Cushions Other shapes also available. Patented ‘waffle’ design compresses, All 2/pk rebounds with each step. Ball-of-Foot Pads (shown) #P8201 Arch Pads #P8202 1 pr/pk Callus Pads #P8203 OSFM #P89 Dancer Pads #P8204 Sheets (2˝ x 3 1/2˝) #P8205 Comfortable Invisible Gel Soft’N Stretch™ Top Cover Soft Felt Conforms Felt Metatarsal Pads to Foot Impressions T-Gel™ Forefoot Relief Pads Soft support and cushioning. Self-adhesive backings. Cushions ball-of-foot. Optional anti-microbial top cover absorbs odor and prevents bacterial growth. 1 pr/pk Small (1/4˝ thick) #8184-S 1 pr/pk Medium (5/16˝ thick) #8184-M OSFM (Covered) #1281-TC Large (3/8˝ thick) #8184-L OSFM (Uncovered) #1281-T ®See OTC packaged products, pages 34 to 39 The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 13
  14. 14. METATARSAL MANAGEMENT Be GelSmart® with Visco-GEL® Forefoot Protection Also available in uncovered version with moisturizing Visco-GEL® against the skin. Visco-GEL® Universal Met Strap Soft’N Stretch™ fabric forefoot sleeve with Gel Most popular version pad inside. Protects met heads from pressure. covered inside and out 1/pk Covered Uncovered “I went to see my doctor and he said try this Small/Medium Left #1226 #1230 Pedifix® GelSmart™ Universal Metatarsal Strap… Small/Medium Right #1225 #1229 it is a wonderful product… thank you very Large/Xlarge Left #1228 #1232 much!!!” Louise from Hawaii Large/Xlarge Right #1227 #1231 How does Visco-GEL® work? Soothing gel absorbs pressure and friction to cushion and protect skin. Mineral oil is released by the gel to soothe and moisturize skin. Skin Visco-GEL® Silicone Thin design, comfortable in Thin Forefoot Cushion everyday footwear 2mm thick Gel with Soft’N Stretch fabric forefoot wrap and 1st toe loop. Great for 1/pk ballet dancers! Small Left #1322 Small Right #1321 Large Left #1324 Large Right #1323 Visco-GEL® Visco-GEL® Forefoot Protection Sockette Slip-on Forefoot Protector Complete plantar forefoot protection, from toe tips to metatarsal heads. Thin layer of Soft’N Stretch™ fabric forefoot band Gel covered on both sides with fabric. with Gel padding 1/pk 1/pk Small/Medium #1342 Small/Medium #1328 Large/Xlarge #1343 Large/Xlarge #1330 interchangeable for right or left foot interchangeable for right or left foot14 Call: 1-800-424-5561 Fax: 845-277-2851 Visit:
  15. 15.  0 cm 1 METATARSAL MANAGEMENT Cut out this tape measure to size these and other products Arch Binders™ 2 Gently compresses to releve pain Compressive elastic midfoot bandage gently stabilizes, repositions metatarsal shafts, heads 3 • Supports plantar fascia to help relieve heel pain • Eases ball of foot pain, bunion and Tailor’s bunion pain 4 • Approximately 50 mm Hg compression 1 pr/pk 5 Small (fits midfoot circumference 18-19 cm) #6000-19 Medium (fits midfoot circumference 20-21 cm) #6000-21 Large (fits midfoot circumference 22-23 cm) #6000-23 6 XLarge (fits midfoot circumference 24-25 cm) #6000-25 7 8 9 10 Arch Binders with Metatarsal Pad 11 Compressive elastic midfoot bandage with removable metatarsal pad repositions, stabilizes 12 and supports metatarsal heads, shafts. Sesamoid Relief Sleeve™ NEW! 1 pr/pk 13 Lightweight Lycra® forefoot binder positions a soft foam Small (fits midfoot circumference 18-19 cm) #6002-19 ball-of-foot pad with sesamoid relief aperture under the Medium (fits midfoot circumference 20-21 cm) #6002-21 first metatarsal head to limit pressure and shock and Large (fits midfoot circumference 22-23 cm) #6002-23 14 relieve pain. Washable and reusable. Sizing is approximate. interchangeable for right or left foot 1/pk 15 Small fits narrow and average width feet. Large fits wide feet. 16 Small Right #6003-SR Small Left #6003-SL Large Right #6003-LR 17 Large Left #6003-LL Covered gel pad Visco-GEL® Arch Wrap NEW! 18 19 20 Helps Relieve Heel and Arch Pain 21 Stretchable nylon fabric with hook and loop closures positions a soft silicone Gel cushion that supports the 22 plantar fascia. Designed for wear under or over socks. Thin profile fits comfortably in most footwear. Washable Super Metatarsal Cushion and reusable for months. Interchangeable – fits right or 23 left foot. Thick PolyFoam™ padding on soft elastic midfoot sleeve. 1/pk 1/pk 24 Small/Medium Small (fits midfoot circumference 18-19 cm) #8185-18 (fits narrow and average width feet) #1291-S Medium (fits midfoot circumference 20-21 cm) #8185-20 Large/X-Large (fits wide feet) #1291-L 25 Large (fits midfoot circumference 22-23 cm) #8185-22 26 ®Fast, Friendly Service Distributors Nationwide The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 15 27
  16. 16. SKIN PROTECTION Be GelSmart® with Visco-GEL® Skin Protection 4-Way Soft’N Stretch™ Cover Visco-GEL® Silicone Self-Adhesive Sheeting 2mm thick, with 4-way stretch, low-friction anti-microbial or clear top cover. Washable and reusable. Sheets, Dots, Squares, Disks Anti-Microbial Clear Top Cover Top Cover and Pre-Cut Pads 4˝ x 6˝ Sheet (1/pk) #3080 #3081 Versatile applications to cushion, protect, 2 1/2˝ x 3˝ Sheet (2/pk) #3075 #3076 absorb pressure and friction. May help the 2 1/2˝ x 3˝ Sheet (10/pk) #805 #806 appearance of scars. • Conforms to any prominence or contour • Scissor trim to customize for any 4˝ Disk application • Apply to feet, ankles, legs… shoes, orthotics, splints, braces, etc. • Specially-formulated for easy removal 25mm Dots from delicate skin 2.5˝ Disk Visco-GEL® Sheets, Dots, Disks, Squares Various thicknesses and sizes, with or without adhesive or Velcro®-type backings for easy applications 4˝ Square Dots (1 sheet - 15 dots/sheet) 25mm diam. 3mm thick w/ adhesive back #1360 Disk with Hook-Back Disks (2/pk) 4˝ Round 2.5˝ Round 5mm thick #1350 #1354 5mm thick w/ adhesive back #1351 #1355 Square Sheets (2/pk) 4˝ Square 5mm thick #1352 5mm thick w/ adhesive back #1353 Disks w/ Hook Back (2/pk) 2.5˝ Round 3mm thick #3561 6mm thick #3562 Sheets w/ Hook Back (2/pk) 4˝ x 6˝ 3mm thick #3565 6mm thick #3566 Sheet with Hook-Back16 Call: 1-800-424-5561 Fax: 845-277-2851 Email:
  17. 17. SKIN PROTECTION Be GelSmart™ with Visco-GEL® Treatment Kits Keep a variety of the most frequently used Visco-GEL® Foot Protection Products handy and organized. Standard Kit Contents Deluxe Kit Contents 6 Toe Separators 9 Toe Separators 3 Toe Spreaders 9 Toe Spreaders 2 Universal Toe Crests 2 Universal Toe Crests 3 All Gel Toe Caps 6 All Gel Toe Caps 3 Ribbed Toe Caps 6 Ribbed Toe Caps 2 Mesh Toe Caps 6 Corn Pads 4 Corn Pads 2 Fully Coated Ribbed Tubes 2 Fully Coated Ribbed Tubes 2 Fully Coated Mesh Tubes 2 Fully Coated Mesh tubes 4 Bunion Guards 2 Bunion Guards 1 Gel Sheet w/Cover 10 Products, 29 Pieces Gel Sheet Uncovered 12 Products, 49 Pieces #Kit-1 #Kit-2 Visco-GEL® Silicone Adhesive Pads 2mm thick with soft, anti-microbial cloth top cover. Washable and reusable. Large Heart/Tear Drop (4/pk) NEW! White fabric #3175 Pedi-GEL™ Callus Pads Beige fabric #3176 Our unique new Pedi-Gel™ material is self-sticking, washable, reusable and Small Oval w/ aperture (6/pk) safe for sensitive skin. These adhere directly to skin or to the insides of White fabric #3200 shoes -- whichever is preferred -- to provide extra cushioning. Beige fabric #3201 Other shapes also available. All 2/pk Small Round w/ aperture (9/pk) Callus Pads (shown) #P8203 White fabric #3150 Ball-of-Foot Pads #P8201 Beige fabric #3151 Arch Pads #P8202 Dancer Pads #P8204 Sheets (2˝ x 3 1/2˝) #P8205 Felt Callus Pads Self-adhesive backings, with aperture. 40/pk OSFM #8023-40 Use on Foot or in Shoe Felt Corn Pads Self-adhesive backings, with aperture. 40/pk OSFM #8005-40 ®Fast, Friendly Service Distributors Nationwide The Most Trusted Family in Footcare, Since 1885 17