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Technical file

  1. 1. Pixel and ResolutionPixel and resolutions are used in monitors to show images. Amonitor can contain thousands of pixels, the amount to pixels iscalled the resolution. Resolution can vary depending on whetherthe monitor is wide screen or 10:8.The most common resolutions are 720p or 1080p, Thesenumbers are the number of pixels up the Height of the monitor,they are usually accompanied with the amount of pixels acrossthe length to create a full screen e.g. 1080x1920
  2. 2. Vector and Raster ImagesVector images use paths to define animages. Such images are created inAdobe illustrator, These images scaleup and down very well because theyare based on paths’ Fills andthicknesses not pixels. Raster imagesuse pixels and are often used inphotographs or photo-real images,these images to not scale up or downvery well, Doing this just enlarges thepixels and can lead to pixeliseation.
  3. 3. File Formats and UsesThere are many types of File formats, and each one has aspecific use. For example: JPEG, PNG and GIF are all used toshow images. JPEG’s are used on websites, there lowerquality allows the webpage to load without too much strainon the internet connection. GIF’s are also used mostly onthe internet as the allow for several images to be played insequence, Perfect for making a webpage feel more alive.PNG’s are higher quality Images, they can be used on theinternet, but there main use if for Photography andprinting. - Example of gif
  4. 4. File Formats and UsesSpecific application File formats are just as important ifnot more important the universal ‘JPEG, BMP and GIF’that we know. The ‘psd’ (Photoshop Document) allowsyou to edit various types of file formats and save thenew images created without committing to a specificformat. Psd files are closely
  5. 5. CompressionFile compression consists of encodinginformation so the new encoded file uses lessbits than the original. Simple compression toolsare included as standard on most operatingsystems, For example windows ‘zip’ function.External compression applications are availableonline, for example ‘7-Zip’ or ‘WinRAR’
  6. 6. OptimisingOptimization of files is important to maintain a highspeed of transfer and Quick launch times.Optimizing a program usually means rewriting the datato improve the efficiency of retrieval. A good way ofdoing this can be incrementing files of virtually thesame use, for example• Tree_001• Tree_002 ect…
  7. 7. Storages and Asset ManagementManaging assets dose not seem difficult, but it can get outof hand with the more files you have. The storage of thesefiles must be safe, secure and accessible. for example, whentaking digital photos, the images are stored on a temporarymemory card, this card can b easily lost and are often notthat big, not Ideal for storage.The photos can be transfer on to a desktop computer, this issafer, as it’s almost impossible to lose a desktop PC. Thefiles can then be backed up on an external hard drive of intocloud storage. Aswell as ensuring the files are safe, theymust be easy to find, especially if you have thousands, it iswise to organise these files on folder with dates, of themes.