Ventuno video ecosystem


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What are the essential ingredients for video enabling a website

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Ventuno video ecosystem

  1. 1. Ventuno Video Ecosystem Ventuno has developed a proprietary technology platform and service model that serves 3 fundamental purposes for a publisher to be video enabled.1. Setting up the required video platform & infrastructure2. Getting relevant video content that would interest the website’s audience, thus, enhancing the current offering3. Increasing the monetization of the website while adding video content Each of these components can be available by the publisher and/or outsourced. Video Platform & Infrastructure Infrastructure is the software component that helps the publisher upload, organize, manage, publish, distribute, monetize and analyze their video assets online. The publisher could either build this infrastructure on his own or get it from an online video platform company (like Ventuno). Unless the video competency within the publisher’s organization is high and video is core to the publisher’s business strategy, building and maintaining it in-house is an expensive proposition. Ventuno solves all the issues by providing ready-made capabilities in terms of hosting & streaming content, content management, publishing and distribution, ad monetization and support. Video Content Video content, unlike other content types is not easy to create. Producing video content is both expensive and requires a lot of expertise. An alternative is to procure content from available sources, though this is not necessarily easy. Alternative sources of content would typically come from Traditional content creators Content aggregators Content networks Sourcing from traditional content creators for online use is tricky as they are used to a set way of thinking and are not always open to the new media revenue models. Traditional content pricing typically involves an upfront fixed fee with geographical limitations. Going to aggregators usually carries fixed fees and in some cases minimum guaranties and/or revenue share. In case of a revenue share model too, most times a minimum guarantee amount is expected. Then there are large content networks where you will not only get content but also a payout when ads are run. However, the publisher will have no control over the in- stream ad monetization and you will have to depend on that content networks’ capability to fill and monetize the same. Ventuno solves this problem by acting as a meta-content aggregator & syndicator. Ventuno augments this with its own content production facilities. Thus making available a vast library of content to the publisher at no cost
  2. 2. MonetizationMonetization is typically from subscriptions, pay-per-view, sponsorships and ads. If you have compellingpremium content that is copyrighted or licensed by you then subscription and or pay-per-view models couldbe an option. But getting scale on the back of subscriptions is not easy; however, if executed correctly, youcould make a tidy margin. Monetization through advertising is popular amongst existing websites that havevideo capability. This requires a website to have a robust video ad server, a direct sales team and a largeenough ad inventory, else getting ads directly from advertisers and agencies is close to impossible. Also,geographical split of content views creates a complexity that would require you to offload your remnantinventory to video ad networks. Lack of standard adoption makes integration with multiple video adnetworks a complex task. Having done all this, the publisher has to make sure that the analytics andreporting are detailed enough to optimize and maximize revenue generation and profit margins.Ventuno by virtue of being an open platform has integrated with more than a dozen video ad networksaround the world including Google Adsense for video. This provides the publisher the flexibility to maximizerevenue from many available options. In cases where the publisher is capable of procuring ads on theirown, the Ventuno ad-server is used by them to manage their video ad inventory.