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Diversity & inclusion


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Presenters: Rico Pena and Sarah Beale

Integration of membership diversity for productivity in student orgs.

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Diversity & inclusion

  2. 2. Where we’re headed… Activity- What is culture? Why understanding culture matters Activity- I Want You To Know Application to your student organizations Resources on campus Questions?
  3. 3. What is Culture?Activity!As a group, define the word culture. Then, use the stack of cards in front of you to decide which cards represent a culture and which do not.
  4. 4. Culture THEY’RE ALL CUTURES! *Culture = the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group*
  5. 5. Diversity & Inclusion CULTURE DIVERSITY & INCLUSION
  6. 6. Diversity & InclusionMethods to Promote Diversity & Inclusion: Venture Beyond Your Comfort Zone  Introduce, Interact, & Grow Be Kind  It’s Contagious Don’t Assume Anything  Every person is Different Accept the Difference  Try not to judge
  7. 7. Diversity & InclusionApproaches to a Great Culture:1. Avoid Colorblindness  This rids diversity of “value” and “meaning”2. Don’t know, Ask!  Kindly3. Say Something  You accept behaviors if you don’t speak up
  8. 8. I Want You To KnowActivity!Write down a group to which you identify and answer the provided questions. Questions:  What do you want us to know about your group?  What do you never want to see, hear or experience?  What you want your allies to do?
  9. 9. The Link to Student Orgs *Diversity = a point of difference *Inclusion = the act or state of being included  Recruitment  Communication  Conflict  Understanding (as a state of being)*
  10. 10. Campus Resources Office of Diversity and Inclusion  Multicultural Center (MCC)  NCBI and DLTP Certifications 
  11. 11. Where we’ve been… Activities:  I Want You To Know  What is Culture? Defined culture Understand why Diversity & Inclusion matters Applied it to your student organization Reviewed resources on campus
  12. 12. Continue the ConversationStudent Leadership Advocates  Information: Rico Pena  Sarah Beale  Melissa Rocco 
  13. 13. Thank You! Questions ?