Promoting & Recruiting


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Presenters: Andy Porter and Meredith Kozak.

Know-how on promoting student orgs and recruiting new members.

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Promoting & Recruiting

  1. 1. Member RecruitmentUnderstanding, Planning, and ExecutingPresented by Student Leadership AdvocatesStudent Organization Summit– Spring 2012
  2. 2. Who Is Here Today?• SLA Facilitator Introductions• Participant Introductions – Name – Year – Your Organization, why you joined, why you’re still involved (and here today!), and why would someone else want to join the fun?
  3. 3. What We’ll Do Today• Discuss the basic elements/Goals of recruitment• Focus on interactions between you, your organization, and prospective members• Discuss best practices for successful recruitment of an individual person
  4. 4. Get on the (c)Bus!• What are we “selling”, and how can we make it different? – Why did you get involved, is that why you are still involved?• 80/20 vision – Where are you spending your time?• Understand it, Embrace it, Improve it – Keeping the flow of new and better ideas, motives, energy and relationships
  5. 5. Formal Vs. Non-Formal• Events that are separate from regular organization meetings• Marketing tables• Student Involvement Fairs• Informational flyers/emails, etc.• Inviting people to attend regular meetings• Other FUN things you do• Are you building bonds, or just adding numbers?
  6. 6. Effective recruitment starts with EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION!• Whatever your publicity method, the INTERACTION with prospective members is the MOST important element. That’s what we’ll focus on today.• Foundations of Effective communication – Understanding – Embracing – Collaborating• Again, why is it you’re involved with your org?
  7. 7. The Member Recruitment Process Initial SelectionsInteraction Pitch Follow Up (if applicable) Involvement
  8. 8. The Recruitment Event Execution
  9. 9. Initial Interaction• First impressions are everything! – Don’t talk about your organization – focus on personal connections you have with the prospective member! – Let them talk about themselves (Everyone’s favorite subject!)• “F’em” – focus on: – Friends – Family – From (where they live, where they grew up, etc.) – Fun (hobbies)• These connections are VITAL to recruiting new members: “People don’t join organizations, people join PEOPLE”
  10. 10. “Pitch”• After getting to know the person as a PERSON, you can then talk about your organization.• Be ready to answer the question “why should I join?”• Give them a SLICE of your organization: – Succinct – Legitimate – Informative – Challenging – Exciting
  11. 11. SLICE: Succinct• Elevator speech: Can you explain what your org is about in 2 minutes or less?• What are the most important things about your organization?• Are you sure they’re listening to what you’re saying?• Have I repeated any information more than once?
  12. 12. SLICE: Legitimate• Be authentic and real. You’re not a cheesy salesperson… we hope.• Provide a “realistic preview” of your organization. Would YOU want to join an organization that was not truthful and/or open from the beginning?• Remember: A person begins building trust in an organization before ever joining.
  13. 13. SLICE: Informative• Cover as MUCH as you can without being overwhelming: – Purpose of your organization – What is your organization’s “X factor”: the thing you do better than any other organization or that makes your group unique? – What are your events/programs? – How often and where your organization meets – Any costs associated with joining
  14. 14. SLICE: Challenging• What can YOU and your group do for the prospective member?• What can the new member do for your organization? Why would they be a good fit? – Example: “I notice that you’re really passionate about____,” Show them how that passion fits in with your organization’s purpose or with other members of the organizations.
  15. 15. SLICE: Exciting• What’s FUN about your organization?• What do people in your organization like to do?• What are the new developments in your organization?• How do you see the prospective new member contributing to the excitement?
  16. 16. Selections (if applicable)• Determine selections process BEFORE recruiting begins• Make sure all members are clear on the selections process• Considerations: – What will your application look like? – Who is involved with selections? – When is the deadline? – Why should a person join?
  17. 17. Follow Up• Maintain communication with the prospective member• Answer any questions• Emphasize the points that the potential member was most interested in during your discussion• Do not forget to thank them for their time and consideration
  18. 18. Reminder about RETENTION!• RECRUITMENT DOESN’T STOP AFTER THE FIRST MEETING!!!!• Make sure you don’t forget about your new members: continue to reach out to them!• Continually reinforce the value of your organization to all members, particularly new members who are just forming their impression and expectations of the organization.
  19. 19. Thanks for attending! WHAT QUESTIONS HAVE WE CREATED?
  20. 20. Continue the Conversation• Contact SLA – – Email advisor Melissa Rocco at – Talk to one of us today! • Andy Porter – • Meredith Kozak –• Websites: – Coca-Cola Retreat Packages: – Student Org General Resources: esources
  21. 21. ACTIVITY!• Let’s practice!• Find a partner and recruit them to join your organization. – Remember what we talked about today! • Are you being REAL? • Are you learning about this person? • Are you being CLEAR about your org? • SLICE