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Union resources and orgs on semesters


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Presenter: Adam Burden.

Highlights of key resources for student orgs from the Ohio Union and key changes for student orgs in regards to the transition to semesters.

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Union resources and orgs on semesters

  1. 1. S tu d e nt O rganization R e s ou rce s &You r O rg on S e m e s te rs
  2. 2. Regis tration• Registration Process – Two registration Windows • Spring Window: February 15 – April 30 (June 1 this year) • Autumn Window: August 1 – October 15 – Organizations self select which Window to register in and which registration deadline – All requirements must be completed during the Window or the organization will be Inactive – New organizations may only register during a Window
  3. 3. Regis tration• Registration Requirements – President Training – Treasurer Training – Advisor Training – Online registration forms • General Info, Roster, Constitution, Goals – Advisor Approvals • Registration • Goals
  4. 4. C ons titutions• Constitutions – Must have • Purpose Statement • Non-discrimination policy consistent with CSA Guidelines • Member selection requirements and removal process • Officer titles, duties, selection, and removal process – Update dates/quarters, “SOURCE” references, any outdated statements, specific names of individuals, formatting inconsistencies
  5. 5. Funding Deadlines• Operating Funds – June 1, 2012: Audits due for 2011-12 year – July 1, 2012: Requests Open for the upcoming year – May 1, 2013: Audits due for 2012-13 year• Programming Funds – April 15: Deadline for events occurring June 1 - August 15 – July 1: Deadline for events occurring August 16 - October 15 – September 1: Deadline for events occurring October 16 - December 31 – November 15: Deadline for events occurring January 1 - March 15 – February 1: Deadline for events occurring March 16 - May 31
  6. 6. S tu d e nt O rganization S taff Vian Barwari – Graduate Admin Associate Resource Room operation, Student Staff supervision Adam Burden – Coordinator, Student Involvement Student organization registration, trainingsDeb Cunningham – Coordinator, Student Orgs Student Organization Funding process Katie Dean Williams – Graduate Admin Associate Student Organization Funding, Tenant Programming
  7. 7. C enter for S tudent Leaders hip & S ervice A student’s point of connection for the full spectrum of involvement at Ohio State.Students can connect with leadershipand service initiatives, engage withstudent organizations, advance learning,and create lasting memories.
  8. 8. C enter for S tudent Leaders hip & S ervice
  9. 9. C enter for S tudent Leaders hip & S ervice• Existing and New Initiatives – Leadership Awards – Pay It Forward – Annual Conference on Leadership and Civic Engagement – Student Organization Summit – Skill Building Workshops – Leadership Classes
  10. 10. C enter for S tudent Leaders hip & S ervice• Workshops, Presentations, Guest Speakers – Over 30 different topics• Request support for your next organization retreat – Finding locations – Consultation/planning on activities and agendas – Games, equipment, low ropes course activities – Facilitation from Student Leadership Advocates – Coca Cola Retreat Package Funding
  11. 11. C enter for S tudent Leaders hip & S ervice
  12. 12. Most Popular: Go to Getlink for Student Involved and Organizations click Student Organizations
  13. 13. StudentOrganizations home page Click here (on any student org page) to access the management system
  14. 14. Guidelines, documents, links, access to marketing/ graphics/video services
  15. 15. Res ource Room• Some resources have an associated cost. Items without cost are free. Each student organization receives a yearly $250 Line of Credit to spend on resources. You don’t have to pay it back!• Your Line of Credit resets on the last day of your organization’s registration Window. You spend your Line of Credit from the previous year through the end of your registration Window.• New organizations will receive a $25 Line of Credit for their first 60 days of Pending status• All members listed on an organization’s roster can use the organization’s Line of Credit, unless organization restricts.
  16. 16. Res ource Room• Only three primary officers may reserve and check out equipment.• When your Line of Credit runs out, if your status is Inactive, or whenever you desire, you can purchase items at their cost from the Resource Room.• Individuals can purchase items from the Resource Room.
  17. 17. Funding: important treasurer information, including deadlines guidelines, and documents Click here (on any student org page) to access the management system
  18. 18. Enter your OSU.#username and passwordOnly the listed Treasurer canapply for funding
  19. 19. Your organization and desired function
  20. 20. View line of credit balance
  21. 21. Offices , Lockers , and Mailboxes• Student organizations have access to office spaces, storage lockers, and mailboxes.• Offices, lockers, and mailboxes applications for 2012-13 are online and available March 1 and due April 30.
  22. 22. Free Marketing Res ources• Fill out online request – Graphic Design – Photography & Videography – Vendor or promotional items quotes• Contact Neil – Digital Bulletin Boards – Ohio Union online calendar• Marketing tips handout – Student Organization Resources page
  23. 23. C oke B everage Donation• Donations are for events, rather than for meetings.• The event must be on or near campus.• The request form must be filled out online at least 2 weeks prior to the event for which the beverages are needed.• Several pick-up locations, including the Ohio Union• Not able to serve or distribute non-Coca-Cola products on campus property, nor use university funds to purchase non-Coca-Cola products for events or programs on or off campus.
  24. 24. Webs ite Regis tration• Student organizations may use free website space hosted through the university.• To request a website, change webmasters, or request a new URL address, the President fills out the General Information online registration page• Questions about log-in/technical issues with your website should be directed to 688-HELP or
  25. 25. Technology Res ources• The Ohio Union IT staff can help your student organization create templates and design basic website features – Contact Nate to set up an appointment• Organization specific listservs are managed by OIT.• Organization email addresses ( are also managed by OIT.
  26. 26. C armen Pages• To create Student Organization Carmen page, send the following information to 1. A course title (Your student organization name). This must be 30 characters or less, spaces included. 2. An instructor name.# (This should be your OSU faculty/staff advisor member, who can later give instructor access to other members and officers) 3. An OSU department the course will be placed under. (Student organizations use "Student Life“) 4. The quarter in which the course will be active. Ongoing is an available option.• Once the request is submitted, the instructor will automatically be given access and will be able to enroll other users.
  27. 27. S tudent Organization Ins ider• The Student Organization Insider is a weekly email newsletter sent to all primary officers and advisors – Forward it to the rest of your members!• You are automatically signed up to receive it when you are listed as an officer of a student organization. Other members can sign up to the listserv on the Ohio Union website• Submit announcements for your events by Tuesdays at 5pm to
  28. 28. S potlight Your Organization• Did your organization or member win an award or receive recognition?• Are you doing a cool event that everyone else should know about?• Do you want some free publicity in Buckeye Net News and OSU Weekly emails?• Submit information to
  29. 29. Meeting & E vent S pace• Ohio Union Meeting & Event Space – Over 30 options – Most rooms are free with Pending or Active status – Limited to 3 free rooms per day per student organization – Conference Meeting Rooms in the Center• Tabling in the Great Hall• Ohio Union Catering – Catering 101 Menu – Outside food policy• Make reservations one semester in advance, or one year in advance for one-time only events
  30. 30. Meeting & E vent S pace• Additional campus locations – Selected classroom buildings across campus – RPAC – Other facilities• Outdoor Events – As far as advance as possible – Online request ( – 5k, races, runs need special permission – Will semesters impact your outdoor events?• Time for a new meeting time?
  31. 31. Meeting & E vent S pace
  32. 32. Meeting & E vent S pace• VEMS screen shot – Plug Center Meeting Rooms
  33. 33. S c heduling Tips• Longer academic day = less classroom evening availability for meetings• Morning and afternoon meetings should be considered• More accurate attendance estimates will lead to more room availability (fewer large rooms)• Poll your organization as Autumn semester classes are being scheduled to determine if your meeting time might need to change –
  34. 34. E vent Planning• Why? Audience, Type of program, Intended Outcomes• Reserve Space• Budget• Travel and Contracts• Branding, Marketing• Food and Beverages• Decorations, Supplies and A/V• Volunteers• Clean Up, Evaluation, Thank Yous
  35. 35. E vent Planning• Checklist: – Cancellations/rain sites – Parking – Permits – Large crowds = space defining equipment – ADA accessible – Trash removal – Late night/early morning security – Amplified sound, if outside – First Aid
  36. 36. E lec tions & Trans itions• Consider new member recruitment timelines• Officer elections should ideally allow for overlap between incoming and outgoing officers• Holding elections just before or at the beginning of a registration Window will allow for maximum effectiveness
  37. 37. Involvement Fair Regis tration• Registration for the Fall Involvement Fair during Welcome Week opened on April 1.• The registration deadline is July 20.• There will be a stand alone application on the Ohio Union website:• Organizations must have Active status by the July 20 registration deadline to participate in the Fall Involvement Fair.
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