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Bangkok Jeopardy

  1. 2. 10 20 10 10 10 10 10 20 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 30 30 30 40 40 40 40 40 40 50 50 50 50 50 50 WAGER 10 10 20 20 30 30 40 40 50 50 Religious places Grand palaces History of Bangkok Museums Night Entertainment Parks Trivia questions Famous streets
  2. 3. One of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok features the famous Reclining Buddha, which is the largest in Thailand measuring more than 150 feet in length. Attraction type: Religious site; Statue; All terrain vehicle trail; Historic site. Religious places 10
  3. 4. Where is Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) BACK Religious places 10
  4. 5. This old temple formerly named Wat Bangwayai was built in the Ayutthaya period. During the renovation in the reign of King Rama I, a sonorous rakhang or bell was found in the temple compound. Religious places 20
  5. 6. Where is Wat Rakhangkositaram BACK Religious places 20
  6. 7. In Mahachai Road opposite the old Fort Mahakarn community, was built by Rama III in 1836. Sunthorn Phu, the famous Thai poet, considered the Shakespeare of the Thai literature, was ordained as a monk here. Religious places 30
  7. 8. Where is Wat Thepthidaram BACK Religious places 30
  8. 9. Located on Bamrung Muang Road, this temple is noted for its superb 19th century murals in the main chapel. The distinctive giant Swing outside the temple was once used in Brahmanic ceremonies long since discontinued. Nearby shop stock a very comprehensive range of Buddhist religious supplies. Religious places 40
  9. 10. Where is Wat Suthat BACK Religious places 40
  10. 11. It is a royal temple located opposite the old Fort Mahakarn at the junction of Mahachai Road and Rachadamnoen Avenue. King Rama III built the temple in 1846 in honor of Queen Sommanat Vathanawadi. The outstanding feature of this royal temple is the Loha Prasat or Metal Castle, a three-story Religious places 50
  11. 12. Where is Wat Rachanatdaram Worawiharn BACK Religious places 50
  12. 13. This place is the holiest Buddhist spot in Thailand and is home to the Emerald Buddha. It is the pinnacle of architecture and art in Thailand and is also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Part of the Grand Palace complex, the temple was sanctified in 1782. Grand palaces 10
  13. 14. Where is Wat Phra Kaeo BACK Grand palaces 10
  14. 15. Daily Double
  15. 16. After returning from a trip to Europe in 1897, King Rama V determined to build a new royal palace in Bangkok. The king purchased some farmland north of the city and which was completed in 1900. Grand palaces 20
  16. 17. Where is Dusit Palace BACK Grand palaces 20
  17. 18. The palace was built on the order of King Rama I for Prince Kasattranuchit, the son of the king's elder sister. Most of the traditional wooden buildings that originally made up the palace were torn down and replaced with European styled buildings Grand palaces 30
  18. 19. Where is Tha Phra Palace BACK Grand palaces 30
  19. 20. There are five traditional Thai houses. Collections include : Asian art and antiques, seashells, mineral crystals, and pottery and bronz objects from the pre-historic birial ground at Ban Chiang, that Beautiful Gardens and Landscape Superb Art Collection. Grand palaces 40
  20. 21. Where is Suan Pakkad Palace BACK Grand palaces 40
  21. 22. This palace sits was given to The Prince of Songkhla (Mahidol), the father of the current king, early in the 20 th century. He was away studying overseas at the time, and the palace was not built until the 1920s. The Princess Mother lived on in the palace until her death in 1995. Grand palaces 50
  22. 23. Where is Sra pathum palace BACK Grand palaces 50
  23. 24. This place is used to be the royal weaponry depot of the Ministry of Defense in the reign of King Rama I and congregation of student and people who demanded the constitutional on 14 th October. History of Bangkok 10
  24. 25. Where is Thammasat University BACK History of Bangkok 10
  25. 26. This place is a town founded as a trading post in the mid-16th century. Before becoming Thailand's capital in 1782, Bang Makok or 'Place of Olives' now Bangkok is an outlying district of this place. History of Bangkok 20
  26. 27. Where is Thonburi BACK History of Bangkok 20
  27. 28. Rama I used the vacated land to build the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). Another thing he did was to give Bangkok a royal name, one that happened to include the title Krung Thep. History of Bangkok 30
  28. 29. What is the City of Angels BACK History of Bangkok 30
  29. 30. Daily Double
  30. 31. It built in the reign of King Rama I, is the largest existing fortress of all 14 which now only two exist. The other is the Mahakan Fortress. The large area was established as a public park on the occasion of the 6th cycle of King Rama IX on the December 5th, 1999. History of Bangkok 40
  31. 32. What is the Phra Sumeru Fortress BACK History of Bangkok 40
  32. 33. The opening of the country in the reign of king Rama IV led to important changes to Bangkok with the visits of foreign diplomats, traveIlers, traders and missionaries, and it brought to the city its first hotel in 1865 . Old Building an Italian architect, designed this first building, and its facade is the original symbol of the hotel. History of Bangkok 50
  33. 34. Where is the Oriental Hotel BACK History of Bangkok 50
  34. 35. The first museum was introduced in Thailand in the fourth reign. The King used two buildings in the Grand Palace to keep his private antique collections. Museums 10
  35. 36. Where is National Museum BACK Museums 10
  36. 37. Located in the compound of the Dusit Palace on Ratchawithi Road, this is the world's largest golden teak building. The 3-storey royal mansion contains 81 rooms, halls and ante-chambers containing fin de siecle royal memorabilia. A guided tour is provided to visitors. Museums 20
  37. 38. Where is Vimanmek Mansion Museum . BACK Museums 20
  38. 39. The first camera and photograph museum established in Thailand and Asia, is located at the same building as the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University on Phaya Thai Road. Historic photographs and imaging equipment, as well as its technological evolution are collected and displayed. Modern photographic arts, techniques and printing technology are also exhibited. Museums 30
  39. 40. Where is the Museum of Imagery Technology BACK Museums 30
  40. 41. It is located at Km.31 Borom Ratchonnani Road on the way to Nakhon Pathom, the museum houses life-like sculptures created by a group of Thai artists after 10 years of their intensive study and hard work. These breathtaking human figures with various characteristics and the replicas of important people are displayed in many sections such as the Great Buddhist Monks, Former Kings of the Chakri Dynasty, and One Side of Thai Life. Museums 40
  41. 42. Where is Thai Human Imagery Museum BACK Museums 40
  42. 43. The museum is on the 1st floor of the Metropolitan Postal Bureau behind Sam Sen Nai Post Office, Saphan Khwai area. Thai and foreign stamps of the past are on display. The collections of post books in both Thai and foreign languages are available at the library. Museums 50
  43. 44. Where is Philatelic Museum BACK Museums 50
  44. 45. It is one of Bangkok’s most vibrant mingtsports. Crammed into this famous little Soi, you will find restaurants, bars and some of the city’s coolest clubs. Though dominated by a gay scene, women and couples will feel comfortable in this area which also attracts a lot of Bangkok’s in crowd. Night Entertainment 10
  45. 46. Where is Silom Soi 4 BACK Night Entertainment 10
  46. 47. It has a lot of international restaurant like Sukhumvit but it include bars and bubs where a foreigner go to drinks and venue. Opposite side Sukhumvit is a new open market, with shops selling handicrafts, paintings and antiques, along with restaurants and foot massage parlous. Night Entertainment 20
  47. 48. Where is the Nana Plaza BACK Night Entertainment 20
  48. 49. It’s located at the Asia Hotel. It’s a transvestite Cabaret. It’s the largest and most popular in Bangkok. It offers you an evening of laughter, dazzling lights, beautiful women and lots of fun. Night Entertainment 30
  49. 50. Where is The Calypso Cabaret BACK Night Entertainment 30
  50. 51. It’s the New York style bar/club that attracts an edgy and cosmopolitan crowd and is a running favourite among Bangkok's locals and expatriates. Resident DJs spin house, hip hop, chill out lounge and soulful jazz. It’s at Sukhumvit Soi 11. Night Entertainment 40
  51. 52. Where is the Q Bar BACK Night Entertainment 40
  52. 53. Siam, the Kingdom whose history,customs and civilization have transcented time. The land of beauty and cultural treasures that have descended down through centuries. Show Time : 8.00 p.m. daily Night Entertainment 50
  53. 54. Where is Siam Niramit BACK Night Entertainment 50
  54. 55. It is next to the market is also a large park, popular with young lovers. Recently, the old railroad golf course adjacent to the park's north end was turned into a public park, with many tennis courts and soccer fields available for anyone to use. Parks 10
  55. 56. Where is Chatuchak Park BACK Parks 10